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 There is a bit too much cream in the waproo to spit shine the shoe. The waproo eventually dries out hard, and I'm not sure its useful after that (never tried to spit shine with it dried). The Angelus smells better (less chemical) and lasts longer in the pot.  If I could only keep a few things for my shoe care, I'd have:Collinol Neutral CreamAngelus Black and Mid Brown WaxSaphir Recolorant Black and Dark Brown for edgesOld Cotton ClothsToothbrush for weltAlcohol or Renomat...
 I'd skip the latter and use Angelus for the polish. If you need the colour use the collinol waterstop or ultra cream. If you need to cover a deep scuff before conditioner (to stop an oil stain from the conditioner), use the Saphir recolorant or have the shoe repairer paint it.
 I personally prefer using the neutral cream/conditioner, and then using Angelus wax over the top. If you put too much of the diamante on, the excess will come off in the rain in a messy way. But the diamante is the best all in one product, and does help to put colour back in.
 You can still get a bespoke Alumo with MOP from Charles Nakhle for ~$220 and up.
@Luxire, just to confirm, the sale is 20% off the sale items when ordering over $150 of them? Not 20% store wide on orders >$150?
 Well, I received one of my two hats. It is neither the $140 300 wpsi or the $25 Cuenca, its somewhere in-between them in quality. Its also the wrong size, I'm a 59, it's marked 58 and is more like a 56-57 in real size. Saying that, its something like the quality of 200-300 panamas in City Hatters. PM if interested. Bob has promised to come good, but I don't know how long it'll take as he's going to stop selling to individuals. In retrospect I should have gone for a...
@Luxire, I have a question about adding pleats. Let's say we start off with a properly fitting flat front trouser. Of course the front and rear rise will be usually be extended for adding pleats.   Say I want to have double pleated trousers, with a 0.5" main pleat and 0.25" side pleat. Referring to my diagram, I believe that A will have to be let out by 1.5".   However, what about B, would it be 1.5" or a little less?  
@HenryCarter, Before you adjust the price of the braces, could you let me know if the maroon and maroon/navy stripe have a gold or silver buckle? Thanks.
 Is this a Gize 45 Egyptian cotton? If so, it's an incredible price. I'm intrigued to compare it to the G&R 140 poplin when I finally send in my new bespoke shirt for replication.
DJs sell Angelus wax and Collonil conditioner for a reasonable price, at least they did the last time I checked. I prefer those products to Saphir tbh. Also, you don't really need brushes, just old cotton cloths and a toothbrush for the welt. 
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