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In SF's defense it was a pretty ordinary and grainy selfie. I know you look much better than that IRL so you need to get that across somehow...
Just plain old Carmina calf on the Simpson last with a bit of elbow grease re the shine.
   I suspect it might be a bit of both. Here's another shot of the same suit. I'm keen to hear your opinions as it is MTM and I can probably lower the gorge on my next purchase if required.   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks gents. Cloth is a Huddersfield Birdseye.
Thanks Greg!
 Thanks. Suit was pressed on the weekend so it wasn't a conscious thing. All my solid blues were getting laundered so this Barba was the closest I could find . That's my first Vanda and although I really like the pattern I'm definitely not used to how light/delicate the tie is.
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