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Not unexpected I guess.
Apparently it is wool not cashmere, according to them.
 I've sent them a message let's see what they say do me a favour take a look at their instagram and let me know if you are as impressed as I am...look at their other work I think it looks much better than say http://www.tailorshop.co.kr/common/#, especially if you look at that unlined coat the detail looks pretty amazing.
http://www.ditailor.co.kr/   I came across this guy on instagram some VERY nice looking jackets. Does not seem to be mentioned here but then again I have not gone through all 36 pages... anyone have any experience?   http://ditailor.co.kr/220188604327 they quoted me around 2K USD for this unlined jacket more for an overcoat.... I think possible unlined jackets require more finesse and work.... opinions?
Define a bespoke collar? They have 5 or 6 collar designs, I wanted one which was 1/2 inch less width wise on what they called an italian classic and they were able to do that... I had issues with my cuff and I wanted it a certain width with buttons specifically how I want etc... I guess it depends on the tailor... shirts there start at 160 SGD which is qbout 120+ USD and all the way up to 300, depending on the material.   After some alterations for the first order I am...
Once they are dry send them to dandyshoecare over in Italy problem solved.... That's what I would do, you wanna diy can't help you there
I do not get the big diff with mtm and custom when it comes to shirts...... I get my shirts locally from what I am pretty sure is Mtm they have like a list of measurements and you can fine tune a lot of stuff like nitty gritty details doesn't that end up being a custom job
Am I not seeing pictures from this app I am using or did you not post any?
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