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Looking good Gerry. Did you pick the eidos up from within AU?
Absolutely not.
Fantastic. Congratulations to you both.
So true haha. I'm the equivalent of a thread photo bomber. Fly in post a few shots then get the hell out of there.
I post there when I can find the time to take a decent pic in the mornings...
Mixed kids are cute but I'm biased. [[SPOILER]] On the clothes front.....new tie (a gift from my wife).
2 childrens for me. 3.5 and 1. Had my gorgeous boy when I was 38 and my beautiful little girl when I was 40. Turned 41 today and have just returned from a fantastic dinner with my wife. She's now passed out next to me after 3 cocktails. Life is good.
I just ordered my first pair of trousers (flannel) and I requested lining (silk) to the knee. I'm quite interested to see how these turn out. 
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