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When a pair of MTO/bespoke shoes are made with contrasting lining, for example, black shoes with scarlet red lining, is the contrasting lining used only in the heel, or in the tongue, laces and forefoot as well? What is the general recommendation such that the contrast lining is not visible when worn?   Thanks!   Edit: I am considering the situation for a pair of Oxfords.
They are currently doing this (or similar) for me. I didn't think of it myself, Luxire recommended to do it based off fit pics I sent them.
@Luxire,If we have an order currently under production to improve fit prior to finalizing/making the BF order, and have contacted you about this, is this still OK?
I recall that Cutler announced on his FB page that we was no longer able to stock EG.
  Thanks for that. When measuring the rounded heel, does the tape measure pass just under the ankle joint on either side?
@Luxire, when tracing our feet, I assume that we keep the pen perpendicular to the ground (or with the slightest angle inwards to avoid overhang)? Meaning that we do not trace far under the arch. Is this correct?
Jumped in on this one! Too good to refuse!
I also really like the Monti Ice, and it is definitely a better fabric than the Alumo white poplin at a similar price point.
 Wurger, did you get the Consul in an F or G? How do they compare with the width of the standard fitting AS109?
Congratulations! Does growth and expand imply (in short to medium term) some new models and maybe a variety of width fittings?
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