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I, too, love buying from matches. Has anyone seen the lizard derbies from the runway show in store yet?
Cloonz just posted a deadly fit pic with that kind of belt.
You seem to have a lot of resentment towards women, which is quite sad.
Oh god i fucking hate these men's rights activists.
That's really cool you know so much about guns.
I had an order cancelled once, and they were kind enough to give me £10 credit for the inconvenience.
Thanks for the replies. I don't live near a SLP boutique, but was going to take my shirt in to my regular tailor. At least I now know what to ask for!
I just got a DHL shipping text message from my Farfetch order, even though I got no confirmation e-mail from the website.
Sorry for the basic question in advance. Is it a simple tailoring job to make a button down shirt slimmer throughout the body? I've got the polka dot one but it's a size too big.
Regg check ssense. They usually have good measurements.
New Posts  All Forums: