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Everything Anden wears always looks so soft and cuddly. No homo.
Today I laid to rest the first tie I purchased after joining style forum - a Hober navy grenadine. Pulled a massive thread on my sons toy airplane. Le sigh.... On the plus side.... Incoming!
I second all of that @Claghorn
Awesome. Thanks everyone!
How to wear an odd grey jacket has been discussed many time on the forum so a search would yield a variety of opinions more informed than mine but I'd probably choose a darker grey pant.
A blue shirt is perfectly fine. The biggest issue you will have with that jacket is finding pants to compliment it.
Washed and ironed my two new G&R white shirts from the black Friday sale. By the time I had walked upstairs to hang them in the wardrobe they looked like they had been slept in for three straight days. Urgh. Far from my ideal fabric....very very wrinkly to the point it almost looks like linen or a linen blend.
Conrad Wu.
All of my shirts have come with the slots for the collar stays. I specified them with my original order but I would have thought they should be standard regardless...
 I only have these: [[SPOILER]]   Fabrics are:Navy Small GinghamGrandi & Rubinelli Pale Blue PlainGrandi & Rubinelli Pale Blue End On EndGrandi & Rubinelli Twill White
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