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The other variables are of course, the colour accuracy or lack thereof of the monitors used to process and view the image, and the use of the same colour space as the image in the monitor, OS and browser. That's why I always look around for multiple images of the item I'd like to purchase online, and most of the online sellers I've encountered are very obliging in giving a written description.
 Yep, my first thought was those colours are very Carl Zeiss! 
Regarding the Chukka vs Chelsea, when I looked at RMW stores, the Signature Craftsman seemed more versatile and elegant than the RMW Chukka (Kingsvale). This honestly surprised me, however, I'm not sure if this would hold true with an English lasted Chukka. Perhaps it was the French calf on the Signature Craftsmen being superior to the leather on the Kingsvale?   What do people think about the versatility of a tan country grain chukka on dainite? I think it would be...
 Thanks for the unique insight as always DW!
 Is that the regular fine worsted? I was thinking of the 130s range.
I'm thinking of some summer weight trousers for Sydney. One option would be the Minnis Fresco, but I'm thinking about maybe one of the Dugdale 120s/130s 9 oz (I do understand that the super numbers aren't everything). If the Dugdale's were smooth enough, I might be able to get them unlined. The other consideration is that that the fresco weave may have a better texture for casual wear and be longer lasting, but it's hard to say, as a smoother cloth can abrade less in the...
 Does the gemming ever come into contact with the inside of the outsole, either at manufacturing time or during typical wear (perhaps somebody who wears heavily towards the outside of the sole), or does the cork seal it off? Thanks!
 I can't advise exactly about which of the Luxire fusing options you should specify, but for a more formal shirt made of poplin I'd go for a slightly thicker fusing than on an oxford cloth for instance. Also, you can have a linen summer shirt with a paper thin fusing, shouldn't be stiff at all.
 Yes, it is glued, but the technique to achieve the bond can vary, fusing machine vs glue. It is not necessarily an indicator of quality as in suiting - many of the best shirts have fused collars and cuffs. Depending on the desired look (soft or crisp, formal or casual), collar style and weight of fabric, cleaning method, either fusing or non-fused interfacing may give superior results.
I find a suede brush with rubber 'bristles' is the best way to go, like the underside of the one here http://www.pediwear.co.uk/dasco/products/5345.php. I sometimes feel a metal brush can damage the suede.
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