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 My diesel blue suede jacket is going through customs at the moment.
Looks great. And the fur?
 All leather jackets seem to have shoulder gussets that are optional to remove, you can see it in the first post of this thread.
Looks good to me! Can't wait for mine, I've got a ton of compliments on my dark wine MA-1.   I like the chest pocket placement, similar to the 3 pocket DR2, in the QDR it always seemed to sit awkardly low to me.   I'm curious, does the snap in the waistband serve any purpose?
What's wrong with the Falcon?
 Thank you, it seemed it wasn't in the sample but since there was no picture of the back it was hard to tell for sure.
 I think it's a legit question. And FWIW I placed an order for a DR4 yesterday so I'm curious.
BTW the QDR used to have some quilting in the inner part of the sleeves, is that gone in the DR4?
 You quoted the wrong guys. Yes that mikeywhatever user must have been around for years and be an active poster but he's incredibly annoying.
 Email incoming. :)
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