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Ask this in the skinhead thread.
Anyone see the indigo raw D01's anywhere?
I, too, love buying from matches. Has anyone seen the lizard derbies from the runway show in store yet?
Cloonz just posted a deadly fit pic with that kind of belt.
You seem to have a lot of resentment towards women, which is quite sad.
Oh god i fucking hate these men's rights activists.
That's really cool you know so much about guns.
I had an order cancelled once, and they were kind enough to give me £10 credit for the inconvenience.
Thanks for the replies. I don't live near a SLP boutique, but was going to take my shirt in to my regular tailor. At least I now know what to ask for!
I just got a DHL shipping text message from my Farfetch order, even though I got no confirmation e-mail from the website.
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