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The first for me and since you gave me know context I applied my own. I like the first because it's slightly more conservative but with interest and Would suit my office environment nicely.
1 x Navy Small Gingham 1 x Grandi & Rubinelli Pale Blue Plain 1 x Grandi & Rubinelli Pale Blue End On End   Quick thoughts - the gingham is great. I really like the texture on the end on end which really separates it from the blue plain.  Good - Luxire nail my measurements every time and the quality of the final product is excellent. Bad - I'm not convinced the cost of G&R fabrics are justified. Yes, they look and feel great (nice and soft) but they are a bitch to...
I've ordered from Luxire six times and I've had no issues of any kind. I've been really happy with the price, quality, fit and service.
 Any chance these will be online soon so I can kop myself a Christmas present????
I can live with most of it except the tie which makes me want to stab myself in the eye. I'd have gone with a knit tie of some description.
Excellent Gerry. Looks like foxy might have started a trend...
I only ever cast one vote even in multi vote polls.
I'm struggling to find something I like about it. Sorry.
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