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Good find Pequod - just starting to sift through them - some I have not seen before
Your right this is a good photo of the old times.  This is very typical of our lot in the South as well.  All your items are correct and its a big misconception that our jeans were halfway up our legs as the general public assumed.  Ironically we did not want to draw attention to ourselves - it was our fashion and we were not keen on other types getting in on it - if that makes sense
Hello Colin - last time we met you were in Essex - have you moved far this time ?
Valid point During the 69/71 period taking into account the reggae records that made the pop charts these ones below were very popular round our way (South London / North Kent) BarbwireDynamic pressureHigh voltageJohn JohnsLeaving RomeLife is down in DenverMan from CarolinaMonkey manMontego BayMr Pop cornPop a topPsychedelic trainQueen of the worldRed Red wineFat manLive injectionReggae in your jeggaeShotgun weddingSinger manSometimesSqueeze up part 2The Law part 2The...
roytonboy you made a good point there.  I had always thought of myself has a Motown fan but thinking about what you have said it was generally only pre71 that I listen to and now thinking back it was after say 71 that it got too Pop.  When your Mum and Dad could sing along to your style of music you knew you had to change to something else
I have used this shop many times in person its just off Victoria St.  The prices are usual around 30% less than shop price.  Its always busy with a good variety of good quality leather shoes.  Whenever I am over that part of London I always drop in and rarely come out empty handed.  I have not been over there for a year.  Well worth a visit.   As 'The Saint' says it is run by a Father & Son who are very helpful.  I did put these contact details on here a year or 2 back. ...
Ah the old 'belly button' cover  - I remember it well !! The of my favorite albums was the 'Reggae Chart busters ' 1.  There were other chart buster albums but this was the one with a kaleidoscope of girls on it and had all the popular tracks of the on it I had lots of the old compilation LPs at the time and gradually threw them out as I found that there were replacements on CDs.  And now I have ripped tracks from CDs for MP3 players The technology moves on and our old...
I have just bought 'Sawdust Caesars' as mentioned on here and its an interesting easy read with loads of photos and around 450 pages in A4 size.  Great value for money.  I have reached chapter 2 and am confronted by a photo of a young browniecj form here.    Colin you really do get about mate
That's a good point you hit on roytonboy regarding the shirts and braces.  I had read your comments and it had got me thinking before I had watched the programme and I agree we very rarely wore shirts and braces because I think it was too loud?  I always remember wearing a v neck M&S fine knit jumper/sleeve less jumper or cardigan and always under a cronbi or sheepskin.  I think it was colder back then or we were skinnier and felt the cold.  I recall wearing Fred Perrys...
You and me both B the B
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