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Quote: Thanks for all of the replies. I am pretty skinny and am looking for something reasonably cheap with good quality. I didn't realize that they had stores in Toronto. I think I'll go check them out. AA has a store on Queen [Toronto] west of Spadina on the south side of the street. the entire facade of the store is white the material is nice and soft, but they are slim cut, with small heck openings. or i just have a thick neck
curious as well, bump
john varvatos [the latest, black glass bottle w/leather wrap] older Lacoste [not the 2005 red botle, the clear one] sorry for not being specific...
what elese did you gentlemen get for your significant others? [translate as: i'm stuck, need help]
If I may add, there should be a distinction between motorcycle-style jackets and actual bike jackets w/ padding and protection. Wearing a fashion item that derives meaning form the culture commodified many decades ago is not much of a crime. However lately I have seen people wearing actual protective jackets - which is absurd, but funny. To poke fun at them I simply wait until they approach a lady and then interrupt the conversation to ask them if they lost their helmet,...
Hoping this is not a pointless question, but either way here it goes. From your experience, how does Paul smith Garments fit? Looking at a couple of pieces from his SPORT line and a sweater, but am hesitant to buy, as I am not sure of the relative sizes [large/m]. I have a 43-42 inch chest with broad shoulders and a 33 waist. I prefer casual clothes to be fitted close to the body [but not like second skin] What size would you suggest? Thank you in advance.
Quote: I really love his columns on modern "art" that he does about once a year.  Having seen what passes for "art" these days, I always crack up when he writes about it. kai what do you suggest 'art' should be? do you believe that term is restricted to what used to be called 'high culture'? if so please elaborate if you could. [i do agree that some stuff is not quite to my taste, but the same goes for some more 'classical' pieces]
i could humbly suggest: archive the old posts in exactly such subdivision. this will ease the server load and make looking for information much more user-friendly. this will make the old posts [over 6 months as an example] read-only and easy to reference when another dead-horse question get's posted
Quote: EDIT: Anyone have any thoughts on the K-Swiss Amestoy? nice, but still partial to the goodyears. the K Swiss wlii be better w/ khakis
go with goodyear. vuitton, prada.... Ridiculous
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