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Yeah, looking at my Wyatt in particular it does appear that it has a more rounded last. Thanks for the recommendations, as I wasn't really sure where to look in general. 
@ Diet CCC: The pic that Kieran posted above is exactly what I'm looking for in a lace up shoe. It's kind of difficult for me to tell from the pic you posted if the shoe is the same last as Kieran's, though.   I have been looking at Burberry's shoes, but don't see anything that would work at the moment. It seems like a lot of fashion designers (lanvin, margiela, etc.) favor a more round-shaped toe, which is not what I"m after. 
Thanks for the response. I was looking for something with a narrow last that doesn't terminate with a squarish-toe, if that helps. For instance, in looking at some of the Christian Louboutin ones, they seem to have the narrow toe, but then move up to this squarish-looking point, whereas I want something more like the last of the SLP jodhpurs, Chelseas, and stuff like that. Maybe I"m talking complete nonsense here, since I don't have too much familiarity with lace up...
Ok, I know no one else makes boots close to SLP's--but does any designer do so with regard to SLP's lace up shoes (i.e. with a sleek profile, if that means anything to you)? 
But what is your political orientation??
Are you guys getting the "nazi haircut" notion from that Richard Spencer guy? 
 Do you mean me? I think I have a lot more energy during the day, and I sleep better too. I used to have a lot of trouble falling asleep, but since I've started putting together my nutrition I'm generally out in two minutes. And my skin looks a lot better as well. And my bowel movements are killing it.  As far as workouts are concerned, it's hard for me to know if eating a ton of greens is helping there much, since there's so many factors involved. I would say that I have...
As a base, I put in kale (or collards, or turnip greens), spinach (or Swiss chard), a teaspoon of spirulina (it's like a type of seaweed), chia seeds, half a clove of garlic, small piece of ginger with the whey. I also will sometimes put in a half an avocado.  Then ice and water or coconut water.    In addition to these, I will also throw in some fruits, to make the taste more bearable. I might try cutting back on the fruits if I decide to slim down (especially if I...
I've got into making green smoothies with a scoop of whey, and they keep me feeling full for hours. 
Jesus people get bitchy in this thread. 
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