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 Does that mean we could specify a different leather colour for the test pair, so long as it is available in house? This means we have more diversity if the trial fits well. Perhaps this is not in the spirit of the trial program and an unnecessary admin headache.
Best of luck with it Jason!
 Sounds good. These look great http://www.johnstonscashmere.com/retail/mens/cardigans/cashmere-classic-3-ply-v-neck-cardigan.html.
What are the provenance and colours of the pure cashmere if you don't mind me asking?
  Only a Sith deals in absolutes - I will do what I must. But seriously I used to sport the C&J Clifford (Tan full brogues) with Zegna jeans (slightly more refined fabric) to good effect I believe.
Jason, have you ever considered doing cashmere or merino knitwear? 
Hanks Clothing have 15% off Filson at the moment.
Also consult Luxire directly. I had a less extreme version of this on my first shirt and they changed the angle of the side seam.
Lovely lasting and finishing on those croco shoes.   @Luxire, how are the 5 promotional shoe orders coming along?
 Thanks. I'll try to look for some Rios bands with gold buckles.
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