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Thanks for sharing your opinion. My obvious concern is dropping over a grand on a pair of teh hedis and having them fall apart right away. May I ask what you use to take care of your non-suede ones? Conditioner, etc.
What do you guys think of the black leather "hedi" boots? I'm thinking of purchasing them, but am reluctant given that my motorcycle chelseas had a snap break off without a whole lot of use. Anyone have comments on teh quality? thanks.
Anyone have experience with Sunspel's t-shirts? Are they worth it at retail? Do they hold up well over time? And also, with regard to sizing, should I just order my normal t-shirt size, or what? Thanks.
I wake up screaming, act of violence, the phenix city story. Your list is pretty good, but you need to take it up a notch.
This is great. Thank you for posting.
Ssense markdowns. I grabbed a Saint Laurent overcoat.
What do you got against people from Portugal?
 I'm in Michigan. No, I didn't modify the jacket at all.
I've still got my black lamb MDR for sale, c. sz 48. See my signature.
lol! I liked the part in the documentary where someone says that gg was buried "in his favorite jockstrap."
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