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Just got back from a bit of sunshine abroad and have watched the video - thanks Clouseau I was pleased to see a video explaining the progress of skinhead as all I have known is the original days.  I never new what 'oi' meant.  Now its all makes sense to me I do not really understand the racial bit as in 69 we hated everybody and then you grow up Generally i thought it was a good video and enjoyed all the songs of which I had pocessed the majority and proudly remember them...
I have just watched a live version from the Beat Club on youtube - Oh yes that is good - cheers
'You don't know like I know' - Sam and Dave - I had forgotten all about that one.  Just downloaded it from youtube - great memories - thanks for the reminder
We used to get our Jungle Greens from Army Surplus store 'Sams' in Woolwich SE London.  I can still to this day remember the musty smell and the stacks of clobber piled up to the ceiling 
Good post roytonboy I commented way back on the thread that back in 69/71 we were smart but subtle.  Also generally everything we wore had a purpose or was for a particular function and not just a fashion fad.  It was a stye that could be worn for many years Having said that i wouldn't think of dressing now exactly as I did back in the day. I wear polo shirts, button down shirts, straight leg jeans etc from high street shops.  I do not chase and pay the brand names...
You left me out - I had 'high leg loafers' on also called DM Dealer Boots Ha Ha
Just a word of thanks to John (Mr Knightley) for arranging the London meet yesterday.  A very pleasant afternoon drink with good company and banter.  Covering all topics from Crombies to Brexit   Representation from as far afield as Coventry, Scotland, Poland, France and Canada, oh and a few London boys   Until the next one - thanks
I had a beige / oatmeal one that I wore a lot as they were comfy and giving you movement for your arms.  On an occasion at Margate on a Bank Holiday my shirt got ripped in a row and I ended up with just the sleeveless cardigan on my top half - so I could show off my muscels, tan and tattoos - oh we were hard then !!! Generally purchased from M&S as were most cardigans and sweaters as they always washed well from there - or so your mum told you i can't recall many other...
Does anyone know how to copy photos from the link above from Ed I have tried the usual 'save image as' etc but no luck.  They may be inaccessible?  There are a few pics we have not seen here before Good to see you posting again Ed and good luck with the hip next week
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