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Falcon Garments.
And here I am wearing full Primark to the gym. Even the sneakers.
Speaking of Tom Ford, and given that we are in the shouldn I buy thread... I liked the TF sunglasses that Jeff Goldblum was wearing in the recent Mr Porter editorial. Yes/no? Alternatives? I like that tint of brown in the lenses. I have a small head/face. I'm not as cool as Jeff Goldblum, though.  
I got a pair of black COS trousers today because I really liked the fit (slim tapered).. I was reluctant though because it's a 52% cotton, 45% polyamide and 3% elastane blend, and I'm usually against synthetics (1-3% elastane is OK). Sadly it was the only trousers with this cut. Let's see how it holds up.   Also I might have mentioned this before, can't remember: in my country there's traditionally almost no dryers, everyone air dry their clothes. So when I moved to...
Good movie.
They look like chelseas.
I hope they fit well, they look comfy. I tried these COS yesterday and they looked terrible on me:
You should've trusted Charly.
Yes I was aware of Guidi just being a tannery initially but even if they started making shoes after seeing the success of Carpe their designs are fairly unique. Their "leather sock" designs are unlike any Carpe I have seen (Carpes were much more structured). I'm not an expert though.
Guidi was a copycat brand at some point? Their designs seem pretty unique to me, at least their classic models.
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