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You have a PM
Not exactly a sale but if you order from revolve clothing and then email them and tell you it's your first purchase you get 30% off.
Can I get a shot of you wearing it? Also what kind of leather is it?
Does anyone know where I can get a pair of the unbleached whites in weird guy cut?
Hi all,   I have up for sale a pair of red wing beckman boots in size 12. They are more or less new in box, I've only worn them twice to the mall. I'm selling these for two reasons one I wear a size 11 in red wings normally also I want a new pair of IR. That being said I'm open to trades for IR in addition to paypal. These boots normally sell for around 300, so I'm asking for 220 though I am entertaining offers.   Thank you for reading =) Here is a picture of a...
Hi I'm SSS,   I wear jeans and red wings like 24/7.   Pleased to meet all of you.    
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