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 Well I was trying to find out if I would have to ask Luxire to hold the parcel for a couple of weeks.
I really like the Llubi last in photos. It's the last I wish my Soller jumpers had. I want my boots for very casual wear and I still think Soller is too tapered/pointy for what I'm used to (I really like the last in the C&J Islay, for example, so I think Llubi would be close).
 I'd say wettam is closer. And yes, Soller would be 'soyer'. And yes they speak both catalan and spanish there. Source: I'm spanish and I've been to Mallorca a couple of times, and to Menorca once. Beautiful, beautiful islands and the best beaches I've seen in Europe (along maybe Sardinia). Google 'macarella' or 'macarelleta' for an example.
I'm going on holidays for 15 days next Friday and there will be no one to get the parcel when it arrives. For how long do DHL hold the parcel? I think UPS policy was to attempt delivery 3 times before returning to sender.
I used Taobao Focus as a proxy once. Can't remember the details but everything went well.
   What nahneun said.
 Thanks but I think I've blown up 90% of my budget for this year and the remaining can't cover even second hand a1923 haha I'm a 41 BTW. Maybe in 2016, who knows.
My first order at the end of last year took less than 10 days from order to shipping notice, that's crazy fast.   In any case it was suggested in the past that the website had an estimated lead time depending on fabric, if it's a new pattern, etc. Don't know how feasible it would be. There's a big difference between waiting 10 days and 8-10 weeks.
 Almost 9 weeks here. But was told my order would ship this week.
Same here. I love the design, and I'd love a pair in the least distressed leather possible. But just so expensive.
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