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after my second pair of petit standards i've realized that my dick is suffocating and I need to move up to the new standards   so I am a 31 in petit new standards that are made in vietnam... what is the consensus for size translation over to the new standard
i do not recommend need supply. i was sent apc jeans that were clearly tried on so much that the denim no longer felt "rigid" or raw when you first get them and also did not represent the size on the tag accurately. they were being sold as new, and it seems as if they were a pair sent to various people and returned for bad sizing or maybe they were an old in store pair that a lot of people tried on and perhaps the tags re attached. really unfortunate. they also took...
whatever zelda i was drunk it's still fake 
just leave it tells a story
still look good doe   he prob bought it had second thoughts and made this low key brag thread to get offers to buy it and it obv worked   now the question is, is someone on here walking around in what they overpaid 1500 for
OP's jacket is fake, doesn't have double zips. also, pocket on wrong side.            
Anyone interested in a pair of Noir Petit Standard in size 31?? I just got them, and they fit a little different than my Made in Vietnam 31's in indigo, I probablay should have sized up.   Looking for $150 shipped to anywhere in USA. If you want to expedite this process just pm me your paypal email and ill send an invoice and ship asap
@vazza @sofaking i would just size up 2 and stay with petit standard
you can buy it however here
will take 275 shipped if you can pay by the end of the week
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