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Brown lamb or goat for an A2? Is there a lot of different in weight/thickness? Which one feels better?
Baggy jeans? Everyone is wearing skinnies around here.
Funny you say that, in Spain there has been a "trending topic" joke in the various social networks about a specific Zara womens jacket that every other girl (and older ladies too) wears. It even made the (less serious) news in major local newspapers (El País, El Mundo). People refer to it as the "Amancia" because of Zara's (and the parent company Inditex) founder, Amancio Ortega (who is spanish). It's literally impossible to walk around town (not even major city) for 10...
And if you completely disregard quality and are just looking for a very cheap alternative, then Topman, for around $100 the boots don't look too bad and they're at least real suede with leather lining, it seems. Haven't seen them in person.    
Try Story et Fall, it's the brand most people go to when looking for a cheaper SLP boot. They are higher quality too, probably, at least in terms of construction (I think most SLP boots are blake stitched with a fake welt whereas SeF has goodyear welted models, not sure about the chelseas, though).
I think it was mentioned here that Falcon's standard calf is not as thick as TOJ's, but I also think the old calf is available on request.   Regarding double zippers, aesthetics aside an advantage of those is that if you choose a hem width which ends up being too small you can get that extra inch that avoids bunching by leaving the lower zipper slightly unzipped, i.e. it's more forgiving.
Leather >>>> any other fabric, IMO. I'm super happy with my dark wine MA-1.
Has anyone tried the Acne Town jeans?   I'm eyeing these, I like the subtle fading:     The Town cut is supposed to be roomier in the thighs with a tapered and cropped leg, which sounds good.
 Claiming that TOJ/Falcon jackets are "too long" when they are MTM is ridiculous. You can have them as short as you want:   I'm hardly tall at 5'11 and got basically standard length (22 inches front) and it gets at belt level, definitely not lower. There's a listing now in Gr@iled with a L01 in size 46 with a back length of 23.25 inches. Standard length on a Falcon raider in size 46 is 23.3 inches so it's nearly identical.
 I really like how the Timex Weekender Chrono looks, especially in this combination. I just wish it was automatic or solar. I was looking for something similar and got this solar Seiko, but I have to say that I think that Weekender looks better. 
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