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I tried on a couple of new blue label suits a couple of months ago, and I have to say, the were more sleek than any Corneliani made blue label I've tried. But they were very slim cut, especially the trousers.   Kinda like a hybrid between traditional black label and polo. 
Not Ebay specific, but I have a case/dispute with a fellow styleforum member against me. Any tips?    Eight weeks ago I sold a suit to some SF member, and after I had shipped the suit he found out that he would have to pay import taxes and customs fees. This was a huge problem for him, so I agreed to refund half of that sum (60$), just to be nice. Obviously this is something that a buyer has to know or find out, as various countries have different import...
From what I've read, the Factory (Caruso) is put this way: You have different work stations, where the pieces go through, and the specification for that particular item comes up on the screen, with detailed guides and whatnot.  http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.no/2012/02/ralph-lauren-purple-label.html So, in short, you might find some details on a Sartoria Parma that aren't on a RLPL, and vice versa.
The luxury market is aimed at people that can afford it. A vast majority of the people who can afford without thinking twice either don't have time for bespoke, or care about the fit at the obsessive levels we do. They see something nice with a high price tag and nice name to it, good enough. Look at Hollywood...I've never seen so many ill-fitting $5000-6000 suits in one place.    A couple of months ago I actually got to meet the mythical personal shopper in action, and...
I've had a lot of Black Lapel and Purple Label suits...the Caruso made RLBL and RLPL suits were very similar, at least the Savile Row and Anthony cuts. To be honest, I could not distinguish those two suits. Both looked and felt identical, but the RLPL probably had nicer inner workings? Never got to check. And marginally less shoulder construction.    My St. Andrews stuff is a bit different, but still not anywhere near natural or soft shoulders, but nicer than the Caruso...
It's a season / all-year.
Turns out the holding period (up to 21 days) is just for new sellers such as me. But anyway, here's what seems to be happening:    I sold a suit (after shipping and fees) from Norway to USA for 260$ two weeks ago, when the USD/NOK was at 8.1 or so, which translates to 2080 NOK with my banks rates.  But since paypal has been holding my cash for two weeks now, the USD/NOK has dropped to 7.6, which equals roughly to 1950 NOK, so I've lost 130 NOK while wating...or around...
Damnit, the holding period sucks when dealing internationally. Since I was paid two weeks, the USD has become much weaker, and I've lost 20 bucks on one item, purely because of the FX swing.  
Bought a couple of new Marinella ties that turned out to be complete fakes from  some Ebay seller (Italy). My brain must have been on standby when I made the purchase. Either way, the ties are self-tipped (and that's about it) but feel like 5$ Chinese "silk" ties. Terribly stiff, some shine, no pattern matching etc. Stay clear.    http://www.ebay.com/usr/moda_modi?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2754
Check out Borrelli. Same amount of handwork as older Kiton, and even Attolini. But quite cheaper, and with just as flattering cuts and fantastic fabrics.
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