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I bought some boots from Vertice last year during the final sales, in which no returns are allowed, but the size 41 I got fit more like a 43 and couldn't make it work with an insole. I told them and they let me exchange them for a different model (size 40 was sold out). So no complaints from me.
Please don't derail the fitness thread.
 So Carmina shoes are bad because they are made in Spain?
I came across this bison leather jacket at SZ and found it interesting. It's by designer Reo Ma:      
 Kudos to you for not losing your temper with all the harsh remarks you seem to be receiving lately for some reason I don't know.
 Anyone? I'm concerned about this. My country is not doing well and since the financial crisis started in 2007 or so, customs are basically stopping every single packet trying to collect as much money as possible. So if the parcel is marked with its real value, we're talking about 21% VAT plus 2.5% import duties plus an extra charge for 'parcel handling'. So easily $200+. Do TOJ guys mark down the price in the customs form? I guess this would invalidate insurance, which is...
On the topic of leather thickness/weight, and more especifically TOJ... Does anyone own a suede calf jacket? Is it as thick as a regular calf one?
 Aren't those the same that Regis has? Argentinian army replica boots or something.
 I love how Carpes, A1923, Guidi, etc. boots look but that's how I'd like my boots to look after wearing them hard for months/years. Straight out of the box... I'm not too sure. Same for leather jackets (BBS, Incarnation, Julius...). I can't help but thinking that all those are the equivalent of heavy predistressed denim... Anyway I love leather treatments so this and the leather jackets one are my favourite threads.
 Indeed. That's what I did to my boots, they were more reddish before:  BTW, I wanted to buy the same boots in grey but I was too late for the sales so I got the burgundy ones and now I love them and wouldn't get a grey pair instead.
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