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Thanks for the information!  I was also wondering about how the width at the ball compares to the 109?  Which shoe was the shorter of the two out of interest?   It's a beautiful last, and I agree, you only find out for sure about the quality of your leather when you mirror polish them!   Congratulations on the quality of your new collection, particularly the navy wholecut - I love the welt stitch.  Looking forward to seeing what's offered in burgundy.
 Thank you for the information and link JimmyHoffa.  That workmanship looks on par with the best RTW and tailoring houses.  I am also greatly interested in the provenance of a product, especially the sourcing of materials, methods of construction and conditions of the workers.  
Seeking further clarification, Patrick Johnson has three lines, PJ Classic, PJ Roma and PJ Napoli, in that order of quality and workmanship?  Is the Rope shoulder available on any of these lines? I ask this as I know Patrick is a fan of Prince Charles, so I'm interested in asking him about an Anderson and Sheppard's style sports coat, i.e., a medium soft shoulder with a fuller sleeve head but with a slightly heavier cloth and classic (fuller) cut.
Would anybody be able to compare the fit of the 48 last with the 109 last in terms of width and length, and height of arch?
Do stock pins destroy non-knitted ties, that is, leave bruising and holes in the silk?
 Would the slipper be a soft sole with the upper around both the forefoot and heel or a hard sole Prince Albert? Thanks.
Thanks for the information everybody.  DWFII, I agree that a philosophy change would be necessary, as so much of the perceived value lies in the brand label.  At least ladies footwear is not quite at the stage of the luxury handbag sector.  Interestingly, while classic menswear companies and men's fashion brands seem to coexist and even sometimes straddle the divide well, there seems to be almost no brands focused on quality and classics for ladies, at least on any large...
 If I may go off topic a little farther, does this imply that modern ladies high heels could be made with the sole stitched to the upper, albeit with a very slightly thicker outsole?  Additionally, given that the mechanics of walking in such shoes are vastly different to the natural human motion and thus would put different strains on the shoes' construction, would such a technique by greatly beneficial?
Dear Foster and Son,   Here is a link to a pair of Fred's dancing shoes http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2012/04/fred-astaires-dancing-shoes.html and an expanded picture http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/.a/6a01156f47abbe970c0167654108e4970b-pi .   Another interesting point, given Prince Albert slippers have even thinner soles than formal shoes, how were the soles originally secured to the upper?  Perhaps the soles were/still are too thin to support a stitch to the...
 Dear Foster & Son, Many thanks for the information, it is much appreciated.  Until I saw the 2079 order, I was confused about a 1996 order, as Fred passed away in '87.  1996 seems to say a pair of slippers. Fred was particularly fond of the correspondent style in the 30's, although he continued to sport them throughout his movie career.  The 1930's asymmetric tubular lasts are my personal preference, reminiscent of art deco! This brings up a related point, how were...
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