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Congratulations! Does growth and expand imply (in short to medium term) some new models and maybe a variety of width fittings?
Is a collar fusing level available between soft and medium (which I assume is the combination of two soft layers)? I'm looking for an option in between for poplin and light pinpoint fabrics 3-5 oz. I have three ideas:   1) Two layers of soft fusing in the collar (medium), but only one in the collar band (soft). However, I worry that this collar may droop if unbuttoned.   2) Medium unfused interfacing in the collar and collar band, but overtime I'd be concerned that the...
   I was thinking of something a little less refined to be honest - more of a bathroom robe with a very soft cotton. In Sydney, I think a wool flannel dressing gown would be too hot even on the coldest days. The idea of silk and morning coffee scares me!
Regarding full length dressing gowns, what fabric options are available? I believe the standard would be 100% cotton with a velvet, plush or 'terry-towel' type finish. Thanks and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas to Frank, Ben and the rest of the team at Foster & Son/Henry Maxwell!
Dear AFPOS,   Can we order at item with the AFPOS20 code that is not in stock? Thanks.
Also regarding bags, are there any orders or plans to do something similar to a Filson field satchel or Brigg wrap around document case?
 Stupid Sexy Flanders!
 I haven't looked at these things for years, but surely you can find a pair of very good active stereo monitors at that price? I almost always recommend genuine 2.0 over anything else for home.
You'll need to show us how to use the braces!   Dark blue Macclesfield and linen hanky arrived today, I'm impressed with how well done the hand stitching is on the tie and PS. A lot of the time hand stitching is quite wonky and I'd rather it machined, but definitely not in this case.
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