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 I can't advise exactly about which of the Luxire fusing options you should specify, but for a more formal shirt made of poplin I'd go for a slightly thicker fusing than on an oxford cloth for instance. Also, you can have a linen summer shirt with a paper thin fusing, shouldn't be stiff at all.
 Yes, it is glued, but the technique to achieve the bond can vary, fusing machine vs glue. It is not necessarily an indicator of quality as in suiting - many of the best shirts have fused collars and cuffs. Depending on the desired look (soft or crisp, formal or casual), collar style and weight of fabric, cleaning method, either fusing or non-fused interfacing may give superior results.
I find a suede brush with rubber 'bristles' is the best way to go, like the underside of the one here http://www.pediwear.co.uk/dasco/products/5345.php. I sometimes feel a metal brush can damage the suede.
Be careful with the button holes, if they don't have the proper machine and do them by hand, the result could be poor (they aren't Brioni afterall).
 If E is narrow, and F wide, and the shoe is about long as a C&J 337, a UK7F would be right for a comfortable fit.
 Unfortunately, these days I am a wide, or a generous medium. One of the particular attractions of your MTO program, is the opportunity to have ~Handgrade shoes in a wide fit, along with the choice of last (I quite like your TMG) and leather colours. Why not use me as a test subject, we may be the same length actually :)? Actually, there seem to be fewer Handgrade options in wide fits, even in black captoes, than one would think.
The shoes are looking great Justin!   Looking forward to the MTO, I'm thinking about an Edwardian style Wedgwood boot with black calf and grey spat coloured suede.
 I actually have the old Slim fit G9 model Made in England, ordered from the old website before the take over. It is quite full cut for a slim fit, I can easily get a jumper and accessories in it zipped up. It is the model with the polyester lining. Perhaps the model made in Turkey is the old standard fit G9, just a little cheaper. The new one I saw at Henry Bucks in Melbourne Made in England seemed to have a more natural lining, I didn't read the tag or try it on...
Is there currently a consensus on the difference between the Signature Craftsmen and standard Craftsmen on the B543 in veal with the soft chisel toe? In store, the welt was closer to the sole edge, and the last seemed more shaped around the arch or more bevelled on the signature, and of course the plate on the waist. They said the signature has a different last. It also appears that signature's can't be ordered with any modifications.   Does anybody have an example of a...
 Definitely the most refined welted shoe I've seen from RM, half closed channel, where they sort of 'squash' the leather to cover the stitching on the sole. But not as refined as a C&J benchgrade with regards to the welt. You also can't adjust the toe shape for a MTO. The last is nicer than the standard Craftsmen, and so is the leather. I don't like the metal plate on the waist. It was my first try of boots ever, and I must say they were comfortable but very hard to get on...
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