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I can see this is a somewhat dormant post, but stay away from Studio Kim. Here is my review from Yelp:   "Pay attention to the mixed reviews here. I had a pair of jeans and two suits hemmed here. Kim suggested I hem my pants for a skinny-leg look. Unfortunately she didn't/couldn't hem more than the legs, so it looks like I'm wearing a diaper for both suits. She hemmed the arms on one suit too short. (Although she did hem the shoulder well, which is hard to...
  My girlfriend bought me a similar shirt, retail from Burberry. The stripe style was the same. It looks real to my untrained, noob eye.
  Zegna Brown sportcoat - $50 Valentino Suit - $20 Armani black and white houndstooth sportcoat - $20 Hugo Boss Suit - $75 Canali Green sportcoat - $50   All from one place here in Toronto.  
I've been a longtime reader, and am now a member.   I try to avoid OTR, and at least buy made to measure, but I can't always afford it, and there are some great OTR brands. I will eventually take my enduring OTR pieces in for alterations when my budget allows. But in a perfect world, all my clothes would be bespoke.   I'm in Toronto. I've got a suit and a bunch of shirts from Trend Custom Tailors. I currently have pieces at all the well-reviewed alterations...
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