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Please see PM. Thanks.
You should probably indicate what size. :)
Allen Edmonds Margate Cap-Toe Blucher.   Black calfskin leather upper is fully lined. Single oak leather sole is 360 degree Goodyear welted solid rubber heel.  Made in USA. Size: Marked 7.5 E Condition: Excellent used condition. These appear to have been minimally worn, and the uppers therefore show only the slightest signs of use. Soles and solid rubber heels are in excellent condition. Insoles/footbeds are very clean with only the slightest impressions from...
A C&J Medallion Kilti loafers are up on eBay in size 8D (http://www.ebay.com/itm/301216800386), starting at $50. For anyone in that size, it looks very unique and elegant!
Yes indeed it does look nice! Do you happen to know any info about it? I couldn't find anything on it. If I give you the numbers inside the shoes, would that help?
Can anyone one of you gentlemen provide any info on this set of loafers by C&J? Greatly appreciated!  
 I have no idea about this, can you give more info (although I guess we are digressing a bit off topic) in regards of what the maker, model, etc of the shoes are? Thank you.
Thanks for the responses, you guys are so knowlegable and wonderful. Would any of you be able to divuldge any info this pair of Peal & Co shoes from BB? I couldn't find it on the official website, so I am guessing it is an old model. Any info would be great, thank you!   Images:      
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