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Sadly, the Grana pop up shut down before I got there.    Has anybody tried their polos? The measurements on their website seem a touch strange, they are have a yoke width of about 45 cm for a medium but with only a 50 cm chest. I'd normally expect the difference to be greater. Looking at their jumpers, their cut seems to be nipped in the chest. Very different to Lacoste, Hackett, Paul and Shark etc.
What a debut for the Kent Wang Brollie in McMahon's point just now. It got inverted under a crazy gale, but seems un damaged. Perhaps I should also get a Davek Elite.
 Would you consider the flannel cashmere blends in a slightly lighter 10-12 oz?
Regarding the GST, would the new rules apply to previous international transactions that are paid for but not yet delivered? I've got  some large gift cards that I haven't used as yet.
 Better yet spend $40 to in send a pair of trousers that Bijan and JayH majorly re-cut :) 
Thanks Liber. Could you offer opinion of the current quality of Grana vs Uniqlo?
The cotton looks great. But I'm a little off put that according to some sources at the end of 2014 they cost $13 for a t shirt, but now $22. I guess its small change compared to Sunspel.  Uniqlo supima looks the way to go (if they fit).
Are there any recommendations for good quality basic t-shirts (that I usually use as PJs) at reasonable prices that I can find locally? 
    @luxire, I'd like to give it a go, but I'd also be interested to know more about the weight/quality of the cotton and type of construction prior to ordering.  Would it be OK to send a jumper for replication?
 I was not only in on the $25 Cuenca, but a $145 Montecristi as well.
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