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Who came up with that?
What I don't get is why are toe tips so expensive? In Paris these costs like 20 or 30 € max
Not directly from GG
You mean commented, as with most things we do things to make ourselves happy, not other ppl
Meh there are good topys and bad topys, if my shoe or boot is gonna see a lot of abuse I would topy it, I travel lots and I cannot have a huge collection of shoes to rotate I am intending to get a pair of £1000 boots, a recessed topy and metal toe cap is going on that Kinda like this I know why they put topys in France, because I have the same problem where u live there is sand everywhere they use it on the paving etc, that stuff gets embedded into the leather sole and...
This forum thread is starting to get a bit irritating
What is all this whinging about jeeeez
Un bunch your respective panties I'm just amazed is all but I guess ppl come in all sizes there are people that are 3 or 4 feet tall so this should not shock me
Grown men have size 5 feet?
Cowdray 2 Crawford 3
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