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Thanks Clouseau - I will need to start going through my collection to see what I am missing now
Totally agree with all the content of your comments.  When I got my sheepskin I wore that in the Summer as well - purely to show off that I had one !!
We always looked smart with a mohair suit and button down Ben Sherman with a diagonal striped college tie.  The ties were never done up tight but just loose with the top shirt button undone.  I have worn ties like that ever since.  The button done shirt would keep everything in place.  Maybe Frank should have invested in one!!
Agreed and it was the same in the South
Good to see you back on here Bunty
I met Roger Daltrey a couple of years ago when he was walking through a London car park and the exit barrier was about to lower and hit him on the head.  I shouted out "look out" and he jumped out of the way.  I then realised who he was and said "Hello Roger" I could not think of anything sensible to say and he walked on and then he turned round and said "alright mate" as if he knew me (obviously not) When he had got in his car and was driving off I could then think of...
Sorry M-O-M but as it wasmeI that raised the point I need to make just one comment ;-  We never drank out of beer bottles !! We used to have light and bitters etc.  I remember my old Dad saying never put your lips to a beer bottle because they would used to be stacked in the pubs back yard and rats, dogs etc would piss over them.  Drinking out of beer bottles was a much much later habit As for the rest of the wrong points in that program the list could go on and on As I...
And pasted !!   Murder at Mr Smith's Gangland murder that gave Frankie Fraser his nickname. Location: 75 Rushey Green, Catford Description: Today it's a normal shop on Rushey Green, but in the early hours of 8th March 1966 a gangland murder happened here. Before World War II it was the Savoy Ballroom and in 1939 it was commandeered by the government for social services, providing food, drink and medicine to local schoolchildren. It was reopened as a dancing and...
Paste is not working?
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