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In your opinion : - )  I don't wear ties wider than 3' and that one is 2.5' - just  not my thing. Lapels on that jacket are about 3.75. 
Imo, No.  
Todays "selfie".  Cold and rain in NYC = heavy Harris Tweed!
Like the jacket. Pants to wide for that length, imo. Makes them look like floods.
Inventory was stuck in a shipping container overseas. I've wanted a particular Washington that has finally come in since late August!
Literally .5% of the line includes poly.
All SS sans tie and square, to give folks and idea.  Easily my best bang for buck garments. My expensive MTM stuff fits maybe 10-15% better (and we're talking multiple fitting MTM).
Raising my arm to take this "selfie" somewhat throws off the true fit, but you get the idea.
And shorts if done properly. The mot versatile shoe for the modern man.
And this is some of the worst advice I've ever seen.  1.) It's his first m2m suit, give him a break2.) He's already spent the money - logical next step is to ask for a remake as to not lose his investment totally3.) You are a dick That is all
New Posts  All Forums: