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 These look just like the non-boot version of the Islays. Quality is great, also they are quite bulky (although maybe this model uses a different last).
I think they're the same, probably just lighting / more saturated pic. I got them for 625 pounds in London last month.
I wish RM Williams did any type of boots other than chelseas. They look good but god I hate chelseas, I can't get over the elastic band.
How much and is there a website with some pics of previous jackets?
I went for a walk in my cigar jodhpurs and I caught no less than 3 girls staring at them. I wonder if it's because they are still pristine and they stand out (they're two weeks old and worn for a few hours only), because they think "oh those are beautiful, I'd like a pair for myself" or "why is this dude wearing womens boots" (my gf says they look like womens boots).
I went this morning to my bank to update my address and they have made me "premium", which includes having access to the "premium banking team". I guess it's just a stupid thing to make poor souls like me feel better about themselves but I wonder if I should bring up this again? I tried to file a chargeback a while ago online but it was declined because the payment was too long ago. This thing still hurts.
 The Max Bill is my favourite watch, design wise (not a watch expert). I'm not a huge SLP/Hedi fan so I don't even think whether it goes well with that aesthetic or not, but I think the watch is beautiful. And it's around $1k which for the people here used to pay SLP prices I guess is nothing. I also dislike metallic straps. 
There was a front page reddit post the other day with him wearing that SLP jacket and possibly other SLP stuff and many were mocking him because his clothes looked 2 sizes too small. You know, the typical "he stole his gf's clothes", etc.
Wholecuts. Or just shoes, but they are not derbies.
 Welcome to the artisanal world, where anything that is not a boot or a sneaker is a derby. :) Yep those are definitely not derbies.
New Posts  All Forums: