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 Would you consider the flannel cashmere blends in a slightly lighter 10-12 oz?
Regarding the GST, would the new rules apply to previous international transactions that are paid for but not yet delivered? I've got  some large gift cards that I haven't used as yet.
 Better yet spend $40 to in send a pair of trousers that Bijan and JayH majorly re-cut :) 
Thanks Liber. Could you offer opinion of the current quality of Grana vs Uniqlo?
The cotton looks great. But I'm a little off put that according to some sources at the end of 2014 they cost $13 for a t shirt, but now $22. I guess its small change compared to Sunspel.  Uniqlo supima looks the way to go (if they fit).
Are there any recommendations for good quality basic t-shirts (that I usually use as PJs) at reasonable prices that I can find locally? 
    @luxire, I'd like to give it a go, but I'd also be interested to know more about the weight/quality of the cotton and type of construction prior to ordering.  Would it be OK to send a jumper for replication?
 I was not only in on the $25 Cuenca, but a $145 Montecristi as well.
Anybody interested in a miss sized panama bob? About 56-57 cm (although marked as 58), ~ 250 wpsi. Brand new with a really soft leather band. Only flaw is that the hat was clearly resized from a larger size, so a stitch marks are visible. Looks roughly equal in quality to the $400 ones at Strand Hatters/City Hatters.
 I can confirm that he won't (or won't like to do) 'hand work' like buttonholes and seams. His machine made shirt construction quality is very high though, and of course hand work is involved in the custom collars. I don't really think he believes in it to be honest - even if he can. I'll confess though and say I prefer Luxire's construction owing to the shanked buttonholes, neater seams and separate arm and side seams. Even if it looks charming (particularly for casual...
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