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I went to the Reddit thread to see the customer's email (supposedly). It's true he was threatening with a PayPal claim, but he didn't seem overly aggressive or anything. He also seemed to have done that after a 4 week delay (guys like me with TOJ orders would laugh at that ) in his order and his emails going unanswered.   I also agree that not matter how much of an asshole a customer is, certain things shouldn't be said.   Still, we just know one side of the story.
Still a long way to go to become the new TOJ, but it's a decent start. 
I guess some people have ordered the mid grey wool flannel:     Is the pic an accurate representation of the actual colour?   I'm looking for something similar to these COS trousers:     And what about this one, 'black grey checks'?  
 Quite a few brands discussed here have pretty long sleeves. Rick Owens, for example. They can be found under $1k from time to time.
He said in Reddit he'll be wearing armour under it.
Luxire Dugdale tweed trousers. Heavy 100% wool tweed.       http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261788298720?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649   Never worn. Dugdale sent Luxire the wrong fabric. They cost $200, selling for $125.
 CCP? Seriously? How is this similar to any TOJ jacket?  It's ridiculous. I'm going to the Carmina thread and tell someone with 4-5 pairs "'hey, you know you could have had CCP tornados with titanium inserts for that much money?". And online fashion forums might have distorted your perception if you really think TOJ jackets are "mediocre". Even in big cities you won't come across many jackets that are nicer, and a shit ton of jackets that are way worse. To begin with, most...
Yes the black suit is for a funeral scene, look:     As someone else pointed out it might be M's funeral because she dies at the end of Skyfall, doesn't she.
Completely brand new, unworn trousers by Luxire. I ordered this pair a few weeks ago but Dugdale made a mistake and sent the wrong fabric to Luxire (lighter colour). That's the reason I'm letting these go. Initially I kept them because they are really nice, but this colour doesn't work with my wardrobe. I'm not 100% sure which exact fabric was sent since there are several Dugdale tweeds of similar colours but I'd say this is the...
New Posts  All Forums: