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Will there be any upcoming re-stocks in UK 7 AS Exclusives? Thanks!
 I think it's a little more than overseas, for example B. Nelson is $90 for a similar service. In all, not too bad a difference.  A factory re-craft of an English shoe will be generally 1/3 the cost of a new pair not including shipping.
 1) Topy ~$45 2) Leather half sole ~$55 3) Topy + heel ~$70 4) Leather half sole + heel ~$80 5) Full resole ~$120  I personally prefer options 1, 3 and 5.
Dear Jason,   For the small footed of the world, would it be an option to replace the free socks with a free white irish linen pocket square and pay the balance?   Thanks!
Justin Fitzpatrick aka 'The Shoe Snob' has recently made a blog post called 'Foster & Son's New Antiquing Option'.    http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2014/03/foster-sons-new-antiquing-option.html
 If you find the last number and width of your Loakes, many members should be able to provide you information about similar fitting lasts from higher end brands in case you are going to purchase online. 
 I use the Woods of Shropshire for Pantherella socks. http://www.woodsofshropshire.co.uk/mens-socks/pantherella-socks £5.00 shipping to Australia.
How has the AS Handgrade line been going?  I think I can safely speak for a number of members that we'd love to see you carry some beautiful English classics at that level in standard widths - especially the Miller Boot.
 Sorry you've had so many troubles ovlov, menswear should be a pleasure, not endless problems, troubles and disappointments.  Asking for discounts and refunds at these kinds of services feels uncomfortable due to the often affluent clientèle that frequent them, but it isn't fair and it hurts when things like this happen. If the MTM/bespoke was so bad that it was clearly uncorrectable from the first try on, I'd ask for a discounted final price and/or ask them to do...
New Posts  All Forums: