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One can also specify fusing in the waist band (or perhaps canvas) to add stiffness and resistance to rolling.
 Wow the pleat game has upped! Did you specify anything special?
Going to see Charles Nakhle on Wednesday for the first time in a few years. I'll investigate what he's got in the higher-end poplins and French pinpoints.
All these girls on SF Aus Thread, reminds me to ask is anyone going to see Yuja Wang in Sydney in July?
 This is indeed also true of most bespoke makers, they may or may not have slightly wider margins though.
@Luxire, have all the promotional bespoke shoe lasts arrived?
A pair of well shined C&J handgrades/ AS Exclusive are better than Artioli IMHO. 
Cool Luxire font and sign. Any Egyptian cotton poplins in the book?
 You will from me soon.
Well, I used to be a Hi-Fi nut, but really and truly, many things in the Hi End Audio industry are based on contortions and improper application of theory.   Move on to headphones! HD-800's are aural bliss. Very doubtful you'll get a speaker to match their performance.   I'm personally more interested in one of the Yamaha Avantgrand Piano's with the real grand action in them. I don't think Yamaha has brought them to Australia yet.
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