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DJs sell Angelus wax and Collonil conditioner for a reasonable price, at least they did the last time I checked. I prefer those products to Saphir tbh. Also, you don't really need brushes, just old cotton cloths and a toothbrush for the welt. 
If you wore tan derbies you could pass for a member of the VPO . Very Austrian look, I love it.
@unsuitable It's something I've been wondering myself.   Say you are going to add two pleats on either side, the larger will have a folded depth of 0.5" and the other 0.25". Therefore, I'm pretty sure that you'd let out the the width of the fronts near the waistband by 3" (but after the pleats are added it won't change the waist). However, I'm not exactly sure how much you'd let out the half front hips, perhaps three quarters of this amount (given that the smaller pleat...
@Anden, in addition to re-positioning the pleats, I think you need to let out the front half hips. You might also consider lengthening the front rise (and maybe the back a little) near the fork/crotch.
 I was about to ask the same question myself. I believe that the default construction is with a light unfused interlining. @Luxire to reduce the roll, is it better to use a thicker unfused interlining, or to fuse the outer fabric along with a light interlining?
The best way I find to soften a black longue suit (purchase from long ago before I knew what I was doing) is with a soft pink shirt, a burgundy tie (grenadine is nice), and a white pocket square (optional).
On another note, I have to strongly recommend Bijan and @JayH for alterations.   They did a superb job re-cutting a pair of Luxire trousers, including totally changing the fit in the fork, seat and legs  and doing slanted cuffs. They were also kind enough to provide fit advise gratis for future orders.
@luxire   How would you compare the quality and softness of the newly added http://custom.luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/tpr-pique-baby-pink-knit-tpr_baby_pink_pq_02, with the previously available linen-cotton pique range (http://custom.luxire.com/products/linen-cotton-wine-knitted-pique) and soft knitted pique mesh range (http://custom.luxire.com/products/crimson_red_pique)?   Thanks.
 I'd be interested to know about the comparison between the G&R 140s poplins and the Thomas Mason Goldline 140s Gize 45.
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