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Very true. I work in consumer goods, and while I do not sell garments, I do sell a higher cost "lifestyle product".  I wish there was a magic formula!   I am always whining to my SA's about the margin their brands are getting, refusing to shop off sale based on the principal, lol!   Thanks for clarifying. 
  Only a few!   I am not speaking from experience, generally, articulating what I thought the other poster was trying to say.   I realize the bulk of factories offer fine accommodations.  There are those that buck the trend, though.
Often times made in America, means by our own collection of "imported' immigrant (workers) who are paid a meager sum. To be fair, the labor laws are much better here.
Probably, if they where honest, "welcome to the world of global enterprise, where we can gain 15 margin points by outsourcing to poor countries where the workers are taken advantage of".
I have two BB slim fit dress shirts I want to get rid of if anyone wants. 15.5 x 34 Light Blue Light Pink 9 out of 10 condition.   I will beat the current 2 shirt BB deal by 10%. PM me if interested.
Haha, owned.
  +1   Southern I was to harsh on you, my bad. 
  Thats why you make the big bucks 
Figured it was a case of label lust and I was ignoring the obvious, haha.
50% off - Kiton.  Still pricey, but it's built like a tank.  Will need to take in waist, improve sleeves - shoulders might be a hair large? Thoughts?
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