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x100000000000000000   The guy wears a slice of pizza under his chin. The worst.
+1. 2 cool, 1 blah 
  He should give us these suits after premiers, we will wear them correctly 
Epaulet.   Size up one, have a tailor take in the seat, waist and slim legs if needed (walts are slim you you will be good if you are not a stick figure).  
Bateman looks outstanding in that suit -- love it.
Tell us more "mensimageconsultant" .
Pants might be to full. Slimer pants below the knee would change the whole look, imo.
Meermin. 200 USD http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=1920
Suit looks a big imo. Shoulders seem a bit wide in relation to your slim face. Do you thinker "sleeker" footwear might minimize the size of your feet? Great shirt and cool glasses!
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