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alright problems solved they found it. turns out i only owed a dollar so they held it.
So on 4/7 I had a package say out for delivery. Then the mailman comes I wait then go to get the package and find there is no package so I call up my local post office and they say they will call the post man. Later I call back to see the status and they say the mailman checked the truck twice and didnt find my package. They also said it may have been sorted onto another truck and so that's why it didn't get here and the last thing she said it would most likely get here...
You are right that the tracking system sucks. Here in Portland though they get priority mail in 2-3. Days so on schedule unless they loose your package. I actually had something new today the item I was receiving and said out for delivery didn't come and my post office got the mailman on the phone and he said I Checked the truck twice it's not there so it turns out my package may have been sorted to the wrong truck very disappointing but they were very helpful and nice...
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