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I have just bought 'Sawdust Caesars' as mentioned on here and its an interesting easy read with loads of photos and around 450 pages in A4 size.  Great value for money.  I have reached chapter 2 and am confronted by a photo of a young browniecj form here.    Colin you really do get about mate
That's a good point you hit on roytonboy regarding the shirts and braces.  I had read your comments and it had got me thinking before I had watched the programme and I agree we very rarely wore shirts and braces because I think it was too loud?  I always remember wearing a v neck M&S fine knit jumper/sleeve less jumper or cardigan and always under a cronbi or sheepskin.  I think it was colder back then or we were skinnier and felt the cold.  I recall wearing Fred Perrys...
You and me both B the B
Thanks Ed - missed it last night but caught it this morning on 'youtube'
I had been watching for a few weeks and I was surprised at the range of prices especially considering it was only 3 and a tanner when new!!
This book was doing the rounds in our class in around 1966 / 67 and I remember a your radical English teacher reading extracts from it.  I never forgot the title. And after all these years I managed to purchased an old copy earlier this year from Ebay for around £20.  Memories came flooding back. If no one has ever read this book it is made up of chapters or paragraphs of interviews of the youth of the mid 60s from across the board of different classes taking their views...
Good photo M-O-M.  I remember writing when I first joined about having MTM Tonik strides made with all our extra bits and bobs - metal expanders etc and when I got them the tailor had put in pleats but they turned out good and acceptable.  The pleats were as in the picture.  I still think the front money pocket looks smart and the rear one would match with a flap in proportion.  I agree with Colin the length is about right.  We liked to look smart and suits and trousers...
Very interesting Ed - time to do some research
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