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Worn ten times.   (Sorry guys about funny postings, keep on clicking wrong buttons)
Worn them about ten times now and the issue is the same from day one.
Hi Guys! Any comment on this?
Hi guys!   Any comment on this earlier post?
Hi guys,   Got my first pair of G&G recently, Cherry St. James II. Absolutely gorgeous!   One question, though. When I am walking on a hard even surface, stone of ceramic floor like in many office buildings, the shoes make a funny noise. The edge of the heel first connects with the floor, and almost immediately the rest of the heel before the sole does. It feels like the shank is very flexible allowing the heel to move a bit. The noise is of course exaggerated on...
Hint on cleaning suede shoes.   I was brushing a pair of tan moccasines the other day, getting ready for warmer weather. Was not quite happy, even though there were no spots or anything left, the colour still looked a bit dull.   Decided to fire up the old Dyson, put on furniture brush and went on to vacuum the shoes. The difference was amazingly clear. Then vacuumed old lady's light grey moccasines, that literally changed colour before my eyes. There seem to be...
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