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As a resident of a non participating country...Hoorah. Bring on S/S!
That was interesting. Thanks for taking the time.
The instep on the Simpson last is also lower when compared to the rain last. Sizing up .5 on the Simpson is a good idea.
Impotent? Challenged? 😆
You could ask the fine folks over at A Fine Pair of Shoes (search for thread) for advice - they're great. FWIW my Moores fit true to size and I have them in my normal shoe size.
Thanks!I've always supplied specific measurements for all my stuff based off existing pieces of clothing I own that fit well. I believe you can reference another customer's order for stylistic choices you may want to replicate but you would still have to provide measurements for your garment.
As I'm keen to purchase a couple of new light weight (spring/summer) jackets what's people's view on pure linen odd jackets (use will be for work)?
 Sure, no problem. Order number is #20549. The collar is a replica of a Barba shirt I own and the details can be found in post #9210. I've been using it for a long time now but I did modify this order to extend the collar points from 8.5cm to 9.0cm for something a little different. Been loving your stuff on insta recently. Killing it.
Black Friday order arrived. 3 x Canclini fabrics.  
Yes, but only length wise @TweedyProf. I get them slightly shorter than I would normally which make the knot area a little wider.
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