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I guess getting a nice brand new shearling jacket under 1k is not easy right? Preferrably in black, like the ones Acne and Burberry usually do.
Or simply because jodhpurs >>> chelseas, can't get over the elastic band. Leather/suede ages well, an elastic band doesn't and can't be replaced easily. Buckle/laces/zipper >>> elastic band IMO. And there are 40mm jodhpurs, aren't there?
How optimistic.
I perfectly understand that the store wouldn't refund an order of this kind, no matter how long it takes to arrive.
Well if he comes from CM at least he's not wearing immaculate Carmina jumpers with jeans hemmed like a pair of suit trousers, which is what CMers usually do when they post here.
Is that shearling?
 These look just like the non-boot version of the Islays. Quality is great, also they are quite bulky (although maybe this model uses a different last).
I think they're the same, probably just lighting / more saturated pic. I got them for 625 pounds in London last month.
I wish RM Williams did any type of boots other than chelseas. They look good but god I hate chelseas, I can't get over the elastic band.
How much and is there a website with some pics of previous jackets?
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