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Hi Jason,   Does the latest (above) photo of the Navy/Red Repp best represent the colour, i.e., slightly crimson red and dark (but not very dark) navy? In some of the older photos it appears darker navy and brighter red.   Thanks as always!
 Have a look at Executive Shaving, there are some good online discount codes available.  Great range and about a week shipping time. Have you given the BIC disposables a try previously?  A lot of people suggest these help to learn good technique prior to attempting the DE razors, or to use an ongoing basis for an irritation free, economic shave.  (I took the former path myself - have a Muhle Closed Comb and couldn't be happier).
 I bought my Filson bag from Hanks Clothing (via Globalshopex).  There was a 20% off promotion at the time.
Absolutely my pleasure!  I enjoyed the correspondence wholeheartedly!    The mink suede lace ups posted a little while back are very, very, Fred Astaire (albeit in an Oxford).
I'm still a fan of the punched cap toe burgundy shell oxford - it would go well with the soft chisel of the 48 last.  If more contemporary, how about an austerity brogue spectator in black and grey, or (slightly faded) black and light navy?
The colour, grain, last shape, waist and two tone welt and sole speak for themselves.  But I really like the subtle positioning of the medallion, it starts at just the right distance from the top of the shoe.   Would it be possible to hint at what new styles might be coming early 2014?
When exactly does the Black Friday weekend sale finish?  Midnight 1/12/2013 UK time?
Wow ... so the trouser lining will be natural and not 'art' silk?   Thanks for the info BTW.
I like the look of those slacks Jason!  Distinct and elegant!  Interested in loaning a 33/34 waist for a beta tester :)?   By chance, do you know what the inside leg is on the 32 trousers with the 8.25 inch bottoms?  How much inlay in the fork will be left in?   Is it possible to see a few pictures of the trouser banding?   Cheers.
 Perhaps the style previously posted from the Foster's archive would be most suitable: http://cdn.styleforum.net/c/c7/c7784061_20131125_174956.jpeg.  However, I prefer the last as per the previous tan shoe, something like the AS 109, however, perhaps a little more roomy in the toe box.  As I've never worn a gusset shoe before, never seen one in person in fact, I can't comment on whether brogueing on the heel would look too to crowded or not. Regarding the Chaves, I believe...
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