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 This is indeed also true of most bespoke makers, they may or may not have slightly wider margins though.
@Luxire, have all the promotional bespoke shoe lasts arrived?
A pair of well shined C&J handgrades/ AS Exclusive are better than Artioli IMHO. 
Cool Luxire font and sign. Any Egyptian cotton poplins in the book?
 You will from me soon.
Well, I used to be a Hi-Fi nut, but really and truly, many things in the Hi End Audio industry are based on contortions and improper application of theory.   Move on to headphones! HD-800's are aural bliss. Very doubtful you'll get a speaker to match their performance.   I'm personally more interested in one of the Yamaha Avantgrand Piano's with the real grand action in them. I don't think Yamaha has brought them to Australia yet.
JH,   I'd try re-loading windows on the old desktop. If you don't have time, you can un-install old software, do a few anti-malware scans and you might get a speed boost.   Let us know the spec of the PC, mine is 4 years 6 months but is going fine. Things haven't got that much better since the integrated quad cores.
 Sadly they went up with weight gain, but didn't go down at all with weight loss (didn't help that I put most of it back on). Possibly genetic, Dad told me that he went up at my age.
My feet have changed size in the last year, hence, I'm looking to get rid of a few pairs of AS Exclusives and C&J Handgrades in a 7 UK.   First on my list is a 7 UK Herrick in Dark Brown Suede, last 109, lasted shoe trees, two wears. If anybody in Sydney is interested, please let me know, I'd be keen to avoid postage.   Sorry if this is not allowed, I'll delete if required.
 I have Saphir products, including the neutral conditioner and waxes. Frankly, I find Collinol as conditioner and cream, and Angelus as wax easier to use. Sometimes one produces better results, sometimes the other. Collonil conditioner and Angelus wax are (or were) available for a good price at DJs, smell a lot better (or a lot less of turps) and go on and off easier than Saphir.
New Posts  All Forums: