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Well, I've got a case here:    Recently I bought a NWT suit from a US seller, and he managed to ship out a completely different suit (probably just a mix-up)    He shipped it to my proxy shipper, which again shipped it here to me(Norway).  Should I demand that the seller covers all expenses in shipping? Both for me to return the suit I got, and for him to ship the original here? (If he still has it, for all I know he shipped out my suit to someone else...both are in...
I'm looking for a pair of sleek looking Loake oxfords in Burgundy,Oxblood or Dark brown.  My Allen Edmonds in D width are just too narrow...   Any recommendation? Just tired of the blobby and shapeless AE lasts.  
Yeah, saw that one too.    I seem to fit Zegna suits (with more structured shoulders) well, how do the Washington Models compare? 
I've been playing for about 13 years now, also had a period where I flipped guitars(side income), so I've probably gone through 500-600 high-end guitars. These days I'm just playing, currently playing a very cheap partscaster strat.    (Kinda ironic...going from 5k-20k boutique and vintage axes, to settling down with a 250$ homebrew. Makes me wonder If I'll ever make a switch from bespoke to JAB suits) 
Can't find the solid Navy Washington suit anymore, did they scrap it?    edit: Can find it on the US site, but not EU
I know Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, Zegna and some Ralph Lauren (Garrison models) suits have good roping in their shoulder structure. Anyone else? I really like that look.  
No Allen Edmonds, or other shoes with typical blobby lasts. I usually wear Allen Edmonds strands in 10D, but those are a bit too narrow for me.    I want something classic and sharp/slick looking, tired of the shapeless and blobby AE lasts.  Shoes will probably only be worn 1-4 times a month, so quality is not a huge issue for me.    edit: Price range got screwed up, I meant 200$-300$
-Unvented  -Strong and wide shoulders  -Deep pleats  -Low button-stance  -Older EZ tag    I'd estimate it to be from the 90s. Mid to late 90s.
Two staple black tuxedos for sale. The Adriano Fracassi turned out to be a bit too small for me, and the Corneliani a bit too long. Shipping from Norway is 20$, insured and with tracking. NWT 38R Caruso for Adriano Fracassi349$ Coat:-Full canvass construction-Soft shoulders -Single button-Peak lapels-Unvented-Slit pocket Trousers:-Single pleat-Split waistband MeasurementsCoat:P2P(Laid flat, not stretched) = 21"Shoulders =17.5"Length back BOC = 30"Sleeve = 25.5"Across...
  Found out that one can retract the bid via going to site map -> buying resources -> bid retractions  Apparently one can retract bids there, if there's been a price typo or some other stuff...had to put in my intended bid though. 
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