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I think I would have to just treat that as a white shirt. Optimal use for me would be with a mid grey suit and a black grenadine. If I could I'd swap it for another shirt as it lacks versatility.
Re OH and SS, I have suits from both and I like both. If I had to choose one I would go with OH purely because they allow more customisation. Having said that I like a little variety in my wardrobe so I have another suit on the way which is from neither. I haven't ordered shirts from any local MTM as I primarily use Luxire.   OH         SS  
Patterned trouser day.   [[SPOILER]]
 Sure, Alfred Sargent Herrick suede semi brogue (currently on sale here: http://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/collections/alfred-sargent-exclusive-collection-price-asc)
 Pants are olive. I'm huge pro crease as well. I don't wear these pants often but they're impressive on how well they can't hold a crease. Time for a press. Re cuffing. I'm cuff neutral - don't love them,don't hate them. However, there are 6,500 people in my office building and I often see hankies, knit ties and odd jackets. What I have never seen in the last 5 years, across all those people, are cuffed trousers. That's primarily why all mine remain cuff-less.
Interesting last few pages.   Monday. In hindsight there could be more distinction between the top and bottom blocks. Tie is a blue knit.  
@EliodA C'mon man. I was trying to eat breakfast. @pine tree You need to rethink that decision. That knot is awful.
Shoes look fantastic! @europrep
   Thanks gents. It's now on it's way .
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