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Well, to be honest, their 3D design tool is absolutely awesome. It really blows away everything else of online MTM, especially their shirt editor. It's just too bad that the quality is meh and the end results really vary.    But yes, as far as quality and fit, it's hard to beat Luxire for online MTM.
I can't stress enough on this: If you're going to order a shirt, do order the absolutely cheapest trial shirt they have, and start with only one. Don't get tempted into buying multiple shirts, no mater how cheap it is....the fit is more than likely going to be awful, and they've even specified on their website that there's an error margin on up to 1 inches on some measurements. (Though in my experience this went way beyond one inch)    My measurements on moderntailor and...
EDIT: Dang, wrong forum. But still, great deals for those interested in these.   Lots of awesome shirts here   BNWT in box Kiton shirts at 160...
It's probably from the early 2000s. Right before they switched to the plain black "Ermenegildo Zegna" label, but still just after they started with the newer make tags. I've seen it the other way too, new Zegna label and old make tags.    The "AILES" tag suggests that it was sold at a store called "Ailes" (duh...) located in Canada, but not probably not MTM.    Single-pleat trousers, pinstripe, made in spain, hard 3 button and ticket pocket...you'd probably get 100...
No less than eight 1-2 post users vouching for italor in just two days. C'mon itailor... 
That's their old logo, which is over 10 years old. Corneliani, as many other makers, have made ties in various qualities. And it could also have been cleaned/pressed to death over the years...I've gone through some pretty shitty used "high-end" ties that were 10-20 years old.
Is there a reason to why vintage Versace sells like hotcakes? Collectors?    I haven't seen those gaudy shirts or ties IRL in many, many years. 
 Lots of menswear and shoe stores (that carry Santoni) usually sell them for 300€-500€ during the seasonal sales.   Other than that, there's also a bunch of Ebay stores that also sell Santoni (FAM) for around that price. Brand new shoes and all.
Anyone Lazio owners here that also own or have tried the Zegna Fit Mil suits?     A friend of mine showed me his Lazio suit the other day, and they look incredibly similar in styling. Same button stance, lapel width, shoulder padding, etc...But what I'm wondering is, are they roughly the same size? 
 That's Cantarelli. They also own St. Andrews.  RLPL had a stint with them some years ago IIRC, at least I've seen a bunch of older RLPL jackets with the same Cantarelli tags. I think they came right after Chester Barrie, but before St. Andrews. 
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