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 Colin I would say you have captured it in your response.  I was 16 when I had 2 Mohair suits made.  I have not had mtm since.  In the day it was a 'must have' to have suits made to fit you as previously with Mods and Teds.  As teenagers back then work was not an issue and you could always earn well.  Clothes were very important.  It was not that you particularly had lots of gear like todays youngsters that can buys loads for £100 from Matalan etc.  Ours had to be quality...
I bought xxl and was pleasantly surprised that they were a generous cut.  No rear pleat but I was not looking to replicate a Ben Sherman - these are ok and for £13 they are good value.
Thanks for the link Inks.  Bought 2 and for the money they are good
Thanks for sharing this link.  The further link to the Face book photos was interesting as there were some photos on there that have not been on this site - well worth a look
Talking of the Who,  I met Roger Daltrey a couple of years ago when he was collecting his car in a West End car park.  A very pleasant and down to earth bloke.  I had never realised how little he is.  Still all superstars are larger than life
Now I just accepted that it was just the reggae from the day.  Please give me a few more titles.  Are you referring to the 'instrumental' type of records ie 'The Law part 2, Elizabethan reggae, Egyptian reggae, squeeze up part 2, Mr Pop corn, Dynamic pressure, etc. etc. Just for that couple of years I thought the reggae records produced in that period were very enjoyable singles probably for the memories they bring back.  I have been able to download loads from youtube...
The 69-71 period - plain Fred Perry's were the norm for work and play.  I remember the striped collars and cuffs coming in fashion but I cannot recall when.  I know I did not like them and was unable to get the old originals Does any one remember the Polo shirts that became fashionable during late 80s / 90s where the sleeves came down to the elbows - terrible no style at all
 Good photo Bunty Shame the cool Mod is wearing his mums slippers together with his aunties Xmas present socks !!  Perhaps this is why we have so photos from the day as once they were developed they were torn up and binned due to realization of bad posing ?  The link you attached mentioned the Black Prince at Bexleyheath - this was a big coaching pub set on the A2 London to the Kent coast road and famous groups were still playing there in 69/70 I have happy memories of the...
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