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Dear AFPOS,   Can we order at item with the AFPOS20 code that is not in stock? Thanks.
Also regarding bags, are there any orders or plans to do something similar to a Filson field satchel or Brigg wrap around document case?
 Stupid Sexy Flanders!
 I haven't looked at these things for years, but surely you can find a pair of very good active stereo monitors at that price? I almost always recommend genuine 2.0 over anything else for home.
You'll need to show us how to use the braces!   Dark blue Macclesfield and linen hanky arrived today, I'm impressed with how well done the hand stitching is on the tie and PS. A lot of the time hand stitching is quite wonky and I'd rather it machined, but definitely not in this case.
@luxire, Thanks for the white poplin! Can you throw me a bone for a soft or baby pink Grandi mid to light weight?
Every hair styling cream or wax I have tried always irritates my asthma, especially during the night. Could anybody recommend me an allergy/asthma sensitive product, or a fragrance free product? Preference is for a product with a medium hold, medium shine and not gunky. Thanks!
Can I be greedy and ask for a pink shirt :)?
Well, I believe a 50% deposit for bespoke is normal. I guess the tailor should break even (maybe a small profit) if you don't show, and if you arrive at a disaster fitting or final garment with no possibility for a re-make, you could always just give up and run with a 50% loss (I've never done this myself and don't advocate it unless the situation unresolvable). If the fabric was particularly expensive a larger deposit may not be unreasonable.   Charles Nahkle never...
Dear Luxire, does the 'new nice' have any implications to the suit jacket ordering and making process? Would it be possible to provide some further details and images of the more subtle aspects of the making techniques?
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