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I made a twitter account several months ago and after working so hard to get 100 followers "twitter canceled my account". Why? Their reasoning was that I was "spamming". I tell you the truth guys I was not spamming I had no idea what happened so I let it go thinking it is my fault not reading the rules and regulations (I never do but it seems twitter was like the pentagon). I opened up another account on twitter several weeks later under a different email I went through...
well the problem is that when you want to use your scroller on your laptop to go up and down it jumps I mean the page jumps. Another irritating thing is that it is a very confusing look and the page seems very busy. How?  You have to keep looking to the right and the left for new information instead of just scrolling down and see information posted. I honestly do not understand when companies are doing so great and when they are at the height of their peak why do they...
I swear to you guys that FaceBook will become the MySpace of our era with TimeLine Bull****.  Remember how slow MySpace was because people were putting so much stuppid stuff on the pages. This is what facebook is doing making it more complicated and cumbersome to navigate their website God please have one of the geeks from silicon valley make another social networking site so I can "ditch my facebook".  Ass *****es
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