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If the jacket fits if might be a win on your part as Z is Zegnas entry level. I've has pleats taken out of pants; as long as you use a good tailor you should be good. Worst case, you end up with an odd jacket -- and at sub 150, that's a good deal for EZ.
There is no one local in Chicago? A Mr Ned type?   You could see if KW would send you a suit, then post pics and the forum could help guide you.
Brain fart -- was thinking of Howard Yount not Kent.  Jamison (member here) is in NYC.   Sorry Dood.
Orly? More expensive by a lot
Got it. Is this a general measuring stick?  Is there a half baked formula -- ie, using the hips as a guide?
Thanks!  I feel like the Walt slim trouser by Epaulet looks good on me (12' rise), but they are limited in regard to sizes on the trousers I want. HY has some really nice options, but the rise is low @ 10.25'   Fook man : - ( 
  Take a day trip to NYC and go see Jamison at KW (make appointment). It's your wedding, if you want the superior suit, make the effort, or find a local tailor. 
Thanks! Would you say the 10.5 is ok in regard to splitting the body?   Wish HY was a 11.5' rise!
Want to slap x4.    
What is the average rise that you wear?  I do realize that rise is dependent on body type, but, in general, would you consider a 10.5 inch rise acceptable on a person of average height (5'11) with a normal to slightly long torso?   I normally wear a 12' rise and that damn 1.5' difference is keeping me up at night    Thinking about pulling the trigger on some trousers, but this week I am obsessed with proper rise so I am unsure.  Paralysis by analysis.
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