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I went DE about 18 months ago. Apart from some bigger cuts I haven't looked back. I would probably practice with a BIC single blade first, if you can handle that you'll be fine with DE. Just use the weight of the razor, don't pull.   I bought a Muhle closed comb, with a synthetic handle as it slips less than the metal ones. I also got a Muhle synthetic brush, as they require less soap, are softer and lather far faster than the traditional ones. I use Tabac soap, really...
Thomas Mason is owned by Albini, so you can get that exact fabric via Luxire. There are Thomas Mason fabrics on special atm. Or you could go nuts and also get David and John Anderson cloths.
 I think that the shirts with their relatively slim cut and on the shoulder yokes don't really gel perfectly with the wide trousers .
^ Possibly the best leather piece I've seen from Luxire.
I'm personally pro a stripped grenadine. Could be done in Australian flag colours, it would be pretty subtle this way. I'm also interested in a navy, forest green and white stripe.
 DR, is that the polished siena strap I linked second?
Regarding the real crocodile watch bands, its very difficult. The best way is if somebody is travelling AU to US to AU directly, and that way they can take up to 4 straps through customs without paperwork. It seems the export and import paperwork is too difficult for sellers to be worthwhile for only a few straps, and therefore its a customs gamble. The only local repairer I found them at was Max Schweizer, but it was a Hirsch on the very pricey side.   This is what I'm...
Not a Luxire specific question, but this is perhaps the best place to ask. When a garment is dry cleaned, it seems to 'shrink' back into place, for example, the knees on flannel trousers. Is this due to the steam or dry cleaning chemicals?
The new 100% cashmere scarf did its job well while I ate take away at 10:30 pm outside in the Canberra CBD last week. But Jason where were the gloves???
 I didn't receive them yet, they have been in Sydney since Thursday morning. Their status was updated on Friday at 9 pm - I was a little worried about customs at first but hopefully it'll be OK.
New Posts  All Forums: