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Hello! Looking for a pair of Persol 649's in the size 49mm. Would like them in the color Havana.
Don't know if it's been mentioned in this thread before, but does anyone here have a list over the big sales Ralph Lauren runs through the year? I've noted sales after christmas, the Give In Style in april/may, and some sales a few months before christmas. Would be nice to have a list with some accuracy on the date.
Has anyone else here experienced errors in the e-mail subscription system? I have both an gmail and hotmail account, which I have linked to subscription from Ralph Lauren. But suddenly I've just stopped receiving e-mails. I've tried to unsubscribe and subscribe again, but it hasn't helped. It has caused to miss out on a lot of sales, and especially the private sales/pre-sales.
Isn't the 'Give in Style'-event in early April?
I haven't received any. Still waiting for the new years sale to begin.
From what I remember, Ralph Lauren usually have a new-years sale each year, or am I wrong?
That's what I am thinking to. I'll have to stick with the 49mm I guess.
Any opinions on the fit? A pair of 649's in 49mm. Really want to go for the 52 because of more availability and better range of colors on the lenses, but I think they would be too large.   [spoiler]   (Pictures got inverted, hence the weird going hair). [/spoiler] 
Great thread this! Gotten really interested in shirts from Luxire lately, and yesterday this picture on your site caught my eye:   The shirt on the right - What kind of style and what kind of fabric is used? Really liked it :)
Okay, thanks!    I have some more questions tough. I'm going to order some Saphir products for my boots, and I have a question about one of the brushes from Saphir. Why is there black and natural bristles? And which should I choose? The boots are dark brown.   And I'm going to order a pair of Cedar shoe trees for my Loake Litchfields. They're in 8.5 UK. Should I then go for size 8-8.5 UK, or 9-9.5 UK in shoetrees? Going for the 8-8.5 UK seems logical, but I think...
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