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It's beyond fashion, imo. Most all the top makers offer peaked options in basic colors these days (and have for awhile). I'd classify the peaked lapel thing as progression. I, for one, prefer the peaked lapel from a purely ascetic perspective. Nothing wrong with a nice peaked lapel. Nor is there anything wrong with a notch. Both are great, imo.
Peak is the new notch!
And again.
Jacket: Panta (Full review & pics of our latest project (charcoal suit) coming soon) Shirt: Modern tailor Tie: The Wang Square: The Wang
Im in! Ill be the guy in the drop crotch pants and "YOLO" snap back  
I dont think any of the combinations above look good, but thats just me. I dont like loose denim but that's a personal thing.
The jacket is to loose then. Folks wear their clothes to big. Nothing new.
Slim jeans with a sportscoat is a staple look. As with all combinations, fit and color defines all.
Brutal tie + belt. Dig the coat.
Check your PM
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