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Currently playing: Viktor + Rolf Spicebomb, Terre D'Hermes, Biotherm Force, Prada Luna Rossa, Bulgari Man All different in their own right
Got a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck and received a Cross as a gift All pens smudge as a lefty though..
I've used an ebay seller called chelseashoerepairshop 5-10 times in the past for Saphir gear and he has been great. Horsehair brushes are good, too.
Hey all,   Got 2 spare Tres Bien codes for 30% off in the presale period (26-30 Dec)..Not good timing for me Shoot me a PM if you want them   Cheers
  Just got Black NS and sized down 2 from normal - they do feel a bit bigger in the waist than old NS fit
All-time shine
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