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Allen Edmonds -- imo, very unstylish and boring. Well made, good value for those who like the style, etcetera.  Just not a fan of their products, but respect their popularity (clearly they have alot of customers who love their products).
I called up Armani corp and asked them about a linen sport coat I just purchased on deep discount @ Niemans. Fits well and seems well made. I was confused by the label as it says Giorgio Armani (made in Italy) under the breast pocket and also has a made in Italy tag under the color, just like black label--difference being, the labels are white and not black. Breast pocket tag states the garment was made in Italy, but does not have the manufacturer listed within the write...
This post is odd.
Does black label have an actual black label?  I found a Giorgio Armani -- made in italy piece but the label is not black... it also has a made in italy tag (which is black).  Sorry, not familiar with this brand. It's not collezioni.
Tell that to Jack Welch. Instead of creating a perception of being a good leader why don't you produce, work hard and lead by example.  You have a confidence issue, not a height issue.
Sign me up -- my jacket looks like crap right now 
More evidence of you acting like a baby, as mentioned earlier in this thread. If you had one harsh critic it might be an anomaly -- two, fine.... but, it seems to me, there are countless established forum members within this thread (and pretty much every thread you post in) who have outright criticized you as a poster.   You're in denial. 
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