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Hi, I'm looking to get my first pair of Aldens. I'm typically a EU41. I wear UK7 in both C&J Islays and Carmina Soller, but both are very generous lasts, otherwise I'd be a UK7.5. Would a US8 in Grant last fit me?   Thanks in advance.
That make up sounds pretty good. Sorry, not familar with C&J MTOs, how long would it take to be done once the order is submitted?
And channel quilting, please...
No calf suede? Charly mentions it in his previous post.
 How come? In my hometown in Spain the average low in winter is below 0º degrees celsius, which is colder than London. Even the average low in winter in Madrid is no higher than in London. Maybe you haven't spent a winter in Spain or just in the south, but it's a common misconception. My colleagues in London won't believe me when I say winters are colder in my hometown, with frequent snowfalls. They go to Madrid or Barcelona or Majorca in summer when it's like 35ºC and...
 I'd say you'd find the UB tapered cut much baggier below the knee than APC PS. UB website has measurements for all cuts and sizes, measure your APC and compare.
Hender Schemes are goodyear welted? Where's the welt? Serious question.
So the tight fit is now available in 21oz and I placed an order. By looking at measurements it must be exactly what I was looking for, a strong taper, unlike the "tapered fit" which is pretty much a regular.   I sized up from 32 to 33 as my 21oz tapereds are already pretty tight, let's see how it goes.
Whatever reminds him that this is going to chase him for years if he doesn't deliver will be fine in my eyes.
 Paul Smith.
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