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Only one button undone at the office!
Hey there, sorry, I only snapped the one pic as it was a "selfie". Next time I wear it I will pair with SS trousers and shirt (more pics)The jacket you see is the 100% wool washington cut from the spring/summer collection. Its been mild here in NYC lately, so I've extended it's run prior to the inevitable freeze.
In your opinion : - )  I don't wear ties wider than 3' and that one is 2.5' - just  not my thing. Lapels on that jacket are about 3.75. 
Imo, No.  
Todays "selfie".  Cold and rain in NYC = heavy Harris Tweed!
Like the jacket. Pants to wide for that length, imo. Makes them look like floods.
Inventory was stuck in a shipping container overseas. I've wanted a particular Washington that has finally come in since late August!
Literally .5% of the line includes poly.
All SS sans tie and square, to give folks and idea.  Easily my best bang for buck garments. My expensive MTM stuff fits maybe 10-15% better (and we're talking multiple fitting MTM).
Raising my arm to take this "selfie" somewhat throws off the true fit, but you get the idea.
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