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I've been pushing Epaulet hard also. I also own the chambray and I love them.  2' cuff with loafers paired with a midnight navy sc = teh look.
A lot of the colors are available in one or two sizes because they sell out of the key sizes -- you might be able to ask them if they can order for you (if it's a non season staple fabric/color, of course)   Wool, to me, is the most versatile textile -- if you need to be "safe" and conservative go wool. A super 120's can be worn year round.   HY has more options and better colors -- for me the rise is to low -- at 5'9 it is probably not to low for you.   Either option is...
That's it -- navy is nice too -- I own many of the linens as well. Highly recommend,and if they don't fit ship em back. You're going to have a tailor alter them (the pants are specifically designed to leave room for this) so don't fret if they don't fit perfectly out of the box.
Would you want to buy a an expensive piece of clothing if everyone and their brother tried it on? if there is no line -- then there is no line.  6 shirts seems like you might have been pushing it
Depends on how you are setup and based on how broad your shoulders are. It's not like a 12' rise is crazy high. 5'9 is not tall, but it's not stumpy. I'd give Epaulet a shot. 
  They are not crazy low (10.25') -- just low for my tastes as I have broad shoulders and like my rise to be around 12' to minimize my top heavy shape.   Epaulet Navy super 120's. Check them out. I have many pairs of trousers from them, good stuff.
Ohh ma gawd it's john legend!!!!!!111
Yup, just wanted to make sure as some SA's will say just about anything.
Meermin. Sleeker -- same quality -- better value, imo.
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