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No less than eight 1-2 post users vouching for italor in just two days. C'mon itailor... 
That's their old logo, which is over 10 years old. Corneliani, as many other makers, have made ties in various qualities. And it could also have been cleaned/pressed to death over the years...I've gone through some pretty shitty used "high-end" ties that were 10-20 years old.
Is there a reason to why vintage Versace sells like hotcakes? Collectors?    I haven't seen those gaudy shirts or ties IRL in many, many years. 
 Lots of menswear and shoe stores (that carry Santoni) usually sell them for 300€-500€ during the seasonal sales.   Other than that, there's also a bunch of Ebay stores that also sell Santoni (FAM) for around that price. Brand new shoes and all.
Anyone Lazio owners here that also own or have tried the Zegna Fit Mil suits?     A friend of mine showed me his Lazio suit the other day, and they look incredibly similar in styling. Same button stance, lapel width, shoulder padding, etc...But what I'm wondering is, are they roughly the same size? 
 That's Cantarelli. They also own St. Andrews.  RLPL had a stint with them some years ago IIRC, at least I've seen a bunch of older RLPL jackets with the same Cantarelli tags. I think they came right after Chester Barrie, but before St. Andrews. 
Ordered a shirt once, got a tent. 
I recently picked up a 100% Cashmere suit made by Kiton, and I was really blown away by the drape and sheen, it really looks magnificent in person. I'd classify the weight as a four season "plus", it almost looks like a mix between worsted and flannel...Makes my Super 180's Attolini feel cheap!    But on the other hand, I've read that Cashmere is quite the weak fabric. Creases won't hold, pants will become baggy around knees, etc.    I plan to mainly use it for special...
Classic Corneliani tuxedo for sale. This one is around 10 years old, but has only been used a couple of times.  Size 52C EU, which is roughly 42S in US sizing. Could maybe work as a 40? Check measurements.   Jacket -Super 100's wool -Single button -Peak lapels -Unvented -Silk facing  Trosuers-Double pleats -Suspender buttons  JacketShoulders: 19"Chest pit to pit: 22.5"Sleeves: 24" + 2" folded (So maybe 1" extra of functional fabric) BOC Length: 30 1/8" TrousersWaist: 17.5"...
Solid grey fit. mila suit from Ermenegildo Zegna for sale.  Size 48 EU, but could also work as a slim 50. Same size as my Oxxford 1220 suit in US40. Used but in nice condition, real staple piece.  Fit. milano features softer shoulders, slimmer cut, flat front pants. The suit is a bit darker in real life, but not charcoal. Very nice medium grey. Price includes tracked shipping from Norway, delivery time is estimated 10-12 working days. JacketShoulders (seam to seam on...
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