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Blaskarm, let the fork out and possibly also the hips slightly.
Speaking of great cloth arrivals, I got a sample of the Dugdale 130s Navy End on End that my Luxire suit will be made from.    The Dugdale 130s is extremely smooth and refined, and possibly light enough to be used as a spring summer wool for most.   I also have a $75 canvas trial jacket that I might post pics of - but perhaps I'll wait to the final suit and post it all together to show the evolution from the replication jackets sent to Luxire.   Finally, I would...
Not as yet on my front - but it shouldn't be too much longer.
Don't forget that as much as you may like a particular last style, it still has be adapted to your foot, and it is the shoe makers job to do this. For example, a short wide foot just can't carry off a very long and narrow chisel.   MacGuffen, regarding the length increase, make sure it's not too much. You might then have the problem of the vamping pinching when you flex your foot, which I've found is actually worse with suede as it gives more than calf. The toe area of...
What shoe style did everybody else order again? I ordered black cap toe Oxfords.
 As much as I admire traditional crafts, some people tend to exaggerate the 'It takes ten years to become a tailor thing', 'the first three years of shoe making is spit shining - you don't start making a shoe until 10 years in'. Perhaps they just don't get the opportunity to practice enough on tricky jobs.
 Does that mean we could specify a different leather colour for the test pair, so long as it is available in house? This means we have more diversity if the trial fits well. Perhaps this is not in the spirit of the trial program and an unnecessary admin headache.
Best of luck with it Jason!
 Sounds good. These look great http://www.johnstonscashmere.com/retail/mens/cardigans/cashmere-classic-3-ply-v-neck-cardigan.html.
What are the provenance and colours of the pure cashmere if you don't mind me asking?
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