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I watched a documentary about counterfeiting the other day after it popped up on Reddit front page. In China they even make fake eggs. WTF.
Thank you. I've been looking for a pair of 988 or 698 (lower heel, higher shaft) on sale with no luck so far. I think I don't want a pair badly enough to pay retail, I'm unsure about the last (probably too round).
You can ask for a loan and be very financially responsible, absolutely. I guess my aversion to loans, even mortgages is because of some horror stories that happened here in the housing bubble. I don't know how things work in other places, but in here what happened to thousands of people is that they asked for a mortgage when the house was worth, say, €250k. Imagine you had paid off €50k and you lose your job due to the crisis. The bank takes your house, and they...
What model/leather are those Guidis? 788z?
I think it's the relative cost of those things that make people freak out. $750 shoes are easily 10x the average pair of shoes, probably 15x. What's a car 15x the average, a Ferrari? Pretty sure they'd freak out too. Also even the average grandma can tell a Ferrari is not an ordinary car, yet many people won't really care/notice if you're wearing John Lobbs or Clarks (or they might notice but would have a hard time believing one pair is 20x the other).
Spaniard here. My first job as a software developer when I was 23 (after a 4 year computer science degree and in my first PhD year) paid around 700 euros per month (12k per year before taxes). Minimum wage is less than 600 euros/month IIRC.I was in my small hometown and still living with my parents so it wasn't too bad. In Madrid I could have made 1000 per month or more but cost of living is much higher there too. Also my studies at uni were around 700-800 euros per year...
Weren't the FW13 boots cemented? You can't even resole them. At least more recent versions are blake stitched, while still pretty bad for the price (they add a fake/decorative welt, WTF) at least can be resoled.
I see they use less synthetics now as well.
I know Meermin has done several shearling lined boots but not sure lf they are part of their collection or they were MTOs. Their boots will be dressier too, but with good quality/price ratio.
If anyone sees Guidis 988 or 698 in horse fg on sale please let me know...
New Posts  All Forums: