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Congratulations Jason! I do like the name Arthur Charles Segrott!
Luxire make individual patterns. I believe that all bespoke tailors will have some sought of reference drafting method they use to make patterns, even with the 'Rock of Eye'. That will of course influence the silhouette or 'house style'. If you read Thomas Mahon's blog, he regards highly accurate pattern manipulation as bespoke. Bespoke has additional connotations beyond individual patterns, and can be used as a reference for proper garment fittings in non-finished form,...
Many Congratulations on your wedding! Would you happen to have a shot of the button holes on the front closure of the jacket? Many Thanks.
 I'd be very interested to see the result as I'm thinking of doing the same myself. How long left to wait?
Do the standard Goodyear welted and screw sole boots still have a full leather innersole? Will RM do a rubber outsole with a leather inner sole?
Have seen the problem as well, the website has also been slow to load when working.
@luxire Do you have any further pictures since the one a few weeks ago of the coat making process, including the details of the construction and final garment? Thanks.
You could try Luxire, it may well be better quality than the Baracuta.
The other variables are of course, the colour accuracy or lack thereof of the monitors used to process and view the image, and the use of the same colour space as the image in the monitor, OS and browser. That's why I always look around for multiple images of the item I'd like to purchase online, and most of the online sellers I've encountered are very obliging in giving a written description.
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