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I'd like a lamb TOJ of course, but since I will only ever have a TOJ jacket (I don't think I'll ever buy second hand) I went for calf. Yeah maybe it doesn't drape as nicely from the start but it will be definitely more durable (and I hope the jacket stays with my many years) and breaking it in is fun, just like what happens with raw denim.
 To be honest the best update we can get is people in this thread getting tracking codes and jackets delivered. If that starts happening I don't really care if Drew remains silent for 2 months.
Perhaps black lamb is sourced by a different tannery?
Have you seen latest update?   http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/   i come into work and Santa has given me a Christmas tree and a lot of leather jackets
 I wonder if the cow/calf leather in my WJK boots has a similar treatment to Carpe's destroyed horse. I have no idea which product to use either. Mine are definitely not smooth, but don't feel like suede either. They are like these:  BTW technically I got a new par of baller boots that meets the thread requirements (450 pounds = 701 dollars ATM ) but they are definitely not the kind of boots we see over here.  [[SPOILER]]
 Sent them an email and got a response with just a 'it's no longer available' so it seems I'm out of luck. I think I'll have to go for a Crockett & Jones Islay, way more expensive but the only other boot I found that looks like what I'm looking for.
 Thanks. I live in Spain, which is one more reason to go for Meermin as they offer free shipping for Spain & Portugal and there are no customs issues or anything. I'd instacop the brogue Meermins, but not so sure on the non-brogue ones. Trickers are more expensive here I'd say.
Hi,   I'm new to Meermin and looking for some brogue brown boots I came across these, which are exactly what I wanted:     Unfortunately they're from an old MTO group and they're not available anymore.    What are the chances of having a model very similar to the above popping up in MTO offerings soon-ish? None? Little?   Depending on that I'd look at other brands.   Thanks.
I'm looking for a pair of dark brown boots which are slightly more formal than my usual work boots. My two candidates are: Loake Bedale:  Meermin:  Unfortunately Meermins with brogue like these are not available at the moment:  [[SPOILER]]   I'd pair the boots with grey wool flannel trousers, dark brown tweed trousers and maybe jeans. I think the Meermins could be too CM? On the other hand the Loakes might not be much sleeker than my current boots.
I've never complained since when I placed my order (Feb 2014) I knew what I was getting into. But that last post by Drew made me hope I'd be getting my jacket sooner than expected and I'd be pissed if I don't see jackets going out in the next few weeks.
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