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I like'em all!
You should just place a single vote for the best like @sugarbutch and I do and then you wouldn't have all this trouble...
Shoe fit looks fine to me Noodles.
I went with a chestnut pair of Alfred sergeants at a similar fork in the road in the past. I so wish I'd have chosen a darker brown or oxblood color instead. I've never been comfortable pairing the light brown shoes with any of my suits in relation to my work environment.
I'd go with boots too.
I wear brown on occasion, mostly Fridays.      
 Haha thanks! Meermin park last.    Thanks gents. I'm probably walking a fairly fine line with this one and for some reason I decided to be fairly subtle with the palette this morning.  Thank you Mr Cox. You are far too kind.
CBD Monday (again!).    
 I did and Henry C it is!
New Posts  All Forums: