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How much creasing is supposed to happen on wholecuts? Seems a bit excessive to me after wearing it twice it was told it was normal will leave out the maker for now.
Purple gamarelli's with burgundy shoes
Anyone has any experience with the French cowdray 2 boots? Thanks
Really? The Chelsea's look a whole lot stumpier than the ones in the pic
These ones...
Ah see this is how the confusion began lol the guy posted pics of his boots I asked if that was the portmans I got the name confused I meant to ask if that was this: http://m.crockettandjones.com/Product/Cowdray-2-Darkbrown Portmans are a totally diff thing it's the 1/2 boot or whatever they call it. What was the boot posted? No one did actually confirm what it was, I just somehow managed to confuse the names. Sorry bout that. The UK site I meant to say doesn't...
Also the UK doesn't sell any version of the Portman if you believe the website. Where do I find the Portman 2? Or who do I contact to get a pair?
By Portman I mean Portman 2, and if that is discontinued someone needs to update the website.
Icic I don't live in the US either so having it shipped from France would make more sense no vat and all. So whatcha think Portman right? That's the only boot from them I like its sleeker and handgrade
Looks like Portman available only from the French store?
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