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My row was green and now is white? :(
Holy crap, the spreadsheet has 400 rows?
 They become unchangeable at the moment Drew reads the measurements from the spreadsheet and hands them over to the manufacturers, obviously. The data in the spreadsheet should be the final confirmation. And seriously guys, still changing measurements? If you really don't want to give your measurements just yet until jacket is about to be made, you can leave the measurements fields empty. That should force Drew to contact you, but to be honest he'll probably think "fuck...
 Why would he ask to add the data to the spreadsheet if he's still going to ask via email.
People say Drew is trying to buy time, but time for what? To flee out of the country? It's something I don't understand. If he doesn't plan to fulfill the orders why bother at this point making and shipping jackets.
 If we track down and kill that guy we'll jump 12 positions in the queue.
 I wouldn't care, to be honest.
 Errr yes we were? Well it was kind of "automatically calculated" but I'm pretty sure you could change it to whatever you wanted, no? I'd say when taking measurements we had to measure front & back length of an existing jacket and then Charly would reply with both measurements.
 I guess he's double checking there's no chargeback filed against your transaction before he ships/makes your jacket? Or maybe means shit, only Drew knows.
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