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Thanks for the input, guys. I've decided to give the Private White one a go. Main factor was the fact that it's unlined, and also that the SEH Kelly was not available in navy.   In any case this has made me discover SEH Kelly and I really like what I've seen, I'll definitely end up buying from them in the future.
Is this Private White ventile raincoat worth it at 30% off (still around $620)? I'm on team @nicelynice trying to get rid of every trace of non-natural fabrics from my closet. It's made in Manchester, has Riri zippers, etc. but still quite expensive even at 30% off:     Been eyeing it since someone posted this video in the random fashion thoughts thread (I think) a few weeks back. I like about it the shade of blue/not too deep navy and the fact that it's unlined. I...
 Do you wear a hoodie in "scorching hot" weather?
 It's funny because in 2 or 3 of the self-service gas stations I couldn't use my european debit card (due to using swipe + post code verification, it seems it expects US post codes only so as soon as I entered my local postcode the machine said "see cashier") and the first time it happened I went to talk to the cashier and she told me how much I wanted to take from my card so since I wanted a full tank I did a quick calculation: here the most I have paid for a refill was...
Just came back from my first trip to the US. In 11 days I visited Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite and San Francisco, all by car, so pretty hectic.   Few thoughts:   - The beauty of the three national parks I visited is astonishing. Paying $30 to access each one is well worth it and I hope the money goes mainly to preserve them. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit Death Valley.   - Didn't care much for the...
I see no sale at all in Mr Porter? Maybe it's only for the US?
Brown lamb or goat for an A2? Is there a lot of different in weight/thickness? Which one feels better?
Baggy jeans? Everyone is wearing skinnies around here.
Funny you say that, in Spain there has been a "trending topic" joke in the various social networks about a specific Zara womens jacket that every other girl (and older ladies too) wears. It even made the (less serious) news in major local newspapers (El País, El Mundo). People refer to it as the "Amancia" because of Zara's (and the parent company Inditex) founder, Amancio Ortega (who is spanish). It's literally impossible to walk around town (not even major city) for 10...
And if you completely disregard quality and are just looking for a very cheap alternative, then Topman, for around $100 the boots don't look too bad and they're at least real suede with leather lining, it seems. Haven't seen them in person.    
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