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You're like a reverse Nostradamus.
you're going to deprive us of all your wisdom?
When you kids get older you will be as wise as planetarium.
That is so interesting.
I got the Spacemen 3 "For all the fucked up children of the world..." t-shirt.
Good point.
I remember reading a "history of toj" years ago that someone linked to from this site. It basically explained how it started. If i remember correctly drew originally started as an English teacher in Korea or Japan, and what struck me was his boasting how irresponsible he was with his money. I remember the specific claim that he bought Rick at retail, when it was clear he wasn't making that kind of money from teaching. So, he seems to just be one of these types whose just...
I only bought one jacket years ago, but i have to say I regret giving this piece of shit my money. I say you guys keep hitting him on facebook.
You'll be back.
Two questions concerning the black denim:   First, are there any websites that list thigh measurments for each of the three types? And how much do Geller jeans typically stretch?   Secondly, I'm sort of debating between one of the Geller jeans and a pair of the Saint Laurent ones. Is anyone in a position to compare the two brands in terms of quality, durability, etc.? I appreciate your feedback on this.
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