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They make a good shoe, a tremendous value -- what does it matter how long they have been around? And by around do you mean known here in the states?   Small selection? They have six to ten plus options of each of the following: oxfords, bluchers, buckles and loafers. Six hand welted options, six cordovan options, many lasts and MTO capabilities.   Ordering is a freaking breeze -- I emailed Pepe and he got back to me within an hour, I traced my foot, they recommended a...
I get you, I'm going on general response on Facebook,as well as SF. Just not feeling it, but hey different strokes...
Do you think Polo could have done a much better job of presenting something that really wowed people? Maybe the sales will increase by leaps and bounds, perhaps this will be worthwhile for them overall, I just expected more from Ralph -- one of my all time favorite designers. You know it's in vogue to hate "Merica", I feel like Polo could have made a true statement on the global stage.
So, because a company has seen a tremendous amount of success they are immune to mistakes and incorrect brand positioning from time to time? The results speak for themselves -- these uniforms have generated much more negative pub than positive. RL is supplying uniforms in an effort to be patriotic, main goal being to increase sales. Not so sure people are going to want to run out and buy Polo suits/sportswear because of these fugly uniforms.    Polo could have dropped the...
Got it.   WIll give HY a try as he offers a great pallet of colors/options.   Yea, the rise is what I love about the Walts/Rudys (and they are very well made). They look awesome with no belt and a sc. Highly recommend the blue Chambray and natural linen. loafers or slippers, 2' cuffs, creases and no belt = boss.
Get them let out -- plenty of room and fabric is not as issue as long its a wool.
Big Polo fan, and he't not repping his brand(s) properly.   All suits should be MTM purple label -- we're talking a billion+ dollar company here.    Even if the suits cost Polo couple hundred grand, they are receiving millions worth of exposure, and had they done it right, sales would have spiked. They've had years to plan for this.   These outfits suck.
Agree, or we will have to endure JapanAlex for no less than 4 pages 
I retured something for a full refund -- let them know you are an SF member.   I don;t mind either way, I can always find something I want to buy credit or not!
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