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I can live with most of it except the tie which makes me want to stab myself in the eye. I'd have gone with a knit tie of some description.
Excellent Gerry. Looks like foxy might have started a trend...
I only ever cast one vote even in multi vote polls.
I'm struggling to find something I like about it. Sorry.
So many wonderful entries. Great job guys. Cox I really liked your palette and the overall look appears relaxed and effortless.
Suit definitely has a sheen to it (more than I like too) but the photo is making it look worse than what it is IRL. My right cuff is caught on my shoe which I didn't notice at the time - trust me they are perfectly even when draping correctly. Unfortunately I'm only a small gent so cuffs have never been overly flattering. I've been toying with the idea of putting cuffs on a pair of odd trousers but haven't taken the plunge yet.This old suit is probably close to retirement...
My experience of both product and customer service has been great so far for my five orders.
Thanks, yes the suit is very comfortable although it always was right from the beginning. I might add a CM to the sleeve length next time. Thanks Foxy. Shoes are Alfred Sargent and the tie is Drakes.
 Suit - Oscar HuntShirt - LuxireTie and square - DrakesShoes - Alfred Sargent
New Posts  All Forums: