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Speaking of DRs with buttons...
I think eBay are shooting themselves in the foot by always siding with the buyer. Despite not having had any issues selling items myself, I rarely sell anything anymore due to all the horror stories I've read about.
If I ever get another Falcon jacket it'll be a brown goat A2 for sure... unless they come up with a jacket I like even more (no more riders for me, though).
That rider is a bit too busy for my tastes but Burberry shearlings are dope.
You have for that. I have no idea who maintains it BTW.
Thanks! It's very stiff, but I'd definitely order the same again. It wanted what many described as "armour", and I preferred the less matte look. I can see how it'd be excessively thick/stiff to some people. Actually I posted a pic in the leather jackets thread and there's a few guys who gave up trying to break in their jackets in this leather. I don't find it thst unconfortable to be honest, way less than, say, my 21oz Unbranded jeans. And yes I think there are some...
I wouldn't even know how to put those on.
Keep in mind that I specifically asked for the older, thicker and glossier calf. Falcon's standard calf is thinner and more matte. Once you nail your measurements it's hard to go back to RTW.
It´s stiff as hell, and I love it. According to Charly it´s the same old calf from TOJ days. It´s a bit like raw denim.  Yes, it´s very simple which is what I liked (I even considered a collared moto for a while). And by looking at the TOJ gallery, it´s the most successful TOJ/Falcon I guess for this very reason.
My new Falcon Garments jacket in heavy black calf.  
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