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I'll give it a try, but at 100$ your best bet would be auctions. All the good BIN stuff will be gone within hours, while some auctions will fly under the radar.   Have you tried a 40 jacket? Seems it would fit you better, based on the measurements you've given us. 
  Suit: RLPL St. Andrews  Shirt: Hugo Boss white/lilac stripe  Tie: Chipp brown grenadine   PS: Blue dot silk (unknown maker) Shoes: Bruno Magli  Watch: Orient 
How are the shoulders, structured and roped? 
How is the Tuxedo sizing? True to size, or do you have to size one down?
Regarding those 90s Versace ties, do people actually wear them, or are they mostly collection items these days? 
Something excessive that I usually can't afford to buy at retail.    But there are many levels of luxury, so it's all relative.
You could send it to Luxire and have them copy it.  I don't know how much you'll save(if anything at all), that really depends on the fabric you want to use.    You'll find the Luxire affiliate thread somewhere on the front page here(forum).    edit: How did you pay, and how much do you want to save? 
I see paypal will change the dispute window from 45 days to 180 days on Item not received, and Significantly Not as Described.    Wonder how that will play out in the long run...
Here's a question for you guys that buy and sell lots internationally:    About 5 weeks ago I sold a suit to a fellow SF'er worth 400$, and I made the blunder of the year by shipping the box as a letter, not tracked. By doing that, I of course didn't send any pro forma/sales invoice with it, but wrote that it contained one suit worth 400$ on a smaller customs sticker.     Two weeks later said SF'er opened up a paypal claim against me, and won it one week after that....
Where do the larger Ebay stores get all the brand new high-end stuff from?  I see some stores that stock up on huge loads of Kiton, Belvest, Isaia, etc. Granted, some of the stuff seems to have very strange patterns and colors, so it could come from liquidation sales, or steep sales. But some of the stores get in that stuff on a fairly regular basis, year round.    Especially Belvest seems to fall under that category on Ebay. 2-3 sellers that are selling 95% of Belvest...
New Posts  All Forums: