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Deets on the suit?
A tight seat is a problem for athletic guys, or guys who played sports.   When the trouser is also tight on your calves, they are just to small, or the wrong cut for your body type, imo. 
PM Sent
If the jacket fits if might be a win on your part as Z is Zegnas entry level. I've has pleats taken out of pants; as long as you use a good tailor you should be good. Worst case, you end up with an odd jacket -- and at sub 150, that's a good deal for EZ.
There is no one local in Chicago? A Mr Ned type?   You could see if KW would send you a suit, then post pics and the forum could help guide you.
Brain fart -- was thinking of Howard Yount not Kent.  Jamison (member here) is in NYC.   Sorry Dood.
Orly? More expensive by a lot
Got it. Is this a general measuring stick?  Is there a half baked formula -- ie, using the hips as a guide?
Thanks!  I feel like the Walt slim trouser by Epaulet looks good on me (12' rise), but they are limited in regard to sizes on the trousers I want. HY has some really nice options, but the rise is low @ 10.25'   Fook man : - ( 
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