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 Been complaining about this for months. Their sizing makes no sense for a retail store in the US that is now generating strong interest from non japanese customers. They need a 34.5 Sleeve length on all their slim fit shirts. 35 could work, a bit long, but whatever. 
+1 the vast majority of SS critics are ignorant to the brand.  99% of the items do not include any poly.  Yes, I've been on a SS crusade today.
SS is better than Hugo Boss. Half canvas and branded fabric. For the money SS is a very well made garment. I have items that cost 5 times as much and the quality is not 5 times better.
You spent 10k on suits at cost. What does that have to do with spending 5k per suit at retail? Anyway, I assume you notice the huge amount of posters who disagree with you so I'll leave it at that. Agree to disagree.
 As other posters have said, Tim Gunn has no responsibility to promote bespoke suiting or locally made garments just because he can afford the items and or has a platform for speak about them. His net worth is about 5 million, assuming he's pulling in a million or two a year... In NYC that's not a ton of coin (sounds sick, I know). Typically, as you know, folks with a much higher net worth are spending 5-6 grand per suit. Tim Gunn's responsibility is to promote better...
Just stop, LOL. Truly, you sound foolish.
Great, so why don't you be happy instead of making yourself look foolish by bagging on a great brand and taking shots at highly successful people. Clearly there is plenty of business to go around. 
  For kids? I have several items from bespoke houses, high end italian rtw and also SS. Love all my SS items because they fit off the rack, are pretty good quality and I dont care if someone spills a drink on them! I was sick and tired of cringing at the airport when my 2k jacket went through the scanner.  Talking with my local NYC tailor (well known) he is very aware of suit supply and their extreme success as he's losing customers. Main point is this: guys like you are...
Polo Ralph Lauren  (Blue Label)
Jacket is cool, not with that tie though.
New Posts  All Forums: