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@luxire, is http://custom.luxire.com/collections/brisbane-moss-pants-bf-2016/products/brisbane-moss-dark-brown-twill a chocolate like colour or does it have a green tint? Thanks. 
@luxire, I assume that the sale shoes cannot be made as per standard specs but on custom lasts?   Also, may new bespoke shoe orders (those with existing lasts) be added for a special? If so, please tomorrow, I have to sleep :).
@luxire, regarding leather bags, will they be fully customizable, for instance, something like the Filson leather field satchel?
I don't see the bags yet.
 Will the crazy offer also apply to existing coat patterns?
 @Luxire, are these all 2 ply?
Sure, I just haven't had the time to choose :).
@luxire is the sale finishing today?
For those with polos and pique rugby shirts, do you generally have a separate yoke piece, or is the back panel one continuous piece?
If the problem is your shirts falling out, I'd increase them the same amount as not to alter the balance, but not by as much as 5 cm. I'd say 'increase front and back rise near the waistband by 3 cm'. You'll likely also need to let out the waistband as well. You can also consider rubber grippers and longer shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: