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 I also prefer the single nail in each corner on the AS toplift as opposed to the rows of nails on the C&J, which I find to be slip prone.
 Thanks. Is the position of the adjusters the same for either slanted or on seam pockets? How is the front closure above the fly typically constructed?
When ordering side tabs on trousers, is the default position on the waistband or just below it on the side seam? Do the metal adjusters ever dig in to the hips?   Additionally, what is the default button closure on trousers not worn with a belt? I'd assume two internal buttons with no external button hole would be the most elegant.   Thanks.
Happy Easter to all!   I especially like the last that the black captoe and brogues are on.   Will you be increasing the SPI on the welts in final production for the Foster's collection?
 Thanks for your suggestions!
 Your memory fails you :). Though, I may have mentioned that as a former soccer player my legs are disproportionate to my upper body.
 Haha ... I have no idea why you'd think I'm big. I'm only 5'7'' in real life. I'm interested in flannel mostly for the texture.
   Thanks for the replies. I think I'll stay around 12 oz or 340 g as I tend to wear my trousers on the looser side. Is flannel any warmer than a worsted in the same weight?
Could any Sydney members recommend what would be an appropriate weight for flannel trousers?   I believe 12 oz should be fine, but 14 oz might be getting a bit on the warm side. Thanks.
 Thanks. Would it be true to say that a flannel in the same weight as a worsted or cotton is warmer? For instance, 10 oz wool and cotton is fine for my climate. The light weight Hunt Winterbotham flannels seem to mostly be in twills and not melange.
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