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You might as well drop an email after all saying you have a July order but didn't add your details to the sheet until now.
First sheet is called "order master".
 So what was this about? For most of the people in this thread good news would be to either get their jackets or their money back, and soon. Can't see how SF could help with that at this point. I personally couldn't care less about other stuff such as someone else buying TOJ designs, another maker making a yet-another-TOJ-alternative, etc. We're stuck with Drew.
 You're supposed to add your details to the first sheet. Drew moves them to the other sheets accordingly. No need to send emails, I'd say.
Even though I used to hait moc toe boots now I like them and I was considering a pair.   I was going to get some RedWings but I saw these Carminas (who seem to be making some more casual pairs lately, especially in their new Llubi last):     They're more expensive than RedWings, though.
Many updates in the spreadsheet.
 I don't mind as long as the customers moved above me ordered earlier. Obviously I'd like to be in the next batch but I think it's just fair that those who ordered their earlier get their jackets earlier too.
My row was green and now is white? :(
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