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 This one! Maybe on the classic round toe.
Whenever I hang, brush or press a Luxire garment, I often think to myself 'Whoever made and finished that garment loves what they do'. Moving it along, what summer colours for smart trousers suit somebody with a 'stocky' physique beyond a light grey or navy? I find that cream and biege colours don't really suit me.
Wow! Does that cascade with the 10% SF code?
Select the shirt fabric and add to cart (don't enter any details), and also add to cart a DHL ticket. Then go to checkout, and write in the comments box, "Instructions to follow via email". Then send an email to your order confirmation that says, 'Please replicate measurements from shirt sent in. I'd like it made in the style of ...'. Attach as many specific details and images as you can, and enjoy your new shirt.
How about a peccary glove MTO event in Sydney? Since you're going for the luxury accessories have you considered solid stick umbrellas with a silk canopy?
 Look at that keyhole! Very impressive.
Thankyou dan1255, and welcome!
I was going to order a Signature Craftsman in Dark Tan (prefer it to the Chestnut), but was told it looks reddish under natural light. Does anybody have any experience of this? The Dark Tan on the Sign. is different to the Dark Tan on yearling. 
Beautiful! Keep them away from the oil heater :).
I agree that beyond a baseline quality standard for construction and cloth, that proper fit is the most important thing, and with short arms and large thighs, Harrolds outlet is no good for me. I'm certainly not one for names and 'luxury branding', however at heavy discounts, high end Italian RTW suit makers like Brioni, Isaia, Zegna Couture, D'avenza offer a lot of quality for dollar. Apart from a few of the names that are mentioned regularly here, I think it is very...
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