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 +1 Both pairs look great but seem pretty similar.
 I think refunds will be given. But I agree with you Drew won't risk refunding the wrong person until he's cleared those items.
   I wouldn't go as far as saying they look as CM shoes in terms of style but they definitely look good.
Am I crazy if I'm contemplating selling my unworn Carminas:     And buying these Aldens instead?   I wanted some burgundy shell jumper boots to wear casually and I got the Carminas, but I'm not used to dress shoes and I find the Carminas too dressy, especially the toebox which is quite pointy.
 I like this sweater, what is it? Doesn't look like RO, or is it?
I hope we'll see a sleeker/less chunky m_moria some day.
It's because they are, especially at that price point. They never became ugly. What became ugly rapidly was management of the whole thing.
 Are they comfortable? I really like the brow sides of the soles (sorry, don't know if they've got a specific name). Does anyone know if it can be done somewhat easily by a cobbler without ruining the boots? Perhaps I can do it myself with some fine sandpaper?
 2 pairs of a1923 and a m_moria pair in one go. Now that's baller. :)
14 months waiting for a TOJ. 2.5 months waiting for some Luxire pants (there was an issue with the fabric, so I changed it 3,5 weeks ago). 4 weeks waiting for another Luxire pant. 2 weeks waiting for some sneakers on backorder, 2+ more weeks to go and then shipping from the US.   God I hate waiting for stuff. Whenever I find something that I really like it's either out of stock or I have to wait a lot.   At least my 2 Uniqlo t-shirts and another Cheap Monday one...
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