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Since we are discussing fabric orders/promotions, my old tailor used to buy a roll of top selling cloth, and offer it on promotion whilst available.   I wonder if this could work for the high end fabrics at Luxire, particularly in the classics? For instance, after some kind of vote/EOI/pre-purchase, Luxire acquire a roll of the cloth, such as H&S flannel in mid grey/navy, Thomas Mason Goldline/Alumo/G&R blue poplin, Dugdale 130s in herringbone navy, etc. As they are not...
Thanks :).
Trial shoes arrived today. Very comfortable, but I made them a little too generous especially at the ball of the foot.   @luxire, when specifying changes for trial shoes, should we assume that the final construction will have the same internal volume? That is the addition of the final linings, insole and upper won't change the inside volume?   It was mentioned before by a member that the trial shoes are not guaranteed for longevity. If we want a second trial, is an...
 I'd be interested in linen-cotton blends, no synthetics (often allergic). I've had blended jeans like these in the past by Zegna, and they're great. But given that the linen makes them more summery, I'd probably lean more towards a classic 'denim blue'.
I went DE about 18 months ago. Apart from some bigger cuts I haven't looked back. I would probably practice with a BIC single blade first, if you can handle that you'll be fine with DE. Just use the weight of the razor, don't pull.   I bought a Muhle closed comb, with a synthetic handle as it slips less than the metal ones. I also got a Muhle synthetic brush, as they require less soap, are softer and lather far faster than the traditional ones. I use Tabac soap, really...
Thomas Mason is owned by Albini, so you can get that exact fabric via Luxire. There are Thomas Mason fabrics on special atm. Or you could go nuts and also get David and John Anderson cloths.
 I think that the shirts with their relatively slim cut and on the shoulder yokes don't really gel perfectly with the wide trousers .
^ Possibly the best leather piece I've seen from Luxire.
I'm personally pro a stripped grenadine. Could be done in Australian flag colours, it would be pretty subtle this way. I'm also interested in a navy, forest green and white stripe.
 DR, is that the polished siena strap I linked second?
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