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Haha. I rock back, slam my heel into the ground, and push off the ball like a 1980's turbo f1 picking up the throttle.
I've never had this problem with a Topy/sole protector. Perhaps it's a matter of walking style?
Thanks for your reply. Do you have an ETA on the striped Grenadines?
Jason, what colour/pattern tie would you recommend for a navy herringbone coat with a purple shirt?
 I'll think about it ... I can definitely snap the hat itself. But it will take probably ~1 month for my Montecristi. iSurg will get his Cuenca much sooner.
For the members who wear hats, do you prefer to wear them in the modern style of riding high, or the classic style of mid forehead?
I checked with Bob and he said that the Cuencano actually has a lower crown at the front by 1/8 to 1/4 inch. The tear drop like push up in the crown on the Cuencano seemed like the best of both worlds, more classic and closest to HRH. I thought the Caballero with the White Cuenca might look too Mafioso as well, that's why I didn't try it. 
I ended getting the $25 white Cuenca and $145 Montecristi, both in the Cuencano block (centre dent with raised crown).
For a pair of odd summer wool slacks, is a medium to light weight POW check with blue overcheck and a plain weave OK? Or is that check best left for winter? Thanks.
All I can advise is that I don't like 'mixing' of codes. Such as a formal shirt made of marcella, wing collar or black satin bow tie with a business suit. However, you may hint upon more formal themes.   For instance, I think you'd be better off with a cream or silver satin tie (you could look at the Henry Carter silver grenadine), and a burgundy/red/cream silk pocket square (even better a square with a velvet texture or similar). You don't necessarily need a white...
New Posts  All Forums: