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It's not the labor per se, it's the import tariffs and taxes that drive up the cost of doing business overseas. Obviously it's still cheaper than doing business here BUT with proper US tax protocols, and responsible union behavior, domestic labor is cheap enough that we can compete on the global stage. By compete, I mean make it worthwhile for companies to manufacture products here.     There are plenty of people willing to work for lower wages here, its the government,...
TOM FORD knows where Carmen San Diego is
  You outsource when materials are cheap and labor is expensive.   You insource when materials are expensive and labor is cheap.   Right now labor in America is cheap -- it's the unions, bureaucracy and tax codes that keep things overseas.  America could easily compete on the global stage, imo.   I'd like to meet the bonehead(s) at Ralph that thought it would be a good idea to have the uniforms made in China taking into account the current unemployment rate, and the...
Very nice
TOM FORD can speak English in three different languages. 
Wj -- deets on the shoes?
Agree. Much ass was kicked on that day. Would like to see a larger lapel -- overall, awesome look.
Really like this. Who makes the coat?
Picked up two pair of Levi's selvedge 511's @ 50 off (100 each) -- could not be happier. Slim, nice color and great fit. I have PRPS, J brands --etc. Going forward Im going to stick with 511's had on deal and RRL as they have great washed and colors.
I am a big Polo fan, but really -- they didn't think about making the US Olympic uniforms in China prior to announcing?
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