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For those with polos and pique rugby shirts, do you generally have a separate yoke piece, or is the back panel one continuous piece?
If the problem is your shirts falling out, I'd increase them the same amount as not to alter the balance, but not by as much as 5 cm. I'd say 'increase front and back rise near the waistband by 3 cm'. You'll likely also need to let out the waistband as well. You can also consider rubber grippers and longer shirts.
Be a bit more specific. 5 cm at the front or back rise, at the fork or waist? On both sides? 5 cm on one side will almost certainly require balance on the other. Why do you want to increase the rise in the first place?
@luxire Polo time is just in time. I noticed that some of the new additions are marked as fine, supima, soft and thin. Could you elaborate on the differences between the new additions? Thanks.
  C&J Tan Clifford, C&J Brown Suede Lonsdale, AS Armfield Black Calf and AS Herrick Chocolate Suede. Fratelli Rossetti elegant brown loafers.
 If, particularly on a shoe with a full inner sock (not insole - see C&J HG), a gap starts to open between the upper and sock as they stretch, the shoes are too tight. That is the footbed is too narrow, beyond all reasonable stretching. If they don't feel right beyond a little tightness after a few hours at home (especially pinching of the forefoot) then return them. No matter how nice they are and good the deal is, they'll see little use after your foot is blistered to...
 By my understanding, when the shoe is damp after wear, the leather shrinks, particularly in the creased regions. The shoe tree stops it from shrinking via force. Hence, it stops the ill effects of the moisture, but not via absorption. I believe this is where the confusing comes from.
Hi Luxire, is there any update about this?
Haha I understand . Is ordering cut lengths from them something you'd consider in the future?When will the current range be available for order?
 Sounds like the ideal fabric I was PM'ing about a while back. You can put me down for an order! But where's the baby pink voile? :)
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