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Those are great, I think Regis would approve (except maybe for the colour). 
All I can say is that in winter I love wearing my "english boots", a pair of Crockett & Jones Islays (pic, definitely not one of the most "elegant" CM boot designs, they're quite chunky actually) with heavy wool pants, especially my Molloy & Sons 100% wool 545 gm/m tweed, which were never part of a bread bag, a tent or the sails of any ship but the fabric is damn nice.   And next day I'll be wearing my WJK (aka Carpe clone) boots with IE pants and love them too.
 To each their own. In CM they think boots in this thread are clown shoes that have been recovered from a dumpster. So imagine how overpriced they think a pair of A1923 is. I even dared to post some MMoria in the CM boots thread, thinking that being so clean/non-distressed they could get some love but I only got "clown shoes!" as response. And thankfully I didn't mention the price. That (most of) one side of the thread can't appreciate at least some things of the other...
Why no one does tapered jeans? And I mean tapered, not a gentle narrowing below the knee.   I like small leg openings (say 6,75 - 7 inches) but my thighs (I need 11,75 - 12 inches at least) won't let me wear skinny jeans unless I size up like crazy. Not that I want to wear skin tight jeans at all, but having shitty calves compared to my thighs I do look for small leg openings because even slims look like regulars.   I know of a couple of jeans with sharp taper: Uniqlo...
So this "update" is only worth as Drew's proof of life.
 Well I saw his name in the revision history.
It seems Drew updated the spreadsheet, but I didn't look at the changes.
Cons of Drew opening another restaurant:   - He'll care (even) less about TOJ customers. - Less money in Drew's hands to begin with.   Pros:   - We have a new way to track him down. - More money in Drew's hands if restaurant works?
Well, why you keep coming to this thread pretty much every day when you're not even waiting for a jacket is also beyond me.
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