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Sorry RTC but I agree with MF.
New Suit (Oscar Hunt MTM).  
 So I walked into Oscar Hunt six weeks ago to talk about commissioning a staple blue suit to replace my ageing MJ Bale one. If you haven't been there personally or checked out their new affiliate thread to view the pictures, the place is pretty impressive. It was interesting to watch the guys make the final adjustments to an assortment of clothing in the section carved out for the tailors whilst I waited. During the initial meeting I really wanted to get a feel for the...
If you don't mind ordering online then good quality shirts and reasonable prices can be found at www.shopthefinest.com. Ian is great and will look after you if you have any questions.
Looks small all over but the pants appear ridiculously tight.
Good lord.
Just to balance things out a little, i really like the TF checks. I think your tie collection provides a solid base upon which to add some texture (although I prefer wool over slubbs).
Blue (Grey will be next!). Cloth was a Huddersfield Birdseye from memory. Will post some pics next week.
I have the charcoal cashmere one and I like it a lot too. So much so that I'm thinking of picking up either the navy or brown one.
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