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 It's one pair of Nudie Grim Tim and another pair of Levi's 510. I thought the 510s would be too skinny but I found them to fit better than my old Dior Jakes 17.5 in same size, a bit more room in the thighs/hips and smaller leg opening. I don't think I'm ever buying expensive 'plain' jeans again.
 I'd be very surprised if PRPS had any pair with elastane on it. Some people might dislike the brand and they definitely have some over the top washes but guy takes denim pretty seriously so probably he finds the idea of stretch denim not very appealing. I'm also favouring comfort these days. My last two or three pairs of jeans have 1-2% elastane. I've also spent tons of money on jeans in the past and lately I just buy ordinary pairs of Levi's or Nudies*. My current raws...
 I've had several pairs of PRPS, both raw and washed, and the denim is indeed very nice. Keep in mind though that most cuts are quite baggy. The slimmest one I'm aware of, which is probably what that guy is wearing, is the Fury. They also have a straight cut (Barracuda) and tapered (Rambler). They used to have relaxed (Impala) and bootcut (GTO), too. Also keep in mind they have several lines. Main one, just 'PRPS', are made in Japan and they are quite expensive. PRPS Noir...
 Did you hem those Zams? And congrats for quitting alcohol, BTW.
Probably a stupid question, but... when switching from a moto to a DR is there any adjustement that needs to be done to measurements?
Not a big fan of Incarnation, but there's a good deal at Project 3,14, sizes M & L for $840:   http://project314.com/shop/mens/outwear/leather_jacket_1823-4588-nk-13.html  
There are some interesting items left at Project 3,14 sale in 'normal' sizes:   Incarnation leather, sizes M & L, $840   http://project314.com/shop/mens/outwear/leather_jacket_1823-4588-nk-13.html   11 by BBS pants, size M, $280:   http://project314.com/shop/mens/bottoms/pants_p_1.html   Attachment jeans, size 3, $305:   http://project314.com/shop/mens/bottoms/jeans_dubfire_x_attachment.html   IS jacket, sizes 1 & 4,...
 I always thought you were the most unpleasant member of SF but I was lucky enough not to interact with you until now. At least I come here to talk about boots. Anyway, time to start using my ignore list.
I, on the other hand, wouldn't wear a pair even if they were given to me for free.   I suppose I'm just frustated I can't see the beauty where others can.
 And that is ugly as f***. I guess I'm just not knowledgeable enough about fashion or I don't have what it takes to appreciate certain things, but with so many beautiful boots and even sneakers out there, I still don't get how some people like dipped or painted stuff. Who was that forum member, Isachenko? Gimmicky. In my book, this is beautiful:   And this is ugly beyond words: 
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