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I love the colour in that moto.
Hmmm not sure about that. In my mind $600 for a mass produced, RTW shirt is crazier than $2K for some bespoke trousers and I tend to spend more on trousers than shirts anyway, but what do I know. Also hopefully they won't forget they bought the trousers.
I want to be in a financial situation one day that allows me to casually drop $600 for a shirt and then forget about it.
Thank you both. I think I will get the Reiss one, waiting for Black Friday to see if I can get it discounted. I will get the 100% merino version, the cashmere one (the one you linked BH) costs more than I'm willing to spend on this, and my only requirement, fabric-wise, is that it doesn't have synthetics, even cotton would work for me.
This is the Bond one, isn't it? Cashmere + silk sounds great.
 I've tried a couple (Zara and COS) and I like how they look on me (Zara was crappy and COS was plain black, and I prefer dark grey/charcoal). Not sure if I will tolerate the high neck very well as I tend to overheat easily. That's something that puts me off about the SNS, never handled anything from that brand but I think they tend to be pretty warm. And even though it's cold outside here already I hate when I get into a bar or something and it's like 26 degrees and...
 Then I'll probably be placing my second order next week. :)
Any ETA on quilting?   Thanks.
Not sure if turtlenecks get any love here but I'm looking to buy my first one. Preferrably in dark grey rather than black.   I like this Reiss but not sure about the quality:     This SNS Herning is heavier/warmer, maybe too much. Also twice as expensive:     Any alternative?
Alright diesel blue calf suede available, only one more to go: quilting.
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