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+1.  Oh brother, more if this anti white shirt nonsense.  Folks stuck in the 1700's.
 + Kamakura + Suit Supply+ Ledbury Have had great luck with all those brands. Kamakura is the best value.
Thank you for the insight NorCal, I enjoyed your post very much.  Great ideas.  Perhaps someone will purchase the brand/ip and revitalize it.  
Very sad.  If she had signed the long term lease it would have paid off, imo.  I live in fort point channel and the entire area is exploding.  A lot of $ coming in; many luxe high rises going up all around where Louis is. I think the real challenge came from the daughter not having a true passion for merchandising and luxury retailing. 
I've had several MTM suits made via several makers. Samuelsohn, Panta and Zegna.  I've concluded that MTM is way more difficult than folks want to admit, even for seasoned vets.  Ironically, Suit Supply fits me better off the rack (Washington Cut and Havana Cut) than 95% of my MTM suites that cost 3 - 4 times as much.    Their culture teaches them fashion forward fits and styles from day 1, as others have said, simply have to be firm with your expectations with regard to...
Brand new without tags. Had em hemmed (original cuff reattached) and realized I'd gone a size to small. Selvedge, perfect shape. Great jean, I will def repurchase in a larger size.   + Waist: 16.25' + Inseam: 30'
A day late and a dollar short.  Happy New Year!
Cool coat for sure. Not sure about your color choices. Everything seems to clash.
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