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I really like that @An Acute Style. Everything looks great.
I'm 43 and wear sneakers but my casual clothing consists of Uniqlo jeans and T's. No farks are given.
Fit isn't really personal. There is good fit and there is bad fit. That jacket is too short and the buttoning point to high. Correcting both would make a significant visual improvement.
Thanks for taking the time to post feedback on this and others. Much appreciated. 👍
Great stuff so far. Makes me realise I need to improve my summer game. I'll try and do something shortly. Work and the middle of winter are both equally unpleasant at the moment.
^good choice Mr Cleave! That one features pretty heavy in my rotation as it is versatile enough to be worn with both suits and odd jackets.
In that case SC's and shoes for the small guys would be awesome....
Hmm. Seems to only be Sweden at this point.
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