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I have two BB slim fit dress shirts I want to get rid of if anyone wants. 15.5 x 34 Light Blue Light Pink 9 out of 10 condition.   I will beat the current 2 shirt BB deal by 10%. PM me if interested.
Haha, owned.
  +1   Southern I was to harsh on you, my bad. 
  Thats why you make the big bucks 
Figured it was a case of label lust and I was ignoring the obvious, haha.
50% off - Kiton.  Still pricey, but it's built like a tank.  Will need to take in waist, improve sleeves - shoulders might be a hair large? Thoughts?
You are allowed to state your opinion at you want.    Ex:   Everything was good (not a fan of the shirt but thats just personal taste) until it got to the pants. In my opinion the pant rise is much too low for the rest of the look, you have your pants sitting on your hips and JCrew did you no favors by cutting them for teenage hipsters. -Spoo's upper body does not look huge, and the pants are perfectly acceptable as he prefers a lower rise look. He does not wear his...
Sorry, you have no idea what you are talking about here. You trying to give Spoo advice is comical at best. 1.) Your fits and looks are some of the worst ever posted 2.) Really?   This: Vs: \ Sorry to be so candid Southern; you lose bad...I mean really bad.
Very nice, Kent has great stuff!   Polos soon to be out of stock for 6 months 
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