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Reposting as this is a great way for folks with smaller budets to get into high end Samuelsohn http://www.styleforum.net/t/355534/insane-samuelsohn-custom-navy-sportscoat-price-drop
Looking for a black moto jacket. Quilted or the like. I wear a 40-42r jacket.
 Do it. If the thing fits the look will be interesting and unique. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a well calculated risk once in a while.  Don't listen to the traditionalists who assume everyone wants to walk around in gray flannels and a navy coat 24/7. Obviously classic looks and items are staples but basing your entire wardrobe around "safe"  and traditional items is boring and shows a lack of style. All the greats took risks. 
Or the short term gratification of a cool and interesting look will be well worth it. If the fit is nice, the coat will look unique. Not everyone wants to wear gray flannel trousers and traditional jackets/items all the time. Looking at every item of clothing you own as an investment that will need to hold it's classic "value" over the course of ones life shows a lack of style and vision in my opinion. 
 Can someone please provide me with the direct email? No answer to my PM's
  if I made you a drink using a cheap vodka like smirnoff you wouldnt be able to tell the difference!
 You mean a dark and stormy?  My fav drink!
     I own it. Will post pics as I am wearing the jacket tmrw night. Not midnight i.e almost black, but def not super bright. I really like it.
 Oh brother. It ain't rocket science, take the advice listed in the thread or dont. Now you're just being annoying.
 Best bang for the buck bar none. 
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