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Epaulet, Walt
I've noticed that when folks wear their pants short they can look like floods if not slim enough at the opening. Imo, you could get away with slimming the trousers at the opening. That overhang in the back causes that "flood" look imo. Really like the color combination and texture.
Only one button undone at the office!
Hey there, sorry, I only snapped the one pic as it was a "selfie". Next time I wear it I will pair with SS trousers and shirt (more pics)The jacket you see is the 100% wool washington cut from the spring/summer collection. Its been mild here in NYC lately, so I've extended it's run prior to the inevitable freeze.
In your opinion : - )  I don't wear ties wider than 3' and that one is 2.5' - just  not my thing. Lapels on that jacket are about 3.75. 
Imo, No.  
Todays "selfie".  Cold and rain in NYC = heavy Harris Tweed!
Like the jacket. Pants to wide for that length, imo. Makes them look like floods.
Inventory was stuck in a shipping container overseas. I've wanted a particular Washington that has finally come in since late August!
Literally .5% of the line includes poly.
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