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Yep, not only that, they will actually be paying you to buy their shoes during the sale period! 
Big pattern with with little pattern looks great.   Three patterns  = small (shirt) medium (tie) Large (POW suit). Looks awesome. 
Kewl!   Sea Island denim, lol.
To sensitive. 
Serious question - are you a style cyborg?
Gave Levis's 511 made in America selvage a shot because it was 50% off (down from 170.00). Very nice, great fit and decent value.
Awesome. Details?
He's Mirin'
    As promised, my Meermin double monk review:   Service: Outstanding. Sandro and Pepe were great start to finish, always getting back to me within a few hours of receiving my emails.  Fit to received in under a week (Boston).   Fit: I have rather narrow feet (average arch). For me, I was true to size after converting to UK sizing. The shoes fit me well; I didn't  note any causes of concern when walking around my home. Overall, they are...
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