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2 x Henry Carter ties for sale that don't see a lot of rotation simply because they are too long. Each worn less than 5 times.   Henry Carter brown and blue stripe $50 70% Wool / 30% Silk 3.25" x 60" 3 fold, untipped   Henry Carter brown with white dots $50 100% silk 3.25" x 61" 6 fold, self tipped   Paypal only. Tracked Shipping from Australia $10 USD.   Free shipping for anyone who buys both.        
Can @Claghorn please post that on the other side of the forum as entertainment for the masses? Pretty please?
 Thanks, jacket is an isaia hopsack. The curse of functional buttons for us shorties!
Thank you for the very kind words! It's a wool/cashmere blend but that's all I know about it.
Thanks. Jacket is a Boglioli wool/cashmere I picked up a few years ago from Frans Boone.Thanks! @FrankCowperwood
I'm still wearing my stone sanded UK canvas walts from 2013. After many wears and cold machine washes these are now so comfortable and soft. It's nice to see the quality of construction and material hold up so well.
Thanks Erik. Coverage is appreciated as always!
It certainly is. Good eye!
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