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 Haha ... I have no idea why you'd think I'm big. I'm only 5'7'' in real life. I'm interested in flannel mostly for the texture.
   Thanks for the replies. I think I'll stay around 12 oz or 340 g as I tend to wear my trousers on the looser side. Is flannel any warmer than a worsted in the same weight?
Could any Sydney members recommend what would be an appropriate weight for flannel trousers?   I believe 12 oz should be fine, but 14 oz might be getting a bit on the warm side. Thanks.
 Thanks. Would it be true to say that a flannel in the same weight as a worsted or cotton is warmer? For instance, 10 oz wool and cotton is fine for my climate. The light weight Hunt Winterbotham flannels seem to mostly be in twills and not melange.
You can also try: http://www.thedymocksbuilding.com.au/directory-stores/clothing-repairs-inc-stitches .
Hello All,   I was wondering if anybody can help me choose flannel trousers for Sydney, where the winters never get very cold.   As I have don't have much experience with flannel, does it ever become very fluffy or, for want of a better term, 'get up your nose'?   My shortlist are Minnis Flannel (14 oz or 400g), Hunt Winterbotham Flannel (340g or 12 oz) or Cerrutti 95% wool 5% cashmere (11-12 Oz). The Dugdale flannels are also an option. Which out of these fabrics...
 I asked Brice's when I was considering buying country brogues with Dainite soles. They didn't know the name Dainite, but they definitely have the same or very similar sole, and can welt it in I believe.
 Ciao Gianni, I like your coat, are those pagota shoulders?  Unfortunately, you are not very Australian. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. I suggest you watch 'They're a Weird Mob', starring Walter Chiari. You'll understand after that.
 Brice's Shoe Repairs, the sister shop of Coombs, have them.
New Posts  All Forums: