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St. Andrew looks like this       The Caruso will have a Purple colored tag, and the standard "Ralph Lauren Hand Tailored" + Name + Date tag
From personal experience, St. Andrews can have a bit more structured shoulders.  I own, and have owned a few from each, but never bothered to go through the fine details. I just like the styling of RLPL.    Some will say that St. Andrews has a bit more handwork and details. 
I had custom sized peak lapels (3.5"), and button stance lowered with 1"    If/when you order, you can shoot them an email regarding extra customization, and they'll guide you through any questions.    I think their slim notch lapels are 2" or 2.5", and normal width are 3". Not too much difference, but I'm a fan of wider lapels. 
Well, I got the cheapest option. Solid Navy for 449$, and it honestly feels and looks great. I now own a bunch of suits in very nice fabrics, and the blacklapel holds up pretty good. Doesn't wrinkle easy, has a soft hand, not too lightweight. I prefer it over my RLPL suit that's 10 times more expensive.    Here's a poor picture on how it turned out, after the jacket was remade (I screwed up on shoulder measurements the first time)      
You could check out online MTM, since you have a difficult size.   Personally I've only tried Black Lapel(www.blacklapel.com) but the results were good, keeping in mind that I took the measurements myself.    They offer half-canvass suits in staple colors from 450$ and up, and you can customize the suit any way you like. I ordered my suit two years ago, and they've grown a lot since then.    But then again, when is the wedding? 
Check out suitsupply. They have nice return policies, and offer slimmer fitting suits. 
For 500$-600$ I'd probably get Caruso. 
Measurements added.
Selling a solid navy Hickey Freeman suit. The suit has only been worn once, so no tears,marks or anything.  -Madison cut -Fully canvassed construction -Loro Piana S130 fabric -Single vent -Double pleats  Suit is located in Norway, shipping outside EU is 30$, inside 25$.  Chest P2P: 56 cm / 22" Shoulders: 48 cm / 19" Length BOC: 78 cm / 30.7"Sleeve length: 63 cm / 24.8" (Can get them lengthened for you, no extra charge) Trouser inseam: 30" with 1.5" cuffs, and 1" folded...
Picked this up here a couple of weeks ago, and it's a crying shame I have to sell it, as I spent a good year looking for one...my loss, your gain.  Detail: -50EU 7R -Midnight Blue in 70% wool / 30% silk cloth. -Classic wide peak lapels -Unvented-1 button -Fully canvassed and made by Caruso.-Jetted pockets/no flaps -No belt loops -Flat front pants -Retails for around 3k$ in stores  Suit is located in Norway, 30$ for tracked shipping if you're in US, 25$ if EU.Price:...
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