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I had a beige / oatmeal one that I wore a lot as they were comfy and giving you movement for your arms.  On an occasion at Margate on a Bank Holiday my shirt got ripped in a row and I ended up with just the sleeveless cardigan on my top half - so I could show off my muscels, tan and tattoos - oh we were hard then !!! Generally purchased from M&S as were most cardigans and sweaters as they always washed well from there - or so your mum told you i can't recall many other...
Does anyone know how to copy photos from the link above from Ed I have tried the usual 'save image as' etc but no luck.  They may be inaccessible?  There are a few pics we have not seen here before Good to see you posting again Ed and good luck with the hip next week
The shirt, 'smokey Joe' cardigan and hair length look right for how we were in 69 The turn ups are big but not every area were exactly the same in what we wore Good find
Another good photo find Yankmod.  There are some of these I have not seen before.    Every now and again I try a search for some original photos but generally seem to come up with what we have already seen before.  You must have the Midas Touch !!
On the Tatto subject, an old post by A&E, who was 16 years old in 1969 (if i remember well) You remember perfectly Giles.  Having tattoos at the time was very much our cultural thing.  And over 45 years later I still have them.  A little faded but they are my memories.  Never affected my career as they can be covered up - no regrets
I did the same at 16 but my poison was whiskey and to this day I cannot be next to someone drinking it as the smell of it makes me feel ill. In the good old days when bottles of drink were handed out at Xmas everyone always gave bottles of whiskey and yet I knew vey few people who drank it.  My bottles just got passed onto some other non whiskey drinker
I recall it was short for the term 'She's a good sort' ie good type of girl I remember Rum and Black (black current) being dreaded when your girl asked for that as if it spilt on your clothes you could never get the stain out so a new shirt or strides were ruined.
Good company and good conversation made a perfect afternoon - to be continued !!
Not heard the police referred to as that  - just old people ie 'some old codger'
A few years ago I was curious if there was anything on the web regarding original skinheads from the 69-71 era.  I trawled through pages of latter skinhead stuff that I had no experience of and had nothing in connection and then I happened upon this forum and could not believe that there were people out there who could still talk about and recall how things were for us some 45 years ago.   After reading for a couple of months I was impelled to put on my first posting...
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