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How does the feel of the Brisbane Moss cavalry twill compare to their standard twill? Can anybody compare these to the Dugdale standard cottons? Thanks.
I personally find the heavily nailed heels with only a rubber tip to be very dangerous. I either Topy over the toplift, or replace the toplift with a 1/2 rubber 1/2 leather top lift. There is the possibility of a slip with metal tips, you just need to be careful. But the heel is the most dangerous, if that slips out of the blue you'll have almost no opportunity to avoid a tumble.   I personally prefer Brices to Coombs, if only because the late owner, Michelle, used to...
I get them deep enough so they can safely hold cards.
@Luxire, if some Black Friday orders had to be cancelled, would you consider putting the unused fabric back up for sale? First come best dressed, or even a raffle.
 This may be my doing. I wrote about the 5 month wait on his Fedora lounge thread, after somebody received one in three days. Pity I didn't complain about the Montecristi as well!
 I haven't received my Cuenca or Montecristi yet either, and ordered almost the same day as iSurg in October '14. Panama Bob also stated prior to ordering that they were all custom hats, but said recently he was all out of the hats I ordered. In fairness, he may have been referring to the banding. I have read that he only really runs his business full stream in the lead up to and during the American summer. Hopefully we'll receive something soon. In hindsight, I'm not so...
Thanks DWFII and patrickBooth regarding the lining advice.
Thanks for the advice. Would you line the underside of the eyelets with the coloured lining?
When a pair of MTO/bespoke shoes are made with contrasting lining, for example, black shoes with scarlet red lining, is the contrasting lining used only in the heel, or in the tongue, laces and forefoot as well? What is the general recommendation such that the contrast lining is not visible when worn?   Thanks!   Edit: I am considering the situation for a pair of Oxfords.
They are currently doing this (or similar) for me. I didn't think of it myself, Luxire recommended to do it based off fit pics I sent them.
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