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Regarding the real crocodile watch bands, its very difficult. The best way is if somebody is travelling AU to US to AU directly, and that way they can take up to 4 straps through customs without paperwork. It seems the export and import paperwork is too difficult for sellers to be worthwhile for only a few straps, and therefore its a customs gamble. The only local repairer I found them at was Max Schweizer, but it was a Hirsch on the very pricey side.   This is what I'm...
Not a Luxire specific question, but this is perhaps the best place to ask. When a garment is dry cleaned, it seems to 'shrink' back into place, for example, the knees on flannel trousers. Is this due to the steam or dry cleaning chemicals?
The new 100% cashmere scarf did its job well while I ate take away at 10:30 pm outside in the Canberra CBD last week. But Jason where were the gloves???
 I didn't receive them yet, they have been in Sydney since Thursday morning. Their status was updated on Friday at 9 pm - I was a little worried about customs at first but hopefully it'll be OK.
Panama Bob has arrived at the airport, hopefully will be delivered tomorrow!
Well, I know that No-D-Lay has pick up points in the Sydney CBD, and a deluxe service. You could drop it off at Alterations by Master/Pascalis bespoke. If No-D-Lay can't do it, I know that there's a place (in Manly?) that can do clothes with leather on it, Alterations by Master might be able to recommend it to you.
One can also specify fusing in the waist band (or perhaps canvas) to add stiffness and resistance to rolling.
 Wow the pleat game has upped! Did you specify anything special?
Going to see Charles Nakhle on Wednesday for the first time in a few years. I'll investigate what he's got in the higher-end poplins and French pinpoints.
All these girls on SF Aus Thread, reminds me to ask is anyone going to see Yuja Wang in Sydney in July?
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