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You're like someone arguing that the U.S. healthcare system is great compared to Bulgaria's.
Google "gg allin."
Just go back to that store and buy them.
Are you guys saying the peacoats currently on the ysl site suck? Do you know if they are warm?
Did you guys at least start shitting all over the chicken wing place's facebook page yet? Maybe do the same to Libertine since dieworkwear can't get thm to cooperate? It would at least blow off some steam.
Buying Engineered Garments isn't vulgar?
I can't remember, but it was totally reasonable. Send him a pm.
North American people who want to buy full-priced SLP stuff at European prices should use Federico's (slann01) proxy service. I used him (forgive the expression) recently to get a pair of Hedi 40's and saved some money on them. It took a little bit longer to ship, but that was no fault of his, since he had them in the mail the day he got them from the store. If I ever purchase a leather jacket or something like that I would definitely go through him.
That Kanye quote was terrible.
In general, is the difference between D01's and D02's simply a matter of the taper? Or are the D02's also slimmer in the thighs?
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