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Couple of SF members bought it and they didn't like it. It's in the Recent Purchases thread I think.
Back to Carpe Diem, which are IMHO still the most beautiful boots of all the brands ever discussed in this thread, mmoria included.
Funny, in spanish (or at least in Spain) cats are said to have 7 lives, not 9.   I guess they're considered jerks across different cultures, though, or at least mine is, I'm currently in no-speaking terms with him.
And not trying to defend Zara in the slightest, but it's virtually impossible for a brand like that with hundreds of designers (many of them contractors I guess) to ensure that every piece of work (thousands per year) was not simply stolen (rather than "inspired"). Not that they even try or that they clean up the mess when something like this happens, because probably they don't.
When a designer does it then it's an homage, not plagiarism. http://i.imgur.com/WzdZeTC.jpg
 Even worse. You see guys wearing stuff like this:  But they're on the shorter side so those huge holes end up mid-shin.
Not to mention that the first step would be to find the fabric.
Especially for 400€. Cemented shoes at that price point should not exist, there's no excuse for it.
It'd be good to know if/which hides are top grain, corrected grain, etc. for those who care about it.
Thanks for the input, guys. I've decided to give the Private White one a go. Main factor was the fact that it's unlined, and also that the SEH Kelly was not available in navy.   In any case this has made me discover SEH Kelly and I really like what I've seen, I'll definitely end up buying from them in the future.
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