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Hey thanks for all the feed back on the site . As i said kinda new with the site stuff but have tried to take into consideration everything you guys said , been pretty busy lately making new stuff but been working on it .  Anyways thanks again guys :)   
Hey cool a blog thread well i'll throw mine in the hat :)  Check it out , always appreciate the feed back to . 
just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction about adding signatures .. thanks 
Thanks I'm a DiL we actually sold the Skull today and all the other Perfekt Kowls haha first day on the market to  > But the points are you make about the asymmetry is well taken thank you guys . That's something I'm trying to work on . The start up button is down btw, yes i realized what you were talking about . Chalk that one up for first web site i guess . Black ty for the feedback its much appreciated . I'll never be perfekt i just strive to produce quality clothing...
Blackhood thank you for the feed back . I'll look into the different browsers or better yet making sure its better viewable its my first shot at my web page. Yeah i've heard that a few times before Bhowie :)   
cool now that you've looked at it what do you think ??? 
well thats a link to my website i was asked for the link . These are my clothes , the stuff i was asking feedback on thats all really   
Cool thanks :)    
lol love me some CoD but i'm waiting for Diablo 3 
  I'm sorry you feel that way . It sounds like you might be having a bad day, i hope you feel better after this :) Maybe you could instead take a look at my stuff an give some feed back positive or negative instead of drawing assumptions based on one post ?? i don't know im just the helicopter-parented twat here
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