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I got mine at the Filson Seconds store in washington for $100
Go with the 257, its a perfect bag.  I can't stand the  hand handles on the 256 flopping around when I'm walking they bunch up between you and the bag when its on your shoulder, its irritating.  Also the key chain lock in the front pocket is so useful(not sure of the 256 has this)  I always lock my keys to it as soon as i leave my house. I've got the tan, easily the best looking colour.  I wear dark denim though and my jeans rub off into the tan and I have no solution...
I noticed at the Filson outlet in Burlington all the garments and bags were X'ed out and I know barbour's outlets do the same.  Im not sure exactly how it works but  they must not meet the same QC standards.  I don't care though I bought a Levis X filson Jacet for $100 and I can't find anything wrong with it. 
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