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Black or navy canopy for a first solid umbrella (whangee or tiger wood)?
 Email sent and you're welcome :).
 I didn't want to mention names, but yes, the leather is more supple than the C&J HG. I can't comment directly on the others, but I know Luxire do use top end hides (like Crispin Bracken) and soling materials. The leather toe puffs and heals make the Luxire more comfortable and far faster to break in. They also use a slightly thicker sole that seems to last longer (although this is probably down to better fit). I'd still give the edge to the English RTW for things like...
The main item I'm looking to have made in the early 2016 is a Sea Island cotton shirt or similar.   My Luxire 2015 product of the year has been the bespoke shoes. I'm looking forward to having the final version done shortly (I had two trials - final delayed by my long road testing), and I've already ordered a second pair during the previous sales. The raw materials and construction of the shoes is first class (> English handgrade levels), and the lasting and finishing...
Does anybody know when Kent will be back to answer emails?
The above shirt options are quite close in price to Charles Nakhle. The attraction to Luxire for me is the quality of the make and their flexibility not so much the price as they are in line with Nakhle for similar quality fabrics.
I saw the Fox Solid Oak Umbrella at Stand Hatters. To be honest, it is elegant, but a little too understated and expensive for what it is.  I think I'll get the Kent Wang Tiger wood or Whangee instead.
Where is the best place online to buy a solid fox umbrella? I'm thinking of a cherry or oak with a navy canopy.
 Thanks. The only worry I have with the semi cutaway is the points showing if I wore a coat and tie. How big a faux par is this?
For a plain white, french front shirt with no pocket, would you get a semi cutaway, full cutaway or the 'curved' cutaway popular these days? It is likely I'll be wearing it with no tie most of the time.
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