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Wow. If I had a job that allowed me more flexibility in my clothing choices I would aim for the look Nick makes look effortless. I think he looks fantastic.
I dunno, I'd tread with caution pairing oxfords and jeans. So many better options.
Global technology support and operations. International and institutional banking.
 My experience is pretty much the opposite. I thought my moores were a little lifeless out of the box but I've found they have only gotten better over time and with wear over the past two years. The leaster is nice and soft and they are really comfortable to wear. Here they are now. 
Thanks mate @JHT652 and to all who thumbed.
Me too. Clags - is that shirt collar different to your normal ones? Appears to have more height and roll. I like it.
I came back from Seminyak and Uluwatu last week.Go to Potato Head for cocktails and tunes, dinner at the plantation grill, sunset at WooBar and Sunday buffet at Starfish Blue (both in the W resort), Ku De Ta Bar, Double six rooftop, La Plancha. There's lots we couldn't do due to having small children.You can check out some photos on my Instagram linked in my Sig.
Thanks mate. I'm not actually sure off the top of my head. It's a Huddersfield wool - quite light 9 or 10 oz.
First day back at work after a nice two week break. CBD Monday?      
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