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  Branding. Kiton and Brioni are established brands, and while they provide top end quality, they are not worth the asking price to those of us that understand suiting. Sadly, most of the folks that can afford to spend a million bucks on a wardrobe don't know much about suiting which means they tend to gravitate towards the big names.   Established names (brands that do a lot of advertising) have to build margin into product to combat those costs, and lets face it, this...
Flusser is somewhat heavy.
Love it. Deets on the first pair of pants? I see the last pair are Epault? Might have to kop.
Just a joke! 
Yep, not only that, they will actually be paying you to buy their shoes during the sale period! 
Big pattern with with little pattern looks great.   Three patterns  = small (shirt) medium (tie) Large (POW suit). Looks awesome. 
Kewl!   Sea Island denim, lol.
To sensitive. 
Serious question - are you a style cyborg?
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