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TOM FORDS calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd.... NO ONE fools TOM FORD
Ok who is operating the cutting machines, etc.
TOM FORD CAN touch Mc Hammer
Rush Limbaugh? I would consider luxury clothing manufacture to be a skilled labor. 
Making luxury garments is not a skilled activity?  I'm referring to "high end" suiting, I thought that is what we were discussing. 
It's not about about the labor overall -- it's about the taxes, tarifs logistics and shipping costs that a company incurs abroad -- that is why we would be able to compete (if the unions relaxed and the US got serious about providing tax benefits to big producers).
I do.  The cost of doing business overseas is driven up by the tariffs and taxes, plus logistics and shipping. Not actual labor, which is dirt cheap. My point is that we could compete on the global stage because said secondary factors, if the US got serious about domestic tax breaks, unions stopped acting irrational and we created some damn jobs.
New Posts  All Forums: