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All I see are size charts -- is there a description section I am missing? I assume you are giving me a general overview as I am not seeing any "American" sections.
Great - will they still be a slim cut? Perhaps 11-12' rise, 8' leg opening 24.5 - 25' inch thigh?   I'm not trying to articulate my ideal pant, here -- no, no 
Saw that. 12' (epaulets mostly).  11'-12 offerings would be perfect imo.
Is it only the cotton trousers? Saw some 10.75' rises -- still kind of low and no wool?
Are you going to bring in trousers with a higher rise?  
So one of the most classic color combinations (navy suit -- black shoe) does not go. Btw, Black, Grey, White and Brown are neutral colors. Highlighted part of post = teh funny.    Kaplan, you look great.
Sorry playa.
Thanks God.
I guess we can both agree that both brands offer value to their customers.
They make a good shoe, a tremendous value -- what does it matter how long they have been around? And by around do you mean known here in the states?   Small selection? They have six to ten plus options of each of the following: oxfords, bluchers, buckles and loafers. Six hand welted options, six cordovan options, many lasts and MTO capabilities.   Ordering is a freaking breeze -- I emailed Pepe and he got back to me within an hour, I traced my foot, they recommended a...
New Posts  All Forums: