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Hi I'll be heading to new york soon. Staying a few days then on to Canada. I have been researching places to have an off the rack suit altered. I'm gonna be spending very little money just to get a cheap sport jacket from Destination XL, I have seen a few from Ralph by Ralph Lauren that look ok. I am gonna assume to make a 300 jacket look decent i am going to have to have it fixed.. Any tips on what can or cannot be altered and whats most important in getting a jacket off...
No point starting a new thread this one seems pretty good.. I am looking specifically for overcoats. I think Chan if you guys refering to W chan has insane prices fo overcoats which I am not willing to pay, I am seldom in cold climate so I have no idea when I would next need a coat this is their quote:   "We could make style of the top-coat as the picture you attached. Our price ranges are vary.  Pure wool material from England overcoat start from approx....
Ive been told that breast pockets are about 4 inches wide at the opening as a standard. IMO on a big guy like me it looks lost...   Ive noticed in recent years that breast pockets in particular are getting bigger... anyone thinks they have a bigger breast pocket or notice this trend too? let me know what brand/tailor your jacket is and how wide is your pocket :)   THANKS
Hi guys, If I was in the US or back in Canada this would not be a huge problem but I am not... I am in Singapore and they do not sell stuff in my size here and having something made would probably be an expensive proposition.    I need to be in China in the winter and I need a coat. Looking to spend maybe £200 to £300. I see a lot of online tailors where you can submit your measurements, I am pretty sure they are gonna be crap but can anyone here provide some first hand...
Not unexpected I guess.
Apparently it is wool not cashmere, according to them.
 I've sent them a message let's see what they say do me a favour take a look at their instagram and let me know if you are as impressed as I am...look at their other work I think it looks much better than say http://www.tailorshop.co.kr/common/#, especially if you look at that unlined coat the detail looks pretty amazing.
http://www.ditailor.co.kr/   I came across this guy on instagram some VERY nice looking jackets. Does not seem to be mentioned here but then again I have not gone through all 36 pages... anyone have any experience?   http://ditailor.co.kr/220188604327 they quoted me around 2K USD for this unlined jacket more for an overcoat.... I think possible unlined jackets require more finesse and work.... opinions?
Define a bespoke collar? They have 5 or 6 collar designs, I wanted one which was 1/2 inch less width wise on what they called an italian classic and they were able to do that... I had issues with my cuff and I wanted it a certain width with buttons specifically how I want etc... I guess it depends on the tailor... shirts there start at 160 SGD which is qbout 120+ USD and all the way up to 300, depending on the material.   After some alterations for the first order I am...
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