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What do you mean by A shape? That it flared out near the waist?
Looks black and blue to me.
 +1 I want my jacket. I don't want a refund. I can live another year without $800 and without a TOJ, I have other clothes and don't need that money at the moment. That doesn't mean I'm ok with the slow production speed, with the lack of updates and everything else.
How was TOJ before it closed? How many new jackets were showing up in this thread every week?   I mean, is there any reason to think that TOJ is not operating at normal pace right now? I don't think TOJ ever had an army of workers making jackets?
I thought I was on SZ.
I just want to say that I requested a change in one of my orders (due to an issue with the fabric colour, not Luxire's fault) and they accepted my change request straight away, fantastic customer service.
SF really has an issue with messages posted by bots.
After how many weeks is it ok to enquire about the status of an order (trousers) without becoming an annoying customer?
Thank you, this is very helpful.
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