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Very nice
TOM FORD can speak English in three different languages. 
Wj -- deets on the shoes?
Agree. Much ass was kicked on that day. Would like to see a larger lapel -- overall, awesome look.
Really like this. Who makes the coat?
Picked up two pair of Levi's selvedge 511's @ 50 off (100 each) -- could not be happier. Slim, nice color and great fit. I have PRPS, J brands --etc. Going forward Im going to stick with 511's had on deal and RRL as they have great washed and colors.
I am a big Polo fan, but really -- they didn't think about making the US Olympic uniforms in China prior to announcing?
That's fine -- my point, Foo was more than reasonable with this guy; at the least Foo deserves an apology and for Ambrosi to make things right. There have been multiple posters airing grievances within this thread, several who forked over large sums of cash only to be ignored and avoided -- to me, that is bad business.   If you offer a product or service, you deliver that product or service based on the promises you make. If someone tells you five centimeters and you...
  Again, I don't follow your logic. Foo was not being whiny, actually very reasonable.   Rule #1 of owning successful  business is to treat your customers with respect and to deliver what was promised. Not a version of what is promised after making hollow promises, treating them like crap and dodging their communications.     Something tells me you are totally out of touch with reality. Actually..I'd love to have you as a customer, by your logic, I can take you money,...
New Posts  All Forums: