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More evidence of you acting like a baby, as mentioned earlier in this thread. If you had one harsh critic it might be an anomaly -- two, fine.... but, it seems to me, there are countless established forum members within this thread (and pretty much every thread you post in) who have outright criticized you as a poster.   You're in denial. 
Those are some first world problems right there. :-)
Seems like you care quit a bit -- I've seen you in threads, days later, going after people who made comments about your fits.... crying about said comment(s). You can call me stupid all you want.   Your post was typical and fitting. There is nothing wrong with saying plantation hat, because that's what it is (or was thought to be)'s people like you with your connect the dots flow charts that turn this stuff racial.
  You are such a whiny little crybaby -- always crying about who has wronged you or made negative comments about your outfits on a freaking message board. It's the interwebz, it comes with the territory -- man up for crying out loud.   And your right -- the comment was not likely meant to be "racist".  So, I don't really understand you connecting the dots (which is funny considering the flow chart you showcased in order to make a connection).
Deets on the suit?
A tight seat is a problem for athletic guys, or guys who played sports.   When the trouser is also tight on your calves, they are just to small, or the wrong cut for your body type, imo. 
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