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I see RLPL are selling RTW suits/SC again. Thought they phased that out a couple of years ago, for MTM only.  But...almost 5k$ for a Sportcoat? 
Could be that it's been dry-cleaned and pressed to death. 
Suits, Sport Coats, Trousers, etc.    What are the cuts like for their suits and coats?  I know that they're made by St Andrews(or at least were), so quality wise they should be good.    I know they have a shop in London where they sell all above, but then again, I won't be traveling to London anytime soon. Kinda hard to find much info on their RTW stuff, as the data is drowned by other stuff made with LP cloth. 
For a work, I'd probably just buy three 500 buck suits, rather than one expensive.    Maybe Ralph Lauren, Hickey Freeman, BB, Suitsupply, Corneliani or something like that. There's a couple of Ebay sellers that sell brand new suits from above makers, usually priced around 400-600$ in conservative and staple colors. 
Only if you have a Ferrari jacket to go with 'em. 
The majority of executives I've seen the past years have usually worn very anonymous ties(solids/geometrics/stripes), or typical hermes/ferragamo with cartoon-like prints. All depending on which industry they're working in...    Almost always red or blue, and sometimes colors close to those.(maroon,burgundy,purple,etc.)
Wow, those shoes. Just wow. 
The standard AE Strand/PA/etc. lasts are incredibly boring, no doubt there. You don't need to be a menswear expert to see that those shoes targeted against conservative 40-50 year old Lloyds that enjoy wearing BB and Southwick sack suits.   AE do have some sleeker lasts named Rutledge and Harrison, a bit more expensive than ones mentioned above, but also better made (Independence collection).    But for the same price you have lots of other options too. Loake, Meermin,...
Found a BNWT Loro Piana suit(From the brand, not some random suit made in LP cloth). No idea what they're going for new, made by St. Andrews.   
It's a brand called "Moods of Norway", really popular over here( in Norway).  They're basically 1k$ fused designer suits with gaudy designs and wool-blendfabrics. They come with a golden tractor pin, if you take it off the same tractor motive is embroidered into the chest-pocket welt.    www.moodsofnorway.com     
New Posts  All Forums: