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Look into Loake, Trickers, Saint Laurent, in ascending order of price.
I see what you mean. I was going to order a TOJ moto, but after hearing about wait time, and seeing some of the Vanson ones, I'm pretty much set on seeing on what you guys can come up with. I thought that the fit on the one that was posted in the other thread (by NicelyNice, I think?) was perfect. Are you sayign that that would be hard to move around in?
I've never tried on a rick owens. I'd have to look at my TOJ and imagine what an extra inch would look like.
25 inch length would be perfect, too.
I like that Junya moto, with the exception of the straps on the back. If we could get something in that ballpark, without infringing on copyright (or whatever it's called in the clothing industry), I'm in.
Just wanted to say that I'm on board with whatever sinnedk comes up with for a moto. We need somethign slimmer than those in the post above, nothing against them.
I'm ready to purchase a slim moto if there are 11 other people who are interested.
The Wrestler was interesting in some ways, but the cliche of missing his daughter's birthday destroys the film in my opinion. I liked pro wrestling when I was a little kid, too, and I've got some time for Mickey Rourke in general. I liked how he used the song "Balls to the wall" by Accept in it!   Does anyone else totally hate what Tarantino has become (but likes his stuff like Jackie Brown and, to a lesser extent, Pulp Fiction)?
You don't even like "La Strada"? I agree with you on all of his other films.   I don't like any of Gus Van Sant's films. I can't stand Aronofosky, nor even be bothered how to spell his name.
Can we make this the official dentistry thread?
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