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@luxire , are any of the Albini fabrics just added from the Thomas Mason Goldline range? Thanks.
 You could try the Dugdale 120s and cashmere, of the 130s. Ask for a quote via email.
I think it's kind of crazy that an MTM service can't get you a trouser and coat to fit simultaneously, that is the point for a lot of people. That can often be achieved via MTO and split sizes.
A lot of those PJT suits are cut as one button coats with a second button attached. I personally don't care for unfitted tailoring on women.
 Sean from Vince Maloney & Co works there now. He's very good on fit for either alterations or their MTM services. 
 Thanks for the code. Can fabrics not listed online be ordered as an additional service? Also, if we are buying an additional service for a new order, such as MOP buttons, do these count as products? I assume additional services for old orders can't be included?
As I mentioned, I'll report back in a few weeks on the G&R poplin. Perhaps you could try a white pinpoint shirt or ask Luxire for a voile?
 Thanks for the review. Realistically, almost all Poplin wrinkles easily and is slightly sheer. I'll report back on the G&R 2/140s soon, but my Alumo Supraluxe shirts all crease significantly throughout the day. However, I do have a sample of Alumo Soyella 2/170s, which I believe is a voile, and the sample is showing crease resistance. 
 I believe that the following waistband interlining choices are correct (@luxire please correct me if I'm wrong): Default - soft unfused interlining Ban-Rol - thicker/stiffer unfused interlining Fused - a light fusing to the main cloth provides the structure Rubber Grippers - these are not part of the interlining, they are part of the banding. They replace part of the skirted banding, with the rubber helping to stop the shirt from falling out. The grippers have a touch to...
 Would it be possible to confirm that this is an unfused interlining and that it is different to/independent of the rubber grippers?
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