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I'm with Six. Digging the crusty facial hair.
Thanks. I'm 5'9/65kg and this is 34R. I normally take a 36R but I found the arm holes on the 36R to be quite low causing a lot of excess fabric through the back. The pants were also a mess so I decided to keep the 34R and let out the waist on both the jacket and the pants. Hope that helps.
 Thanks. The corners are beautifully done but I probably should be a little more careful going forward! 
Thanks Newc. Suit is from Suit Supply (first one).Thanks!
Lazio blue flannel.  
Linen one day, flannel the next (please exclude the kiddie mess in the background!).      
Due to the AUD this is what I'll do next time I'm in need of some new shirts. Even Luxire is getting expensive despite having my fit dialed in.
I have 5. They are the slimmest compared to my Barba, Finamore and Borrelli extra slim fit. Depends on how slim you want but they are pretty good value at the $100 mark.
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