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New dark brown bespoke austerity brogues shipping! Should be great as they are a tweak on a previous order.
I also noticed this to a lesser extent (although I washed the dark navy Shakespeare far too much). Didn't stop me ordering another pair, and then three more on the BF sale (to be made). My experience with cotton trousers suggests to wash or dry clean them as infrequently as possible, hang them with a trouser bar to avoid unnecessary pressing, press them without sliding the iron (which you shouldn't really for any trousers but is is a habit from shirts) and to spot clean...
@luxire, is a chocolate like colour or does it have a green tint? Thanks. 
@luxire, I assume that the sale shoes cannot be made as per standard specs but on custom lasts?   Also, may new bespoke shoe orders (those with existing lasts) be added for a special? If so, please tomorrow, I have to sleep :).
@luxire, regarding leather bags, will they be fully customizable, for instance, something like the Filson leather field satchel?
I don't see the bags yet.
 Will the crazy offer also apply to existing coat patterns?
 @Luxire, are these all 2 ply?
Sure, I just haven't had the time to choose :).
@luxire is the sale finishing today?
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