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Me too. Clags - is that shirt collar different to your normal ones? Appears to have more height and roll. I like it.
I came back from Seminyak and Uluwatu last week.Go to Potato Head for cocktails and tunes, dinner at the plantation grill, sunset at WooBar and Sunday buffet at Starfish Blue (both in the W resort), Ku De Ta Bar, Double six rooftop, La Plancha. There's lots we couldn't do due to having small children.You can check out some photos on my Instagram linked in my Sig.
Thanks mate. I'm not actually sure off the top of my head. It's a Huddersfield wool - quite light 9 or 10 oz.
First day back at work after a nice two week break. CBD Monday?      
Yes, we just arrived in Uluwatu. It's gorgeous. Since being here I've come to the conclusion my wardrobe is seriously lacking in linen shirts.My wife is from Jakarta and she has no interest in going there so it's just bali this time. I appreciate the offer though.
Holidaying in Indonesia at the moment. Huge props to @EliodA for looking as awesome as he does in this heat. He should be auto-thumbed just for having on a jacket (any jacket!).  [[SPOILER]]
If noodles life and work decisions are anything like his sartorial ones he's in for one heck of a roller coaster ride. Re performance reviews, in my experience the type noodles received is generally reserved for under performers or average performers when the organization is cutting costs. If neither of these things are true then there must be some other variable like personality conflict or politics of some kind (of which neither may even involve our poor...
This is what I want to see. He has some good stuff and he should be putting it together consistently, otherwise he's just hurting his bank account and annoying his wife for not much benefit.
I still check this thread expecting to see noodles post some fits that demonstrate what he's leant from SF but I'm constantly disappointed. From what I can tell it seems our noodles understand what to buy (a good first step but a relatively easy one) but I see no evidence of him bringing it all together in the form of outstanding combinations of color, texture or fit. Is it fair to say he has some staple ties considered essentials in a work wardrobe and some expensive...
New Posts  All Forums: