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Yeah, let's all buy SLP and pay 6x the price for something that a) is neither 6x the quality nor b) looks 6x better nor c) it's MTM.   Not to say that certain models are not offered by SLP.   Sometimes it's just not a matter of being able to afford something. I'm sure in this forum (not speaking about this particular thread) there are plenty of people that can afford 5k jackets without breaking the bank, but that doesn't mean everyone is willing to throw away their...
 Are those the loose tapered jeans?
I've got 4 pairs of boots and 3 of sneakers and my gf tells me I'm crazy.
 Ah ok. One of the things SF taught me is to try to avoid synthetic fibers in most cases, and I've also noticed that some of the most expensive brands have 100% wool coats. Anyway I have no doubt a Gloverall coat is way better quality than Zara.  :D
Thanks, I'll consider other options. I liked this one, too (not Zara):     BTW that camel duffle from Zara has more wool (80%) on it that some Gloveralls I've seen (70%) for three times the price. I know composition is just one of the variables, but still.
I want a beater coat for the winter and I've seen these 3 that I like. Based purely on looks and disregarding quality, etc. which one should I get?     Thanks.
I'm curious, how come predistressed jeans get a very bad rap in this forum (except maybe the 'vintage wash' ones), yet it seems acceptable for jackets.
At least mention the designer, Reo-Ma. ;)
  I'm looking for a pair of heavy tweed trousers that look like the ones above or these, and I've got a couple of questions:   - Where can I find a 100% wool one similar to the one above, in slim fit? I like how those above look, but they are cheap ($60 or so) and quality is crap (20% wool 80% synthetic).   - Is it ok to wear trousers like the ones above in a SWD way or they are too formal?   Thanks in advance.
[[SPOILER]]  Thanks!
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