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Received a beautifully made pair of Cerruti Flannel slacks today! Adjustments from previous order made perfectly and all special requests met. Lovely cloth too.
 It is sad news indeed. My father has been a customer of theirs for over 30 years. Yes, their best years were the late 70s to 80s, when they were the pioneers of stocking a few major and many less known Italian labels in Sydney - I believe they may have suffered from some of these labels pulling out in recent years. I have never been to another store like it where the customer service, general knowledge and advice is that consistently excellent.
 To some extent, I believe Apple is now trying to compete against fashion or prestige brands, distinctly different from competing against other technology where functionality, innovation and ease of use is key. They are against a different kind of competition, labels where the functionality and quality is often secondary to the value in the brand. I think unlike other devices, it would not be appropriate in a professional environment. Perhaps I'm wrong, and it's just...
 I'd also be interested to here about this!
Thanks Jason. Any chance of getting one in a 7 fold?
Any fine weave burgundy grenadines on the way Jason?
If you are going for a first shirt and don't already have a good fitting example, be aware that poplin is the hardest to fit. Hence, if you manage to nail poplin anything else should be easy, conversely, smaller imperfections in fit will be much more visible.    Could anybody advise a fabric Luxire stocks with similar softness to poplin with a bit more more (mid) weight? Maybe French pinpoint?
Brice's (and presumably Coomb's) have them. You just might have to prompt them a bit :).
 I agree, and I like the almost scarlet red colour. I'm not sure oxblood would have gone so well. Leather trim on a zipper can be a double edged sword as it can scratch and lose colour.
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