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Found this older YSL Rive Gauche suit the other day, and I'm really impressed by the details and hand-work, it's up there with the Zegna Couture stuff I've owned.   BUT...    The suit just doesn't look good on me. Shoulders are way too strong/padded for my physique.  I've heard that TF suits are like that too, so I'm wondering If I should just stay away from everything TF altogether? Just by looking at the TF-era Gucci and YSL, they look incredibly similar to his own...
Napoli seems to be their "staple" line right now, but of course it's the one line I don't fit.    Washington, York/London and Lazio in staple/solid colors and normal worsted wool would be great. 
Seller shipped out item with wrong measurements, so now I'm returning the item. What's normal when it comes to the return shipping?   This was an international sale, where we used the Ebay global shipping program...do I as a seller need to fork out for return shipping, or is this something that the seller usually has to cover? Or maybe a split?   I've already lost 45$ in nonrefundable custom fees, would suck even more if I have to cover another 45$ in shipping. 
The gorge is a bit lower than say Zegna or Tom Ford, but I like the look. Reminds me of how peak lapels looked on SB suits in the 40s and 30s. 
I'd probably just go for a pair of plain black cap-toe oxfords. Just give them a damn good shine, no-one will question you. Besides, you can use those shoes many times later...a pair of patent leather, not so much. 
Got my first Brioni suit today, and I love how it fits and looks! It's a Nomentano with lightly padded shoulders.   Since I've been lifting for a while, I've always had a problem with finding decent OTR suits. I have to size up a couple of sizes, and then do some extreme tapering around waist, and it rarely comes out good...but this suit is just perfect, as it's very roomy around the chest, while still maintaining a slimmer waist.    The shoulders also work perfectly...
I have a very recent 40R PRL suit in Charcoal grey I'm looking to trade away.    Coat has a very nice 3-roll-2 (3 - 3 1/4 inch lapels) and soft shoulders, trousers (w31 inseam 30) have forward pleats and are cuffed (1.75").    I'm looking for a plain navy suit in 40R. No bold pinstripes...2 button, or 2-roll-3 button single-breasted.  Reason I'm trading is simply that I can't fit into the trousers of this one (which is a shame)   If you have something nice, I can...
How does the Rutledge and Harrison shoes fit compared to Strands? Are the sizing the same? I don't have the possibility to try them out...   FWIW, I'm a 10E in Strands and PA. 
Does it actually work to include the retail price in title?   I see this one Ebay seller listing loads of really dated stuff (90s power suits, high 3/4 button suits, low gorge 6x1 DB), and he always includes some high retail figure in the listing title, and always price his stuff between 150-1000 bucks if it's a fairly known brand (Canali, Zegna, HF, Armani, etc).
Who made the US/pre-Corneliani polo suits? I've heard they're fully canvassed, and some of the suits have some pretty timeless cuts. Normal button-stance, normal lapel width and gorge, etc. 
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