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Up for sale are a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue 8.5D in black leather. These are in good condition with a lot of life left and I believe that they were resoled at some point. There are two slight imperfections: one is a slight imperfection in the leather on the outside of the left shoe and the other is a slight bit of seperation on the inside of the left sole. Condition is 7/10. These are shown in the pictures. Price includes shipping to CONUS. Please let me know if...
Hi all. I've been looking at a pair of allen edmonds players shoe in burnished walnut and was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on other shoes from other companies that I should be considering as well. Specifically, a light brown short wingtip without brogueing under the laces (not sure of the technical term for this because while I like the Mcallisters, I also think it looks a little bit cluttered with that extra bit of brogueing). Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: