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Looking to but a black leather moto (50/52)  ASAP, get at me if you've got one for sale.
New plant. How organic of me Jacket - Panta Bow - J Crew  Shirt - Suit Supply Square - The Wang
Geneva cut has a pretty high armhole.  That's Sammy's most contemp cut. It's not Black Label high  but its pretty high for Sammy. As said, JP's house offerings are to the exact same specifications as Sammy's mainline.  I asked their head of sales this question on the phone.
They are in stock on the web?
Trim fit?
A more accurate statement has never been made.  I got to work, looked down and said: "fail".
Tie is black, office lights skew color. Forgot my square this morning ; - ( Jacket: Samuelsohn Shirt: Drinkwaters Tie: Charvet Square: Fail Trousers: Yount Shoes: Meermin 
I am really into the new evening wear SS has put out there. I own a few of the new coats and Im in the market for either that dark grey or navy and black velvet offerings. If anyones picks one up in a 40r and is open to sell for whatever reason, please let me know.
Said no one with a sack, ever. Toughen up noob! 
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