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 He has recently said he'll only reply if the email warrants a reply. Which at this stage I'd say would be just: - Measurements/address/jacket style change.- Perhaps also selling spots and requesting refunds. Perhaps. If it's one of the above, just insist after a couple of days or so. Keep in mind he's not being paid at the moment. He definitely won't reply to complaints, update requests, etc. FWIW I've emailed several times since I ordered a jacket almost one year ago: -...
 330€ for a pair of goodyear welted shell cordovan boots is one hell of a deal. Plus they look great. I'd buy them if they were available online at that price.
I want some boots to wear with my tweed and wool flannel trousers. I only have one pair which I feel it's perfect for those, C&J Islays.   But I can't really think of an alternative. Non-brogue, non-pebble leather balmoral boots feel too dressy to me, whereas tweed and wool flannel are pretty casual. Work boots, on the other hand, are too bulky, even the sleekest ones (Wolverine 1000 mile?).   I was thinking maybe some brogue, smooth leather, burgundy shell cordovan...
 I just got shipping confirmation. :)
Trying to mimic this?
With so many great looking shoes out there, is there really a reason to wear wallabees?
I ordered my first Luxire trousers at the beginning of December. 11 days after the order date they were shipped.I ordered another pair, on Monday it'll be 5 weeks, still haven't shipped.So I guess it varies a lot.
There are 30-somethings in this forum way more childish than him, to be honest.
Few Rick leathers at 70% at Mr. Porter:   http://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/rick_owens/leather-biker-jacket/371345 http://www.mrporter.com/mens/rick_owens/collarless-leather-jacket/371344 http://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/rick_owens/hooded-leather-jacket/371346
Woke up and saw an email from Luxire, got excited thinking it was tracking for my order placed a month ago but it was just a survey for my previous purchase. :(
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