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Have a look at the moonstone coloured Stylemaster sold at the Hattery.
Has anybody scene the Double Monk lapel flowers in person? How do they compare to others available?
The finer weave panamas also wear hotter than the looser weaves.
Regarding pocket flare on FF trousers, I have seen and and heard of the following: the front pocket  lining is attached to the fly lining on the inside of the trouser with a piece of fabric, and a second row of stitching where the pic stitching joins the cloth and the inside of the front pockets (of course concealed) is added. While present on my Zanella trousers, I'm unsure of the effectiveness of this technique.   My personal solution is to make the hips/seat a little...
Haha. I rock back, slam my heel into the ground, and push off the ball like a 1980's turbo f1 picking up the throttle.
I've never had this problem with a Topy/sole protector. Perhaps it's a matter of walking style?
Thanks for your reply. Do you have an ETA on the striped Grenadines?
Jason, what colour/pattern tie would you recommend for a navy herringbone coat with a purple shirt?
 I'll think about it ... I can definitely snap the hat itself. But it will take probably ~1 month for my Montecristi. iSurg will get his Cuenca much sooner.
For the members who wear hats, do you prefer to wear them in the modern style of riding high, or the classic style of mid forehead?
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