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Just ordered the green bi-colour. Added a blue silk knit tie as well as I've never owned one .   Thanks mate.
Which one of HC's suggestions didn't you like? They all seem spot on to me.
 Thanks, they were taken with my phone. Unfortunately I can tell you much about the Mustang other than it sounded awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!
Friends WeddingEpaulet FF jacketEpaulet grey hopsack walts (I love these pants - can't wait for my MTO hopsack walts in wheat to arrive)   [[SPOILER]]
New shoes from AFPOS.
Pale blue dress stripes $79.99
 Thanks. I wear a tie every day at work so it wasn't really designed with no tie in mind (hence the fusing) but here you go..... 
 Sure, no problem. Order #6329. Only instruction was to fuse the collar and copy the dimensions below. For context I usually wear an extra slim fit 38 inch collar in Borrelli, Barba and Finamore. 
New Posts  All Forums: