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If anyone wants to capitalize on a massive loss on my end and get into brand new top end sammy CHEAP: http://www.styleforum.net/t/355532/samuelsohn-custom-sportscoat-coat-thread-open-to-trades
If anyone wants to take advantage of my lunacy: http://www.styleforum.net/t/355532/samuelsohn-custom-sportscoat-coat-thread-open-to-trades
This is true. Simple combinations with an agressive fit can be bold. Im more of a "bold" type but I cant wear the bright stuff at work. I do understand this look/fit is not for everyone.
Wolv 1k are not crap, you = no creditability after making that statement. 
If you want a wide peaked lapel, ford is the only RTW that offers this. 10k is way to much for TF. Take a look at Ralph Lauren black label, they have several single and double breasted peak lapel offerings. Aggressive fit, high armhole, Italian. Lapels are skinnier but its still a peak on some models. Can be had on deal and theMTM is in your range. Generally made for smaller or lean guys..... Or just go bespoke. As for a second outfit, why not a navy tux with a black shawl...
New jacket!  Color is navy, the overhead lighting is throwing things off. 
Epaulet, Walt
I've noticed that when folks wear their pants short they can look like floods if not slim enough at the opening. Imo, you could get away with slimming the trousers at the opening. That overhang in the back causes that "flood" look imo. Really like the color combination and texture.
Only one button undone at the office!
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