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SOLD    Stunning Sheppard's check JP Tilford (Produced by Samuelson - verified by their factory) sportscoat. This is the Geneva cut made to the exact same specifications as the Samuelsohn Geneva. As mentioned this was verified by their head of sales.   Specs: >40R >Zegna Trefeo Cashmere + Wool >Full Canvas >Fine Horn Buttons >Geneva cut (higher armhole, but not to high) >2 Button Double vents >Like new condition   Measurements: >Shoulder = about 18.5 >P2P =...
Tell me who makes this suit NOW!!!!! I like it : - )
 Boots are AMAZING. Really think you should slim out the pants, look like floods" because of the width. Also makes you look you have tiny feet.
I want to be like Butler when I grow up! I love this guy. Imo, this is how you dress if you are solely into classic menswear. No sacky blocky baggy stuff,  perfect classic fits.
Just go here. 100% ultra fine wool. No better deal if you are a 40 to a 42
Just go here. 100% ultra fine wool. No better deal if you are a 40 to a 42
Looks like hell. Opinion irrelevant. A pocket square is not gaudy and even it it was, bombastic dandy dress has its place. 
You can do a knit tie, works quite well, just need to make sure you loosen the collar and no spreads. Shirt tucked in = always. T and jacket can work if highly textured and you're in shape. T should be very fitted and not long. Excuse the color of the photo, distorted heavily by iphone. This was a look I posted on the main forum and actually got some compliments on. Not for everyone but was pretty well liked on the street. Jacket = linen, t = highly textured. It's a gray...
Nice example of a fuller pant working well.
Not really a fan of this look. Im not sure if the scarf works with that shirt nor does the way you are wearing it flatter the overall presentation, imo.  I think the scarf might simply be to large... For the record, I'm all for high low; you might have missed the mark on this one. Nice shoes!
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