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I regret purchasing my tan shoes. I find them difficult to utilise in cohesive fits and have considered applying a new patina. I'm sure my mostly CBD work environment doesn't help but I'd still happily trade them for some vintage oak or darker shade.....
Great, thanks. I just bought the navy linen in size 36 for £245. Fingers crossed it fits!
Does anyone have any experience with their jackets?
Can you block threads? I'm out.
Flicking through Facebook is your problem. I ditched that along time ago and haven't looked back.
Thanks Don, much appreciated. Thanks everyone for your thumbs and comments!
Suit $1500 Jacket $1000 Pant $350 Shirt $150 Shoes $700 Ties $150 Belt $100 That gets me by.
I have both and I'm happy with both although I think the pants fit is superior with OH. Quality wise you can't go wrong with either but the key difference for me was what seemed like the endless options to effectively customize anything through OH where as SS was very structured in their approach to what you can modify and how (e.g shoulders, lapel width). I've been meaning to give Matt a bell from SS to see if this has changed and enquire about their unstructured jackets...
  Fantastic Album.
Definitely size up.
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