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From Friday.  
I have to do all sorts of tie gymnastics to get the blades of your ties to a suitable length. Ive been meaning to ask if you can do custom lengths or widths (grrrr 9cm).
Quick shot this morning.  
 Well that's good timing. I'll touch base with Matt shortly.....
I need to update both my navy and mid Grey suits and I was thinking of using suit shop for one and Oscar Hunt for the other. Thoughts?
No duties and no tax for under $1,000. I'm also a little surprised there isn't even a single flagship store in the whole country. It would be nice to go in an try on everything to see what fits and to see all the fabrics up close.
 None near me in Australia either but I just order stuff online and return it with their free shipping policy. I recently ordered two La Spalla suits (one grey and one blue) which I really liked but the jackets were just a little too tight through the hips and there was zero fabric to let it out so back they went. I'm a fairly slim guy and the pants were on the slimmer side of slim for me. The leg opening was ok but I would definitely prefer it wider so it sits on my shoe...
I blocked Gianni a long time ago because I was sick of reading the same regurgitated rubbish (compliments)so I haven't kept up to date with the drama but simply based on the above that is pretty poor form for an AV. Wow. I hope it works out for you Cleav.
Noodles, you seem to have quite high expectations of a RTW. Sure, the shoulders aren't as good as they could be but the chest tightness and slight pull are barely evident and IMO the open quarters aren't an issue (but each to their own). Point being: 99% of people are not going to notice these things and it is highly likely your grail Formosa will also have issues, so go easy on yourself otherwise you are only ever going to be happy with bespoke.
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