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Any fine weave burgundy grenadines on the way Jason?
If you are going for a first shirt and don't already have a good fitting example, be aware that poplin is the hardest to fit. Hence, if you manage to nail poplin anything else should be easy, conversely, smaller imperfections in fit will be much more visible.    Could anybody advise a fabric Luxire stocks with similar softness to poplin with a bit more more (mid) weight? Maybe French pinpoint?
Brice's (and presumably Coomb's) have them. You just might have to prompt them a bit :).
 I agree, and I like the almost scarlet red colour. I'm not sure oxblood would have gone so well. Leather trim on a zipper can be a double edged sword as it can scratch and lose colour.
Foxhound where are you??   In all seriousness, those smart casual coats look extremely well made. It would be almost impossible for a great deal of tailors to emulate them.
I have a 257 in green - great bag.  I think you'll need it to fit in the soup! Only gripe is that there are a lot of closures to do up. Have they started to do it in navy?
I want a reserve on the burgundy!
Gentlemen, on a pair of trousers with side adjusters and no belt loops, what do you think is the best way to finish the front closure above the fly? Button through with square flap, button through with diamond flap or square flap with hidden button?   Thanks!
 Thanks for the photos ammanati! Not bad at all for the city line! Such a classic, timeless and elegant last!
Nice to finally meet you Frank!
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