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 By my understanding, when the shoe is damp after wear, the leather shrinks, particularly in the creased regions. The shoe tree stops it from shrinking via force. Hence, it stops the ill effects of the moisture, but not via absorption. I believe this is where the confusing comes from.
Hi Luxire, is there any update about this?
Haha I understand . Is ordering cut lengths from them something you'd consider in the future?When will the current range be available for order?
 Sounds like the ideal fabric I was PM'ing about a while back. You can put me down for an order! But where's the baby pink voile? :)
Regarding the cardigan with collared shirt and no tie, my shirts are cutaway or semi- cutaway. I think it might look dorky with the collar flapping out, aka Bing Crosby playing golf (although I do love his singing).
Quick opinions: Is a cashmere cardigan useful if you mostly wear collared shirts without a tie (and never a collarless shirt!)?
You can give chocolates for Valentine's day. How about 20% off ANY brown chocolate/dark brown fabric? As a happy coincidence I'm going to send an email today about brown cottons trousers .
 Very interested. I was about to send an email about ordering a Mason Goldline Super Hampton twill, but now I want to hear more about this first. What sort of weaves and price range would we be talking about?
Sadly, the Grana pop up shut down before I got there.    Has anybody tried their polos? The measurements on their website seem a touch strange, they are have a yoke width of about 45 cm for a medium but with only a 50 cm chest. I'd normally expect the difference to be greater. Looking at their jumpers, their cut seems to be nipped in the chest. Very different to Lacoste, Hackett, Paul and Shark etc.
What a debut for the Kent Wang Brollie in McMahon's point just now. It got inverted under a crazy gale, but seems un damaged. Perhaps I should also get a Davek Elite.
New Posts  All Forums: