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This is what I want to see. He has some good stuff and he should be putting it together consistently, otherwise he's just hurting his bank account and annoying his wife for not much benefit.
I still check this thread expecting to see noodles post some fits that demonstrate what he's leant from SF but I'm constantly disappointed. From what I can tell it seems our noodles understand what to buy (a good first step but a relatively easy one) but I see no evidence of him bringing it all together in the form of outstanding combinations of color, texture or fit. Is it fair to say he has some staple ties considered essentials in a work wardrobe and some expensive...
   Thanks guys   Thanks CM. It's actually pretty rare that I can wear that type of stuff as my office is pretty CBD. Most days consist of suits, blue/white shirts and neats so it's nice to be able to mix it up a little. I appreciate the vote! 
I'm tempted to pull the trigger on that one but I'm not sure I could pull it off in my office. Would be great if you could post some pics when it arrives...
I'm not sure I've even noticed any captions. Anyway, Antonio seems like a passionate and genuinely nice guy so I'd have no problem putting my money in his pocket. Bloomingdales is the only place I've found that carries 36S though.
Thanks. Fabric is a Huddersfield Birdseye.Awww, thanks gents!!
It's interesting you say that as the jacket is not new (2 years old). I guess it depends on how long the high gorge trend has been going.
Thanks for the thumbs and comments guys. Jacket is OTR Boglioli. I have long-ish arms for my size so that may be a factor in it looking slightly short.
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