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Thanks @Pliny. Cloth is a Huddersfield light weight (9oz) wool. Suit feels like a comfy pair of pyjamas.
Straight up Monday.   [[SPOILER]]
When I have spare time (and there's not much of it) I come to Styleforum to find stuff I like that has the right price to quality ratio that suits me. That ratio is different for everyone but for me it means I buy mid-tier things. Oscar Hunt/Suit Shop for suits, Luxire for shirts, Carmina/Alfred Sargent and some Meermin for shoes and Epaulet/Luxire for pants. Jackets and ties I'm more particular with so I buy what I really like but even then I'm basically just covering the...
Something a little different - cotton Friday.    
That dress is gorgeous. Your wife reminds me of Olla Ramlan (my wife's cousin).
Based on the description of your physique I'd probably just go with mtm via suit shop or Oscar hunt. Both know what they are doing and both produce a quality product. Price will end up being around the $900 mark but we'll worth it IMO.
Your suits look fantastic @chocsosa. A good tailor on top of some solid suit fundamentals from SuSu looks like a winning combination especially given your height. Great job.
One vote. Thrift Vader
Shirt are MTM through Luxire but OH has a strong MTM shirt game with a variety of collars of which I'm sure you could find something similar.
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