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          Google image search for "crepe sole derby"
Nice table!  If your patio gets very wet, you might think about putting some kind of chair glides or something on the bottoms of the legs -just so the legs don't soak up water through the end grain.  I've seen a lot of solid-wood outdoor furniture that had the legs rot at the bottom because of that.  You may have enough Waterlox on the end grain to keep any water from penetrating- but over time, just to be on the safe side, I would get it off the ground a little bit.
The guy wanting to know "were to kop 'emergency' suit/blazer" answered my question. 
Do the dimensions of your shirt shoulders (seam to seam) usually equal the dimensions of the shoulders of suit jackets that fit you well?  Or do you find that your well-fitting jackets have shoulders a little smaller or a little larger than your shirts?
How wide are the lapels? Is the length measurement from the bottom of the collar?
Hey Mike,   I've been eyeing the navy Caine blazer for quite awhile, and now that it's time to pull the trigger my size is gone.  Is there a restock coming any time soon?
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