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Regarding B&T Tailor, would any body be able to comment on how flexible they are with regards to the silhouette or house style?
 Bucks or Monk?
 Thanks. But enough for some extra wiggle room?
Is the 724 really wider than the 109, and if so, by how much? Cheers!
 When Baracuta had different ownership, my father and I picked up about five made in England originals for $1K AUD from their official webstore (using a 20% discount code). These ones have the aforementioned synthetic fabrics. $400 sounds about correct for the old HB's price. Was this old stock, or the updated make?
 Interestingly, I purchased a few Made in England G9's (online) before they were taken over about 2 years ago. The tartan lining and stretch material on the collar, waist and sleeves was all synthetic. I recently saw them again at Henry Bucks, and while more expensive, it seems they have gone back to using more natural fabric after the take over.
 The belt from Vince Maloney & Co might be from http://www.anderson.it/.
Thanks for the responses everybody. I'm going for a week to Melbourne. Suit is a must unfortunately. I'll alternate it with a sports coat.   That aside, anywhere (sartorially speaking) to check out apart from Double Monk, American Tailors and the new Henry Bucks?
I'm going on a domestic business trip on the Flying Kangaroo and was wondering what is the best way to transport a suit and sports coat? Do I need to look out for things like steel shanks in shoes and springs in shoes trees? Many Thanks.
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