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The Wrestler was interesting in some ways, but the cliche of missing his daughter's birthday destroys the film in my opinion. I liked pro wrestling when I was a little kid, too, and I've got some time for Mickey Rourke in general. I liked how he used the song "Balls to the wall" by Accept in it!   Does anyone else totally hate what Tarantino has become (but likes his stuff like Jackie Brown and, to a lesser extent, Pulp Fiction)?
You don't even like "La Strada"? I agree with you on all of his other films.   I don't like any of Gus Van Sant's films. I can't stand Aronofosky, nor even be bothered how to spell his name.
Can we make this the official dentistry thread?
They're really that bad? I need some basic t-shirts, not alt apparel or american apparel.
Acne t-shirts: any good?
I have a pair of St Laurent motorcycle chelseas. I like them, but I prefer my Trickers lambourns, which were cheaper and better quality leather. Also check out Loake if you want something even cheaper, but still respectable.
I'm thinking about getting a Moto 2011. This will be my second jacket, my first one being the Minimalist Double Rider in black lamb. I was thinkign about getting calfskin for the Moto, also in black. Anybody else got opinions on this combination, in general?   What do you think about black zippers?
Anyone here had experience with teh Acne one? I believe it's called "Sid", and is filled with down. I'm lookign to get a nice one that I can wear in Michigan winters.
WE have nothing to lose but our chains!
I'd never heard of the store before. Their website is really good, and they carry some cool stuff too.
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