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Simple but very sharp @Pliny
There's always a couple of ties I really like but the shipping to Australia kills any chance of me actually buying them 😦.
Hi NewToSuits - pictures are worth a thousand words. If you could post some pictures where people have been critical we can have a look and try to help.Regarding pant length I aim for between a quarter break to no break. Sometimes you can see a little of my sock but I don't mind and it gives one an excuse to show off ones nice shoes. Pant length is quite individual with some preferring more or less than what I outlined above. Hope that helps.
A little more than an inch if I remember correctly. My main concern with doing it again is that not all tailors are equal and all garments the same. Swap out one of those and who knows what the outcome would be. I'd prefer to mtm or stick to brands without functioning buttons going forward....
 DR I had the sleeves on this suit supply jacket shortened at the shoulder. Tailor did a pretty good job but it wasn't cheap at $130. FWIW I'm not sure I would do it again. 
 Thanks JC! Agree re the stripes and looking forward to replacing this suit with a new pin stripe sometime in the future.
Banker mode.................on.    
'Could' is different from 'have to' and children can request parental supervision.
Although it would make sense to have a competition involving ties people could actually buy if they liked the entries.
I've got this one.http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi_afrodite_b_06577_09051_white_poplinIn regards to wrinkling it is brutal. It's so bad I think I've only ever worn the shirt once. It wrinkles as much as my linen shirts which is not a great look for the office.I've also got the G&R white twill which at $130 is really nice and not that wrinkly.
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