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Agree, or we will have to endure JapanAlex for no less than 4 pages 
I retured something for a full refund -- let them know you are an SF member.   I don;t mind either way, I can always find something I want to buy credit or not!
I've been pushing Epaulet hard also. I also own the chambray and I love them.  2' cuff with loafers paired with a midnight navy sc = teh look.
A lot of the colors are available in one or two sizes because they sell out of the key sizes -- you might be able to ask them if they can order for you (if it's a non season staple fabric/color, of course)   Wool, to me, is the most versatile textile -- if you need to be "safe" and conservative go wool. A super 120's can be worn year round.   HY has more options and better colors -- for me the rise is to low -- at 5'9 it is probably not to low for you.   Either option is...
That's it -- navy is nice too -- I own many of the linens as well. Highly recommend,and if they don't fit ship em back. You're going to have a tailor alter them (the pants are specifically designed to leave room for this) so don't fret if they don't fit perfectly out of the box.
Would you want to buy a an expensive piece of clothing if everyone and their brother tried it on? if there is no line -- then there is no line.  6 shirts seems like you might have been pushing it
Depends on how you are setup and based on how broad your shoulders are. It's not like a 12' rise is crazy high. 5'9 is not tall, but it's not stumpy. I'd give Epaulet a shot. 
  They are not crazy low (10.25') -- just low for my tastes as I have broad shoulders and like my rise to be around 12' to minimize my top heavy shape.   Epaulet Navy super 120's. Check them out. I have many pairs of trousers from them, good stuff.
Ohh ma gawd it's john legend!!!!!!111
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