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Found these brand new Naked and Famous selvedge denim jeans at my local thrift store last week for 8 bucks!
Just found four custom made Turnbull and Asser dress shirts for six bucks a piece, in my size! Some times you find nothing, then bam! Can't wait to wear them. I'll post some pics once I wash them.
Well, you win some you loose some. I went back to the  store a week later and they never found the missing Ferragamo shoes. I did, however, pick up an excellent Ralph Lauren Polo University blue wool blazer with gold buttons. Pics to come.
Hi, I'm a new member and first time poster. I just picked these Alden Original Tassel Moccasins in superb condition at my local thrift store for $10. I'm over the moon and just had to share it with someone. My wife just doesn't get this sort of thing. I only found the left shoe and they had to hunt in the back of the shop to find the right one for me. I was so nervous that they weren't going to find it and that I would have to leave empty handed. They also had two...
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