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I don't think Coomb's or Brice's can replace the cork. They can do a leather half/full sole over the old cork. They may recommend instead of topy to remove the cork and do a rubber half sole, think a very thick topy. They may also be able to carve a leather outsole thicker so it replaces the cork's function. Tbh, I believe this problem is more to do with the nature of the GW than the cobbler's skill. They probably deal with this successfully all the time.
Did anyone manage to find out the difference in the crown height at the front of Panama Bob's Cuencano and Caballero? Can you lower the crown with steam like a fur? It might be tricky if the front pinch is in tight. I'll message him if not.
I'm totally confused about which hat corresponds to what hat on both sites. The price for a type of weave seems different, as do the wait times.   Maybe should give up and get this - at least it's rain proof: http://www.hatsbythe100.com.au/mens/panama/akubra-balmoral-weekender-natural-main.html
Any reason you used http://www.panamas.biz/ instead of http://the-panama-hat-works-of-montecristi.myshopify.com/ ?
HRH's hat looks likes a custom blocked tear drop.   http://img.thesun.co.uk/aidemitlum/archive/00749/SNN0923AN-280_749781a.jpg
Love the old guy wearing the fur felt instead of a panama! Could you actually get away with a fur felt in summer, say an Acorn Stylemaster? I think not, but worth thinking about just a little.
 I didn't ask him that one. My understanding is that the rollable feature is really only for travel occasionally, and not for instance, a briefcase everyday. Doesn't it require the round crown as well? You can specify the metric head size in the comments box to avoid confusion between US and UK sizing.
Thanks for these, I definitely prefer the Caballero now, love the burgundy ribbon! Be careful though, they got hotter as the weave gets tighter. I'm going to stick to the 300 weave. Just throw it on and forget about it - that's the best way. If somebody says something just say it's sun protection. I think Akubra might be the oft' forgotten gem of the remaining Australian rag trade.  That's true, I don't know how navy would look next to the straw. The burgundy above is...
 I'm thinking of getting a Cuenca and Montecristi from Panama Bob, both natural coloured. Will get one of each block, just deciding which one for which hat. I agree, the crown will be lower on the tear drop, which I see as the main advantage.  Coxsackie, I have seen you mention your Fed IV, I guess you have the height to pull off the high crown, but I'm too short. I have an Akubra Fedora instead. On a panama, do you have a preference on black ribbon brown shoes or navy...
Speaking of Panama hats, what do you think, centre dent or tear drop? I'm leaning towards the former to avoid looking like a mobster. Do you think the classic black ribbon looks fine with brown shoes or better a navy ribbon?
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