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Once they are dry send them to dandyshoecare over in Italy problem solved.... That's what I would do, you wanna diy can't help you there
I do not get the big diff with mtm and custom when it comes to shirts...... I get my shirts locally from what I am pretty sure is Mtm they have like a list of measurements and you can fine tune a lot of stuff like nitty gritty details doesn't that end up being a custom job
Am I not seeing pictures from this app I am using or did you not post any?
Hey guys who is the red shoe from?
My friend is the sole distributor for Scabal in south east Asia, if you are looking for that kind of level of tailor then let me know I shall ask what's good.
I second that I only wear jeans made by him been doing a few a year for a few years now
And these were ordered direct through them or via that shop someone mentioned, if this was done via a reseller do you think this might be a reseller issue?
Yes, I would not be happy either, I do not see why you should accept anything that far off, is this your first MTO with them?
Wrong as in totally wrong like you ask for red they made it in blue or is the shade not what you wanted
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