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 Oh brother. It ain't rocket science, take the advice listed in the thread or dont. Now you're just being annoying.
 Best bang for the buck bar none. 
 Hells no. There are so many denim options is makes me sick. Further, Jeans are not supposed to fit like bespoke trousers; buy em slim and real snug because they'll stretch and eventually fit like a glove.  You just need to take a day and try on all kinds. Start with APC. Generally a good option for those just getting into denim.
 Dig the jacket; seems a bit big on you!
 No. MTM on SS run at a grand or more, does it not? At that price point just go with Panta if you are in NYC. I love SS but Ed's quality is at least 3 times better, plus full canvas - etc. Three fittings ensures a top fit.
 Ralph generally demands quality at an elevated level from their 3rd party partners. Not sure if this is the case with CJ, but know it to be true with regard to rancourt... I have a pair of calf skin loafers from ralph that are nicer than the actual branded version of the show.
 That is how a black suit should be donned if you are an older man. I personally think a lot of the fits showcased as "great" on SF are infact to boxy and baggy.Don't disagree with your advice, just want to clarify that a more contemporary fit is also acceptable.
 Updated the other jacket!
If anyone is interested in top end Sammy MTM at a fraction of the cost let me know.
 Been complaining about this for months. Their sizing makes no sense for a retail store in the US that is now generating strong interest from non japanese customers. They need a 34.5 Sleeve length on all their slim fit shirts. 35 could work, a bit long, but whatever. 
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