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 Look at that keyhole! Very impressive.
Thankyou dan1255, and welcome!
I was going to order a Signature Craftsman in Dark Tan (prefer it to the Chestnut), but was told it looks reddish under natural light. Does anybody have any experience of this? The Dark Tan on the Sign. is different to the Dark Tan on yearling. 
Beautiful! Keep them away from the oil heater :).
I agree that beyond a baseline quality standard for construction and cloth, that proper fit is the most important thing, and with short arms and large thighs, Harrolds outlet is no good for me. I'm certainly not one for names and 'luxury branding', however at heavy discounts, high end Italian RTW suit makers like Brioni, Isaia, Zegna Couture, D'avenza offer a lot of quality for dollar. Apart from a few of the names that are mentioned regularly here, I think it is very...
That's great news, Thanks!
bik2101, That's a very good fit for a first try. I'd probably let out the hips a little to stop the pockets from flaring out.  But most importantly, I'd consider a lower rise for flat fronts, perhaps the better part of an inch for the front rise to get the waist band on or just above the hips. I think you'd avoid bagginess when letting out the hips that way. For my preference, I'd have a slightly wider leg opening, I think the whole look would synthesise better with your...
The Alfred Sargent Hannover is lovely as well, good competition for the Islay I think. Pediwear have free lasted trees for the 87 last. I never thought I'd say this, but I prefer the RMWs Chelsea's after going around town and trying different boot styles on.
This discussion brings me to another point. What about wool trousers, with a less formal weave such as Fresco, paired a reasonably fitted and quality polo shirt? I've found winter wool trousers go fine with long sleeve knitted cotton tops, so what about the shirt sleeve version for summer? Do you think the level of formality of the trousers clashes with the polo (more so than the textures), or that it looks like you're about to play golf?
Fred Astaire, whose physique I have nothing in common with, was a very slight man, particularly through the legs. He looked his best in wider trousers and heavier cloths, and was fond of the double breasted jacket with a drape cut. When he tried narrower trousers later in his life, I don't think he ever equalled his wider trouser look, although in fairness, one can't dance at 75 as they did at 35.
New Posts  All Forums: