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Good day guys,   does anyone know who made this?   Thanks.
Santoni. Love their designs and quality. The first Santoni shoes I purchased was Lazaro, it felt like I was wearing Nike Air, so comfortable, from that day forth, I decided to stick with the brand. 
I got this shirt Burberry shirt, NWT, 100% Silk, Made in Italy for 80 GBP, just want to know if it is Burberry Prorsum and your opinion on quality price ratio.   Also, does anyone know who makes Burberry 'Made in Italy'...
I love that burnt orange color, really nice. Thank you guys for your opinions, this is my first Santoni and it is really comfortable compared to my other shoes. I almost bought this ferragamo (picture below), but my friend advised me to get a Santoni or Sutor. I've already purchased another Santoni shoe due to the comfortability of the recent Santoni I purchased.      
Hi Everyone, new to this forum, first time posting but been reading other posts for sometime now. Anyway, I would like to have you guys opinion on this Santoni loafers I recently purchased. I've been wanting a black suede loafer and decided purchase this.   I would like you guys opinion especially in terms of price/quality ratio. Very much appreciated. Thanks.
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