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 SLP? If price isn't a concern...
 Sorry this has probably been addressed by someone else earlier but there's a ton of new posts and many are TL;DR ones. Lamb and FQHH leathers are not really comparable as they have very different characteristics. Good quality lamb leather will drape and look fantastic from the start but obviously won't endure 20 years of beating. FQHH will last a lifetime of abuse and then some more but it will look like you're wearing a cardboard box. Personally I understand the appeal...
 m_moria... right?
Those would deserve the name 'skinny fit', unlike what UB calls 'skinny fit' which are more like a slim cut.   Too bad I noticed later that they are not 100% cotton. My hopes for a tight fit in 21oz/100% cotton vanished.
 Is that a luxury store or a regular sex shop.
 Diesel blue calf suede QDR. But the original measurements I got from Charly were for a calf Moto, I actually asked in this thread whether measurements would change but got no response and I didn't want to bother Charly again.
Here's another one a bit worried about receiving a jacket that's too small.   My provided body measurements:   - Shoulers: 45 cms / 17.7 in - Chest: 102 cms / 40 in - Midsection: 80 cms /  31.5 in - Waist: 87 cms / 34.25 in - Front length: 52 cms / 20.5 in - Sleeve length: 61 cms / 25 in - Bicep circumference: 36 cms / 15.15 in   Charly suggested:   shoulders 17.7" chest...
I didn't know they had a new cut. I just had a look at the measurements and they look like something I'd like, I hope they make a heavyweight version.   I'm currently breaking in a pair of 21oz tapereds and they are not that tapered, 8.1 inches in size 33 is a huge leg opening for me. Even the skinny fit has 8 inches. 6.75 in the tight fit sounds more like it.
 Diesel blue in calf suede is what made me order a TOJ before they closed down. Specifically this pic:  (I ordered a QDR, though, since BCDR lapels are quite big) But if I wanted a 'standard' non-suede black DR I'd be happy with the Thurnston collab.
 I'm waiting for the same thing. I've never seen any pic of a diesel blue suede QDR, have you?
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