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^ so good.
Thanks. I might try this next time and see how it turns out. Hopefully I can get something to work otherwise the tie may need to be retired.
Yes and yes. One of my old OTR shirts before I went down the MTM route. Re tie refer below.Thanks. It's an Isaia.Tie is Drakes. I picked it up from no man walks alone on sale as it wasn't getting much love. I really like it but it is probably the least versatile tie I own. I have all sorts of trouble trying to make it work and thought I'd try it here. A darker choice would be a more obvious and preferred option here.
Quick shots this morning. First time wearing a white shirt without a suit. Not sure I'm a huge fan.      
Thanks guys.   
I have two OH suits which are great. I'm not sure they have a cut to be honest. I went in there and specified exactly what I wanted re shoulders and quarters and they delivered on both without any drama.
^ I think that looks pretty good. The Napoli isn't my favourite cut but it will serve you well for the intended purpose. 
I regret purchasing my tan shoes. I find them difficult to utilise in cohesive fits and have considered applying a new patina. I'm sure my mostly CBD work environment doesn't help but I'd still happily trade them for some vintage oak or darker shade.....
Great, thanks. I just bought the navy linen in size 36 for £245. Fingers crossed it fits!
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