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Before trying MTM, i suggest picking up a nice item OTR, as your first blazer; if they're at hand, in my opinion Corneliani makes very nice jackets using good fabrics. My first suit was a Corneliani, and i bought it for a fair price. Still wearing it.         
Zara, for sure. I also have a deadly and implacable hatred against "in your face" brands like D&G, but i suppose it's due the generation I come from.
I tend to abhor short sleeves shirts, shorts (i tried to figure it out, but I can't recall a single occasion i wore them, even in my early childhood), and everything recalls to me the idea of the ghetto-hiphop fashion. Therefore, sometimes I feel the urge to throw in my fireplace baseball caps, incongrous chains and very loose pants. No need to mention overdimensioned trainers.
It certainly depends on the club. However, rocking a suit with a nice young cut would always be a nice and stylish presentation; keep in mind, first impressions are fundamental and good clothes which fit your personality help you stand out without looking vulgar.
Can't agree more. Buonasera a lei! isn't a standard of elegance and good taste, especially nowadays. Current trends make no exception.
I endorse "madeinitaly" opinion. It gives an annoying "parvenu" image. No need to flaunt your wealth, if you're a classy person.
Yes, the cape debate  drove the general attention from the real shit: the ascot debate. However i think it's a losing battle.  Returning to the main topic, i endorse the hermes boxers look. "Styleforum big shot" attitude for the win.
The quality of their stuff is quite good, considering the relatively low price. The suits are made in italy, and so is a great deal of their accessories. The shirts are mainly made in china; nevertheless, the fabrics appear to be of good quality.
I would definitely go for the ascot, no sarcasm intended. (I also own a few) The problem is to pull it off, nowadays...
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