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Great example of a 6k outfit looking like sheeyt.
  But I just spent 5k on a brief made of the most luxurious leather and 10k on bespoke paperweights!
I probably should. I figured you had to own a pair of gator Lobbs to gain admittance. 
I usually feel like my entire wardrobe sucks after a few hours on here (and I have some decent stuff, lol).
True.  The guy knows a thing or two though.
Citan, I also like your coat -- can you comment more on the fit?  Is your build more athletic?   In regard to your need for new shoes -- Meermin might be a good option. I really like the double monks I just took shipment of.
Most all retail brands are overpriced. This is because of their overhead and desire to maximize profits. Advertising, R&D, operational costs -- the list goes on and on.  Kiton and Brioni are running businesses. The point of a business is to generate and maximize profits. This is even more true when speaking of publically traded companies that have shareholders to answer to.  You can bet your life that both Kiton and Brioni are charging every cent they can and then some....
Read my first post, I call both Kiton and Brioni's quality top notch -- my point, their prices are based on their name/cost of doing business, not solely on their quality.  You could get two bespoke suits of equal or better quality for 10k, because said makers don't have the overhead of brands like Kiton (advertising, operational costs, etc).
Yep. Give any one of the more knowledgeable bespoke guys on this forum 10k and see what they come up with. I am guessing two suits of better quality than what Kiton would do for 20.
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